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Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:00 PM Mar 2020

The truth of the matter is that Trump is a bullshitter and spits out nothing but fake news.

He is a know-it-all who listens to no one.

He has an antennae for suckers.

There is not a whole lot we do not know about him.

Now, we learn that he knows more than the scientists of the World Health Organization. We should believe him when we are on the brink of a world-wide pandemic, the magnitude of which we do not yet know.

First and foremost, he is a liar. He blames "fake news" for anything negative that might be said about him, but he is the major source of "fake news" in our country today.

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The truth of the matter is that Trump is a bullshitter and spits out nothing but fake news. (Original Post) kentuck Mar 2020 OP
The good news is that despite the bad news re Covid-19 malaise Mar 2020 #1
Yep. volstork Mar 2020 #3
National security has a different meaning to those who profit from selling weapons malaise Mar 2020 #4
From his favorite read: Newest Reality Mar 2020 #2
+100 kentuck Mar 2020 #5


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1. The good news is that despite the bad news re Covid-19
Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:07 PM
Mar 2020

he has now been exposed beyond recovery.
This will do him in - Don the Con is a one term President (and he stole the first one).

No one trusts the kakistocracy


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3. Yep.
Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:11 PM
Mar 2020

This will bury him. People have believed for too long that government was the "enemy" (thanks, raygun), but now are seeing what weakness in the systems we depend upon to keep us safe really looks like.

He has been flailing all along, but now is fully exposed to more and more people with each passing day.


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4. National security has a different meaning to those who profit from selling weapons
Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:15 PM
Mar 2020

and those who think public health is a critical part of national security.
The Democratic Party should have ads all over this weekend reminding people that the Con cut the staff related to pandemics.
As they're discussing on Wallace's program, the business community is ignoring him and making decision in their own interests and not the Con's. This is his Katrina.

Newest Reality

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2. From his favorite read:
Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:11 PM
Mar 2020

When you read a major work by one of Trump's favorite authors, (a book he said he both read and admired) then the picture, (excuse the pun) becomes much clearer. He learned from a master of manipulation and added it to his repertoire.

To whom has propaganda to appeal? To
the scientific intelligentsia or to the less educated masses?

It has to appeal forever and only to the masses!
: Propaganda is not for the intelligentsia or for those who
unfortunately call themselves by that name today, but
scientific teaching. But propaganda is in its contents as
far from being science as perhaps a poster is art in its pre-
sentation as such. A poster's art lies in the designer's
ability to catch the masses' attention by outline and color.
The poster for an art exhibition has to point only to the art
of the exhibition; the more it succeeds in this, the greater
therefore is the art of the poster itself. Further, the poster
is to give to the masses an idea of the importance of the ex-
hibition, but it is in no way to be a substitute for the art
represented by the exhibition. Therefore, he who wants to
occupy himself with art itself has really to study more than
the poster; yes, for him it is by far not sufficient merely to
'walk through' the exhibition. It may be expected of him
that he bury himself in the individual works by thoroughly
looking them over so that then he may gradually form a just
opinion for himself.

The situation is a similar one with what today we call

The task of propaganda lies not in a scientific training of
the individual, but rather in directing the masses towards
certain facts, events, necessities, etc., the purpose being to
move their importance into the masses' field of vision.

The art now is exclusively to attack this so skillfully that
a general conviction of the reality of a fact, of the necessity.
of an event, that something; that is necessary is also right,
etc., is created. But as it is not and cannot be science in it-
self, as its task consists of catching the masses attention,
just like that of the poster, and not in teaching one who is
already scientifically experienced or is striving towards
education and knowledge, its effect has always to be directed
more and more towards the feeling, and only to a certain
extent to so-called reason.

(and there is so much more)
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