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Wed Jan 20, 2021, 06:21 AM Jan 2021

The New "Silent Majority"

As we finally move into a new era I can't help but to reflect on my memories of the Nixon/Agnew days. Agnew invented the term. It was used to malign those opposed to the Vietnam war. The point was that while the protests opposing the war were loud the majority of American's supported that war. Slowly, over the course of those years the tide turned and the majority of Americans eventually opposed the war but the term "Silent Majority" stuck.

Well, fast forward to 2021. We have heard a great deal about the "Trump voters" and their beliefs. Far too much in fact. We have been reminded for weeks about how 70 million or so voted for that regressive regime. We have had to live through hours and hours of horrible video of radical right-wingers attacking the seat of our government.

The tide has turned. We have remained silent because our case is strong. We know that we are the majority. We know that our voices have been somehow overpowered by the mindless shouting of the radical right. This ends today!

We, the new "Silent Majority" are in charge and the tide turns today!

The New "Silent Majority" (Original Post) jimlup Jan 2021 OP
I have said that is why Trump lost - the silent majority finally stepped patricia92243 Jan 2021 #1
and bigly to the tune of 81 million . . . Iliyah Jan 2021 #2
Indeed we did! jimlup Jan 2021 #3
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