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Wed Feb 5, 2020, 04:57 PM Feb 2020

Spitting on veterans

Yes, as a Vietnam era veteran, more than once was I spat at, disrespected and disgusted how we were treated upon returning. I have forgiven that since we now are shown respect and thanked for our service after the gulf war. A little late, but much appreciated. But, that is not as disgusting to me as a president that dodged the draft with phony heel Spurs and is constantly spitting in the faces of military persons, and now............giving Medal of Freedom to another draft dodger that had pimples on his ass, one that still praises the Gulf wars and praises a treasonous twit in the White House. Rusty LimpBalls had pimples on ass, refused to go, loved the Vietnam war and fully supports all the middle eastern deaths of our soldiers. On a positive note, you can not hid from the cancer dumped on us all by GOP, even in Ivory towers with gold microphones spewing lies, hate, traitorous bull shit, in the name of God. Millions in cash will not protect them, and ya can not shoot cancer with all the guns you can accumulate. Good ridence ass pimple. Enjoy hell, God knows truths.

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1. I question the spitting thing. I have vets coming in declaring themselves vets for a discount,
Wed Feb 5, 2020, 05:11 PM
Feb 2020

then if I do not rave enough about their experience they throw out, keeping me safe. Expecting kudos. I gotta tell you, I use to be that person that gushed thanks but not so much anymore. A decade watching the military behavior and especially the last three years of mess, and standing with Trump even when he is shitting on them and so much more. I do not have that same cozy feeling I had in the past. I feel the same with the police. Groups of people actively working against my self interests and that of the nation, as a whole. And they demand I thank them. What sense does that make.

Democratic Vets, love you. That is an awesome strength of character. Military as a whole? I have issue. And don't demand I mouth the words a vet expects of appreciation. I am not feeling it today.

IF the military had stood up to Trump and all his abuses of them over the three years, then I would be in a different place. As a large whole though, they are not.


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2. I certainly agree
Wed Feb 5, 2020, 05:34 PM
Feb 2020

No free pass for all that served. When I visit the VA hospital I get sick at my stomach from the bumper stickers praising trump and trump/Jesus shit. Tom Cotton, Lindsay Grahan, Bush Jr, and let's not forget the prick Seal trump Pardoned. Many many white extremist gun toters are Vet tRumpers. Many many Veteran hats at his Jamborees. But draft dodgers, war Hawks that never served, and support war, a special kind of asshole. Thank you for contributing. Limpballs receiving Medal of Freedon, and not the Tuchseege Veteran, is disgusting.


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5. War is usually what depraved politicians wage in their self interest
Wed Feb 5, 2020, 05:45 PM
Feb 2020

I’m sorry you were forced to go to Vietnam. Very few of your generation had a choice.

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