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Fri Feb 12, 2021, 09:52 AM Feb 2021

Biden's Address To The DOJ

I can only hope President Biden will also tell this directly to the Civilian "Security" Forces (i.e., those who've given the oath to protect and serve). When you got cops pepper-spraying handcuffed 10-year old girls and saying it's their own fault (not to mention pull my gun and fire as my first response), a DOJ trickle-down policy isn't likely to have much effect and will take too goddamn long. Defund The Police!

I’ve just concluded a briefing with the civilian and military leadership where I laid out my national security priorities. And I want to share the message directly with the Department of Defense staff all around the world. Because each of you — each of you — whether you’re newly enlisted, a career officer, a non-commissioned officer, or a civilian policy expert, you’re essential to how we project our strength around the world, defend America’s interests, and advance American leadership in the world.
So often, our Armed Forces and the Department of Defense staff are how the rest of the world encounters America. And you all know as well as anyone that our country is safer and stronger when we lead not just with the example of our power, but with the power of our example. ✂️

There is no aspect of our agenda of the 21st century leadership where the women and men of the Defense Department do not have a role — whether it’s helping curb the pandemic here at home and around the world; or addressing the real threats of climate change that already is costing us billions in impacts on our bases, on our national security; or being part of an ongoing fight for racial justice.
You are essential to how we must rethink and reprioritize our security to meet the challenges of this century, not the last.

Excerpt copied from today's Good Gnus on DailyKos, with praise and thanks to chloris creator.
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