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Thu Dec 3, 2020, 09:57 AM

Trump has murdered a lot of us - and turned 1/3 of the population into mass murderers with him

I can't overemphasize how fucking angry I am at that asshole for putting the lives of everyone I know and love in danger. He has constantly made every move to increase the number of sick, sickened, dead, and dying. Talking against masks. Encouraging states to "open up". Discouraging shut downs, social distancing, etc. All for his almighty stock market line. And the fucking ignorance of it all is that if he had actually lifted one finger to stop this thing - or instill in his followers' rock-like heads that fighting this virus was the patriotic and right thing to do - that the economy would actually recover much quicker and in a genuine fashion (without the billions that have been artificially pumped into it) without having a PLAGUE covering the land.

And now, each of us has at least one asshole in our circles who won't wear masks, doesn't "believe" in the virus, won't stay away from elderly relatives, and generally is a ticking time bomb designed to kill as many of us as possible.

I don't _want_ to be swept into a hospital bed, sedated, and intubated. I don't want that for myself, my family, my friends, any American. Yet, my president does everything using the power of his position to put as many of us as possible in that position, through that hell.

FUCK that asshole.

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