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Tue Feb 9, 2021, 12:02 PM Feb 2021

dump and his minions must be making thousands of calls

to repug Senators, making promises, demands, and threats. If there ever was a time to deluge your Senators with pleas, demands, or threats--especially if your Senators are repugs--now is that time. As a group of like-minded citizens and voters, we should sit idly by and watch this without trying to intervene. We could make this thread--or someone could start another one--a place to tally your calls to Senators. I just called both my Senators, both repugs. I got aides and left messages. I asked that my Senators listen to the evidence with open minds and not hide behind the legal fiction that a president can't be tried and convicted when no longer in office. I asked them to do what's right for their state and country since this man fomented violence against congress, and lives were lost. I promise to make the same calls tomorrow and every day the trial is in progress.

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