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2. The gop has a lack
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 07:36 AM
Mar 2019

of truly intelligent members. They are all lemmings, following McConnell everywhere, even though they have to know he is wrong at this point. Is "party" so important to them that they will make themselves look like imbeciles, following a lunatic president? The latest cover-up of the Mueller report is laughable. IF the report clears him, why are they fighting against having it read publicly? They are showing their true colors with this alone. tRump will throw them under the bus to protect himself, with no second thoughts whatsoever. It is what he does.



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5. Did Oswald kill Kennedy?
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:00 AM
Mar 2019

The people who were in on the assassination investigated it. Do you think that Barr is going to release the Mueller report? Trump is already claiming that any mention of him in the report should not be released because of executive privilege. If Bar whitewashes the Mueller report, Mueller needs to step forward and expose the traitors.

I honestly believe that we need a Daniel Ellsberg right now because Barr is not going to release the Mueller report. He may release parts of it that are less damaging to Trump, but he isn't going to release anything that may cause Trump to lose the election. They want everything to go to the SC and it is obvious that they are in the stalling stage right now, editing and cut and pasting the Mueller report.



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3. They are pushing the #1 right wing narrative that Trump is going to use in the election.
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 07:48 AM
Mar 2019

Trump is a victim of a Democratic witch hunt. Bob Mueller investigated for 2 years and found no collusion, found no obstruction. There are people in the FBI who are out to get Trump, they are the ones who need to be investigated. Hillary and Comey and Democratic members of Congress need to be investigated they are the ones who colluded with Russia.

Watch the M$M, watch cable news push the narrative that Democrats overreached. I heard someone say last night on cable news that Schiff went too far during the Mueller investigation. He said that Schiff came to conclusions that Mueller proved to be not true. He said that he could understand why Republicans are mad at Schiff. Trump attacked Schiff at his rally last night, he put Schiff on his hit list.

Schiff's rebuttal to Republicans was a thing of beauty but Lawrence O'Donnell is wrong that the speech will be remembered forever, the M$M, including his own network will begin to push the narrative that Trump was a victim of a Democratic witch hunt.

Mueller needs to do something because Republicans will not release the Mueller report, will not honor subpoenas, they are right now claiming that any mention of Trump in the Mueller report will not be disclosed under executive privilege. Republicans are going to try to delay everything, to push everything to their SC, until after Trump is reelected.

Republicans do not fight fair, Democrats need to do something that isn't by the books to counter them. The report needs to be leaked or Mueller needs to flat out go to a House hearing. Mueller should go on Nicolle Wallace and Rachel Maddow and just answer questions.

Bernardo de La Paz

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4. Our narrative is that tRump colluded in plain sight, but Mueller couldn't prove it in a court of law
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 07:59 AM
Mar 2019

Not that there was no collusion: it was in plain sight, and proven by the lying about the Tower meeting and Manafort selling Kilimnik polling data and other actions.

The line "no collusion" is flat out wrong. It is not in Mueller's report. He writes he "did not establish" it, meaning that he did not have enough evidence to prove it by strict legal standards.

It is not even in Barr's coverup letter. Barr uses weasel words so that Republicons would run their con game shouting "no evidence", and so that the Fox propaganda channel will pick it up and broadcast "no evidence was found".

It's not "no evidence". It's "not enough evidence yet for court".



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7. Yes, I agree with you 100%.
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:10 AM
Mar 2019

Mueller was looking to prove criminal conspiracy that could be proven in a court of law which is a very high bar. Mueller needed to prove that Trump had criminal intent, something pretty hard to do since he never interrogated Trump. Of course Trump and his administration colluded with Russia, that is undeniable and grounds for impeachment in my book.

The problem is that the M$M is going to push a different narrative. It is going to push that Trump is a victim of a left wing witch hunt and it is people in the FBI and Mueller himself who need to be investigated. Mueller investigated for 2 years and found no collusion and no obstruction will be Trump's campaign platform. People like Adam Schiff went overboard, overstepped their authority, made ridiculous claims that were later refuted. That's going to be the narrative unless a Daniel Ellsberg steps forward, otherwise we will never see a real Mueller report.


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6. That Schiff moment was the most inspiring thing I've seen since the 2004 Obama speech
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:00 AM
Mar 2019

at the Democratic convention. It was amazing. He took a simple phrase - "maybe you think it's okay" - and turned it into pure genius.



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9. Maybe Trump will leave him alone now. Trump is such a coward.
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:21 AM
Mar 2019

But I do not believe that Schiff will stoop to Trump's level.


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12. trump won't leave him alone. He has no self control, but what Schiff demonstrated
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:40 AM
Mar 2019

is that he can handle all of them.

That was a brilliant moment. That's we need. Standing firm. Resolved and gave it back to them in a way that is easy to understand for casual political aware Americans (to put it kind.)


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11. Killer Death Ray...
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:40 AM
Mar 2019

...Side Eye look. Eyes slightly narrowed, face impassive, voice chilling. A righteous rant and then some.

I wouldn’t want to have Adam Schiff pissed at me.



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13. it doesn't always work that way. limbaugh has been attacking 'pencil neck' schiff ever since
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:49 AM
Mar 2019

this started in the committee as they wrangled with nunes and recently proudly pointed out that he gave him that nickname on march 15 2017. two years he'a been calling him that, attacking him. that means a lot of ignorant screamers calling and threatening your staff on phone, email, fax, and sets off a lot of neg attacks in other rw media.

limbaugh did that to bill, hillary, anita hill, strzock, page, mccabe, holder, van jones, christine 'ballsey' ford, 'pocahontas' warren, and many others over the years - and it is unneccesssary and they only have to put up with it because the dem and progressive orgs continue to ignore rw talk radio


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14. It's hard to look good when you stand for nothing.
Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:51 AM
Mar 2019

Today’s GOP has nothing for the American people. They stand for excusing corrupt and possibly criminal behavior by “their” president. They stand for giving huge favors in the form of tax cuts and favorable policies (like privatizing public functions or allowing big business to limit employees’s hours to avoid giving them benefits) to the wealthy and big corporations, even though they know their actions hurt the economy. They stand for white privilege and preserving the power of white people. They stand for discrimination against immigrants who are people of color. They stand for rewarding white-collar criminals with a slap on the wrist but jailing poor people for years for minor offenses or even for being too poor to afford bail, which means they lose their jobs and can never afford bail.

They stand for taking away as many rights as possible from ordinary citizens: the right to have affordable healthcare, the right to vote without jumping through hoops aimed at preventing certain people from voting, the right of women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions, the right of LGBTQ people to be equal under the law, the right of minority kids to have the same quality education that privileged white kids get, and the right of non-Christian people to live without having laws made to force them to live according to Christian rule.

I’m sure I missed some rights the GOP wants to take away, but it’s clear that today’s GOP has no moral backbone. Unfortunately, today’s Republican voters get exactly what they want: promises to hurt minorities and immigrants, promises to take away rights from women and LGBTQ, promises to put the Christian religion above all others and base US law on their beliefs, and promises to make laws allowing white people to keep all their privileges.

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