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Tue Feb 16, 2021, 11:35 AM Feb 2021

Republican Cowards Don't Understand Facts

As a republican candidate, trump would have received over 50 million votes just because of the R beside his name. It has nothing to do with him and his policies. The only ones he has brought in are the loser, radical, racists. That group makes a lot of noise, they are dangerous, but they don't win Democratic elections in a free country.

the 2020 election was tilted towards the repugs. They had destroyed the post office, fed lies to their voters to go out in person and vote, gerrymandered everywhere, and had the power of the Presidency. They lost in a landslide. If we continue to govern with enthusiasm, Patriotism, progressively, and recognize that we must fight fiercely against republican lies, we have a huge advantage.

As things stand today, the next repug President may be the last Democratically elected President in the USA. The stakes are that high. We must make the public understand that voting repug is voting AGAINST Democracy. We cannot afford to lose the Presidency for many cycles to ensure that Democracy survives. I would even say we must keep the House and the Senate as well for a few cycles in a row.

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