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Sun Sep 20, 2020, 12:27 AM

Critical Race Theory

I've been reading out of the box lately, visiting websites whose subjects and themes are quite a bit beyond me. I am a big fan of a certain person, and following the trail of thought has led me from the English countryside, where apparently Black people are not supposed to be but are, to right back in the thick of current Black anger here in America. All roads lead to ousting Trump in November.

But, seriously, and I am not well versed here so this link might not be appropriate,

(https://www.theroot.com/the-trump-administration-just-announced-white-studies-c-1845105243) but I found it a good read, anyway.

This article talks about Trump's recent announcement of some bullshit new angle someone in his administration has thought up for him to promote, that of teaching, apparently, white history(?) I had to read several parts of it over and over to get what was being said. I think it says that the Left (I guess that's us) is pushing for Americans to hate our origins, a kind of we-did-it-for-liberty versus we-did-it-for-slavery-and-oppression-of-nonwhite-people. Something like that. Trump is promoting a kind of twisted unity where he seems to include POC as well, but I am unconvinced.

America did not invent slavery. Slavery came over from Europe where it was well entrenched. What we did was change the character of it, and applied it to the enterprise of plantations and such. The other thing we did which was shameful was we shoved the Native Americans off their land and claimed the entire nation for our own. Gosh, isn't that shameful enough?

But, when you have, here in 2020, people being shot dead for no crime other than being Black, (even ignorant white people can see that, and wonder what they would have done differently,) then "The Left" has every right to speak up and object. But, here Trump has enlarged the point of you know, it probably isn't a good idea to handcuff a guy and then crush his breath off, to it being the fault of The Left that angry people are reacting and not in a controllable, Repub way, but with real, gut-deep anger in the face of a wannabe dictator.

This thread is related to the other thread we have here on the "1776 Commission," but I separated it out because I am confused by the concept of "Critical Race Theory." America is made up of many different races, which is why originally we were cutely called a "melting pot." Trump seems to want to go back to the beginning of our separation from England and the King, and claim it was just for freedom.

Well, we did do it for freedom--and not for Black freedom, but for White freedom. Black freedom came later, when we fought Civil War 1, as did Women's freedom through Suffragettes and those struggles. Neither Black People nor Women have completely won equality--is THAT our fault?

Can you blame ANYONE for being pissed when a Black person gets shot or beat up by cops for doing nothing? Whether we want to admit it or deny it, the fact is, that we had slaves early in our history--and Black people were it! That's a fact, Jack, and it stands right alongside our fight to be free of the English King. We can't change those facts. All we can do is change our attitudes, our laws, and anything else that helps everybody to be equal.

I resent having to pay tax dollars for Trump's idiotic commission, but I am not sure of the total impact of the concept of "Critical Race Theory." I think that I don't completely get it.

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