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Sat Dec 5, 2020, 08:51 PM Dec 2020

When the blessed day comes when Typhoid Trump is out of office, could families of Covid victims file

a massive wrongful death class-action lawsuit against him in civil court, in other words, in a state court, so that no pardon would apply (although if he's out of office, I guess that wouldn't be a concern anymore, right?).

Can you imagine? By January 20, there could be 500,000 Covid victims, so a possible 500,000-count wrongful death suit.

I'm not a lawyer, so not sure how these class-action lawsuits work, but it's how the Brown and Goldberg families got some bit of justice for the wrongful deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldberg.

OJ Simpson has yet to pay the millions he owes from the settlement and it's a foregone conclusion that Trump would never pay up. But this murderer needs to be hounded for the rest of his sad, pathetic, stupid life and reminded daily that he is responsible for the deaths of half a million Americans and for the shattered lives of millions of Americans who lost family members because this callous idiot lied about the seriousness of the disease and failed to take action to mitigate its spread.

When the blessed day comes when Typhoid Trump is out of office, could families of Covid victims file (Original Post) LaMouffette Dec 2020 OP
They can file whatever they want. They won't win. onenote Dec 2020 #1
Are you sure? Again, I'm not a lawyer, but . . . LaMouffette Dec 2020 #3
What is the legal basis for suing Trump in civil court? brooklynite Dec 2020 #5
Doesn't matter BGBD Dec 2020 #7
you have to know NJCher Dec 2020 #2
There will not be enough lawyers randr Dec 2020 #4
Suits will get tossed just like trump's election suits. Hoyt Dec 2020 #6


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3. Are you sure? Again, I'm not a lawyer, but . . .
Sat Dec 5, 2020, 08:58 PM
Dec 2020

Bob Woodward has Trump on tape telling him early on in the pandemic that the disease is deadly, deadlier than the flu. And there is a lot of video footage of Trump at his rallies telling people it will all go away, not to mention how masks were not required at his rallies. Oh, and I heard that rally-goers were required to sign releases saying they would not sue if they got Covid.



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7. Doesn't matter
Sat Dec 5, 2020, 11:31 PM
Dec 2020

Elected officials have immunity from torts filed over things they did in office so long as it is within the outer bounds of their office. Its a big burden of proof on the claimants.


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2. you have to know
Sat Dec 5, 2020, 08:57 PM
Dec 2020

some lawyer out there will figure this out. That's why, if trump doesn't want this to happen, he'll have to figure out how to get himself out of jeopardy before leaving office.

In this case there is some money to go after. That's why I think it could happen.

I recall reading where the reason trump has been able to behave all his life with impunity is that the backbone of his father's real estate holdings are, while not glamorous, steady rental income producers. If you read Mary Trump's book, she discusses this. Therefore, as long as there is income, someone is going to figure out how to go after it.

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