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Oh for corn's sake! I don't believe Diane Sawyer's opening on the evening news- (Original Post) MerryBlooms Oct 2012 OP
That prollee cost alot! lonestarnot Oct 2012 #1
Misanthrope Sycophant Monsters orpupilofnature57 Oct 2012 #2
And this is why I don't watch the TV news GoneOffShore Oct 2012 #3
I switched over to a rerun of the Mentalist. Bah. MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #6
Last night's new show was good. :) factsarenotfair Oct 2012 #16
The MSM's grabbing onto the oddball Pew poll like a life preserver. CakeGrrl Oct 2012 #4
Agree. n/t MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #8
This is why I put out a call to arms DisabledAmerican Oct 2012 #5
She's a Nixonista--it's to be expected. factsarenotfair Oct 2012 #7
Very interesting, thanks. n/t MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #11
Remember when the M$M used to report the news instead of trying to make it? Blue Idaho Oct 2012 #9
That's the Liberal Media for you bongbong Oct 2012 #10
No kidding. MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #12
Her voice is annoying jsr Oct 2012 #13
I don't watch her very often, for that very reason. n/t MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #18
Diane Sawyer is on a permanent auto-debunk mode. Panasonic Oct 2012 #14
Agree MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #19
Today's Gallup has Obama over Romney 50% - 45% Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2012 #15
Thanks. MerryBlooms Oct 2012 #17


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5. This is why I put out a call to arms
Mon Oct 8, 2012, 05:37 PM
Oct 2012

Let it go to every corner of the social media. We should fight back. Do not let the Media get away with it. Twitter to Facebook to everyone in the blogsphere LETS HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.


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7. She's a Nixonista--it's to be expected.
Mon Oct 8, 2012, 05:38 PM
Oct 2012

From wikipedia:
"Sawyer began her professional career in Republican Party politics. In 1970, White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler hired her to serve in the administration of U.S. President Richard Nixon. Sawyer continued through Nixon's resignation from the presidency in 1974 and worked on the Nixon-Ford transition team in 1974–1975, after which she decamped with Nixon to California and helped him write his memoirs, published in 1978. She also helped prepare Nixon for his famous set of television interviews with journalist David Frost in 1977.[3]"

Blue Idaho

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9. Remember when the M$M used to report the news instead of trying to make it?
Mon Oct 8, 2012, 05:43 PM
Oct 2012

No wonder only 35% of Americans believe the M$M news machine is telling the truth.



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14. Diane Sawyer is on a permanent auto-debunk mode.
Mon Oct 8, 2012, 05:55 PM
Oct 2012

Her lies are already debunked. She is using an outlier poll, not the Gallup poll or the Nate Silver numbers - they speak the truth better than these fake-ass Republican-paid shill polls.

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