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Sun Apr 26, 2020, 12:34 AM Apr 2020

The Republicans already know they're going to lose in 2020 and are in the process of stealing

Everything including the doorknobs and will strip this whole country down to the paint on the walls if we let them.

Now that its obvious to everyone including them, don’t let them take it. They want to leave a barren smoking crater for Biden and the Democrats again.

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1. Or be like the Portugese when they got kicked out of Africa and break every
Sun Apr 26, 2020, 12:38 AM
Apr 2020

lightbulb as you leave the countries.


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8. You know, that's what I think they're up to as well and I don't understand why they want to harm
Sun Apr 26, 2020, 12:44 PM
Apr 2020

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This country.

I actually think part of the reason the people pulling His Orangeness’s strings are moving his mouth to make the Fed lower rates is so we won’t have any tools to fight back the darkness when they’ve fled.


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9. Oh HELL yes.
Sun Apr 26, 2020, 01:21 PM
Apr 2020

Without which it’s going to be so much harder to fight our way back out of this 80% avoidable black hole.

But at the very least, and certainly this: Beat Moscow Mitch. Any money and help to any of the below helps.


Charles Booker: https://bookerforkentucky.com/
Charles Booker is a state representative in Kentucky, and also running on Medicare for All, universal basic income and the Green New Deal. He's been endorsed by the Sunrise Movement for his positions on climate change.

Why, of the three major primary candidates vying for the nomination, do you think you're the one that can beat Mitch McConnell in November?

Booker: I am the only person running that has actually won an election in Kentucky and worked across Kentucky building coalitions, the same type that we have to build now to actually not only beat Mitch McConnell but really transform our future.

Louisville's still one of the most segregated cities in the country, and so having to deal with structural racism in a very personal level. [In] my family, my grandad fought for desegregation. I've had family members lynched, enslaved in Kentucky. And having worked all across the commonwealth in rural communities and Appalachia alike, it's really given me the ability to speak across seeming divides and build coalitions of folks regardless of party.

And we need people that have lived the struggle, that are living it. That can talk about issues that regular people face regardless of where they're from in Kentucky. And that's my story and that's what I've been doing as a legislator.

Amy McGrath is running a more moderate campaign. Why are you moving in a more progressive direction?

Booker: My platform, it's not that I chose it. This is really a matter of survival in listening to the people of Kentucky. I speak about any generational poverty because that's where I come from. Neither one of my parents graduated high school; my grandmother didn't either. I was on food stamps and free lunch. I'm a type one diabetic. I've had to ration my insulin because we couldn't afford it. I nearly died twice from that. And now I'm trying to pay student debts that are criminal that I don't expect to ever pay off, and hopefully not hand this debt down to my two daughters. And so when I say that we need Medicare For All, [that] no one should die because they don't have money in their pocket, it's because I literally nearly died because I didn't have money in my pocket.

Amy McGrath: https://amymcgrath.com/

Mike Broihier:

rusty quoin

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3. Oh, you can bet on it. We have a lot of repairs. I mean, how long will it take to come out of
Sun Apr 26, 2020, 01:31 AM
Apr 2020

50,000 now? Trump is the absolute worst president ever imagined.


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10. Isn't that the truth. Smoke rises from the blackened footprints he leaves on the soil he scorches
Sun Apr 26, 2020, 01:25 PM
Apr 2020


But we rise, we rise!


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11. Isn't that fucking unfathomable?
Sun Apr 26, 2020, 01:31 PM
Apr 2020

Just completely unimaginable?

It’s almost as if he, or more likely his minions, want to weaken us and even break us if they can.

Did you see Will Pitt’s article about that on Truthout? https://truthout.org/articles/trumps-inaction-on-the-covid-19-crisis-seems-more-deliberate-each-day/

Trump’s Inaction on the COVID-19 Crisis Seems More Deliberate Each Day

Within the heart of the problem is this ventricle: Donald Trump defines “sacrifice” as “what other people do to make me happy.” Trump enjoys having his picture taken with evangelical ministers laying hands on him like he’s the very Rock of Ages, but in truth, the man wouldn’t know genuine sacrifice if it walked up and stuffed a live bat down his pants.

This is going to become a problem for Trump soon, because millions of Americans are making actual, often painful sacrifices every day to help him bring the COVID-19 pandemic to heel, and he doesn’t seem to have done very much of a single damn thing with that dearly gifted time beyond promote himself and yell at reporters.

A great many of these sacrifices are not voluntary. Service industry and gig-economy workers didn’t sign up to be martyrs for the cause of slaying the coronavirus dragon, but there they are at home, listening to Trump brag about robust testing in a country with no national testing plan to speak of. Health workers did not expect to run toward the pandemic with garbage bags as their armor, but there they are, every damn day.

Trump says he wants people to go back to work but is doing less than nothing to see that such a transition happens safely and without risking another flare-up. Meanwhile, parents balance work and homeschooling their kids in a world with harshly shortened horizons and few places to go beyond the four walls of home.
More at the link above
Will Pitt got himself banned a while back. But he is a hell of a good writer and sees what’s what.


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