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Sat Dec 14, 2019, 03:41 PM Dec 2019

The Republican Party: A Poem

The Republican Party

Decades of dog whistling and now a bullhorn
Social progress makes them forlorn

They foment and exploit all forms of bigotry
Without racism and sexism there’s no GOP

Science denial to the detriment of us all
Attacking young activists takes some gall

Pollute air and water to make more dough
Misinformation they do like to sow

Openly inviting foreign interference
Dictators given absolute clearance

Most criminal president the US has seen
Not draining the swamp but basking in a latrine

Synonymous they are with hypocrisy
Scandalized and pushing autocracy

Not patriots but warmongering profiteers
Feign budget concern while putting us in arrears

Race-based voter suppression and gerrymandering
Call them on what’s obvious and be accused of slandering

Media complicit with its corporate buyers
False equivalencies and equal time for liars

Gish gallop and the art of projection
Talking heads offer no real objection

Not just peeps with a view on government’s role
But horrible individuals owned by oil and coal

Wanting fellow humans to suffer and die
About universal health care they do nothing but lie

Citizens United allows for the stealthiest
Tax cuts for those already the wealthiest

Sensible gun control explicitly forbidden
Capitulation to the NRA not remotely hidden

Are you one of those supporting this atrocity?
Please rethink your abject callosity

Consider the future of your offspring
Resistance is needed against the right wing

The Republican Party’s the world’s greatest threat
But they can only win if millions abet

Garrett S.
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