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David Zephyr

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Mon Oct 15, 2012, 03:49 AM Oct 2012

Morning Joe, Chris Matthews Was Right About Racist Reince Priebus

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"Send Barack Obama back to Kenya"?

There's no wiggle room anymore for the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, who was busted red-hended again in an article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for participating in yet another episode of racist humor about the President of the United States.

Apologies are now clearly due to Chris Matthews who early on exposed this pattern of Reinece Priebus' race-baiting on Joe Scarborough's early morning television show to the great discomfort of the TV host at the time.

Well, it turns out that Chris Matthews served the public well in pointing out Priebus' flirtation and employment of race, it now seems all the time. Chris was right and it needs to be said.

The son of failing Wisconsin Senate candidate, Tommy Thompson, held the microphone and formally addressed a Republican gathering joking that the President should be sent back to Aftica to the crowd's delight and laughter.

All is caught on videotape and Priebus is now in hiding and refusing to comment. According to the report, there were other outright racist hoots and hollers while Priebus did nothing.

So, Good Morning, Joe. You can start out your "show" with an apology to Chris Matthews and calling for Reinece Priebus to immediately resign his position as head of the GOP.

Chris Matthews, today you are vindicated. Chris Matthews, hold your head high.

Morning Joe, Chris Matthews Was Right About Racist Reince Priebus (Original Post) David Zephyr Oct 2012 OP
I'm certainly not Chris Matthews' biggest fan, but blogslut Oct 2012 #1
Past 4 years? Try the past 40 years johnlucas Oct 2012 #5
+100. In the 1972 Presidential election, George Wallace, usually an Independent, ran as.... OldDem2012 Oct 2012 #17
So THAT'S why he got shot! johnlucas Oct 2012 #24
Good summary brush Oct 2012 #30
Yeah it's an eye-opener johnlucas Oct 2012 #78
Capsulized very well, OldDem2012 David Zephyr Oct 2012 #37
Coincidence. Beowulf42 Oct 2012 #47
LOL- or ????- Made my day LeftInTX Oct 2012 #53
Hope you won't be offended by a newbie LeftInTX Oct 2012 #55
All I remember is that Bremer had shot a bigot. AlbertCat Oct 2012 #56
Or he could have shot 2 of them LeftInTX Oct 2012 #60
As you know, wikipedia is not necessarily accurate. merrily Oct 2012 #80
I checked the wiki. merrily Oct 2012 #81
Thank you for that. My guess: history books do not explain it that way. merrily Oct 2012 #79
Nailed it. All of it. freshwest Oct 2012 #61
Thank you again freshwest! It means a lot when it comes from you johnlucas Oct 2012 #76
Here: Watch Chris Matthew Take Out Reince Priebus Once Again! David Zephyr Oct 2012 #40
Here's the link: A-Schwarzenegger Oct 2012 #2
smug little racist fuck spanone Oct 2012 #21
Rinsed Penis has smegma under his racist fuck. tavalon Oct 2012 #69
Wisconsin, not Minnesota. BainsBane Oct 2012 #3
That was probably one of there calculated, errors. nt Snotcicles Oct 2012 #25
Thanks. See edit, BainsBane. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #39
Good post, but the son in question is of a failing Wisconsin US Senate candidate.... Scuba Oct 2012 #4
Thank you, Scuba David Zephyr Oct 2012 #33
You're welcome. Again, thanks for the post. Scuba Oct 2012 #36
Rancid Penis is a despicable little man ... a bigot and liar from beginning to end. TahitiNut Oct 2012 #6
Saint, no. Accomplished comedian, possibly. tavalon Oct 2012 #70
Never thought it would be possible to miss Michael Steele. maddiemom Oct 2012 #74
I hope that we stain Priebus forever as the racist he's worked hard to be. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #75
Priebus is posturing pisant. merrily Oct 2012 #82
For an hour, I forgot that he was Chris Matthews Orrex Oct 2012 #7
Tweety has benen correct about ReTHUG racists malaise Oct 2012 #8
Sad, very sad, yet they are in such denial when it comes to just how deep spicegal Oct 2012 #9
It's not that they're in denial of their racism, it's more that they deny they are racist. dmr Oct 2012 #18
Mathews mr.ed Oct 2012 #10
No he's not. October Oct 2012 #68
Wisconsin - not Minnesota. We should ask Ryan about what he thinks about his own WI GOP. myrna minx Oct 2012 #11
Myrna Minx, thank you. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #32
Thanks - we have enough shame in MN with Bachmann. myrna minx Oct 2012 #66
This is the base of the Republican party NewJeffCT Oct 2012 #12
Huge Kick K Gardner Oct 2012 #13
Tweet @Reince and tell him to resign now DainBramaged Oct 2012 #14
No! We need this whack-job to keep up this crap until after the election! n/t SpankMe Oct 2012 #46
To his credit, Chris Matthews has been calling out the racist davidpdx Oct 2012 #15
no no no tavernier Oct 2012 #16
Wait, Reince Priebus was in attendance when this went on? alcibiades_mystery Oct 2012 #19
Yeah. Doing exactly what Chris Matthews had already said he did. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #44
He is a rather despicable little McCarthyite... kentuck Oct 2012 #20
Rince went over the top when Vietnameravet Oct 2012 #22
Why is it every time I see Reince Priebus I think Jazzgirl Oct 2012 #23
Also, daligirl519 Oct 2012 #49
So it took Joe this long to find that out? Gee, when they mock the president over and over southernyankeebelle Oct 2012 #26
... Son of failing WISCONSIN Senate candidate Myrina Oct 2012 #27
Any Republican I have ever talked to when you get right down doc03 Oct 2012 #28
That's my experience too. Hoyt Oct 2012 #31
+1 n/t whathehell Oct 2012 #51
OP title implies that Morning Joe said Matthews was right, and I doubt that is the Bluenorthwest Oct 2012 #29
Thank you. Revised with a comma. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #34
Take the vowels out of "Reince Priebus". You get "RNC PR BS". KamaAina Oct 2012 #35
OK, we're living in the matrix. pa28 Oct 2012 #41
LOL... you are good KamaAina... skeewee08 Oct 2012 #48
Take the vowels out of "Reince Priebus". You get "RNC PR BS". oldhippydude Oct 2012 #50
LOL! klook Oct 2012 #57
You know... ElboRuum Oct 2012 #38
What's in a name? mjjoe Oct 2012 #58
Thank you David Z. DevonRex Oct 2012 #42
DU's Adenoid_Hynkel & LTR broke this story last night here. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #64
And what about Tom Brokaw? pa28 Oct 2012 #43
I'd forgotten about the ambien. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #72
And yet another Republican who appears to be ashamed of his real first name atreides1 Oct 2012 #45
Joe Scar mstinamotorcity2 Oct 2012 #52
You can not control your given name but you can Thinkingabout Oct 2012 #54
to hell veganlush Oct 2012 #59
yep heaven05 Oct 2012 #62
Not an unforgiveable misstep. Don C. Nuttin Oct 2012 #63
Not what's important, but there is no way that Priebus guy jsmirman Oct 2012 #65
totally embarrassing to america!!! ELI BOY 1950 Oct 2012 #67
the gop is a racist organization arely staircase Oct 2012 #71
Matthews can drive me crazy Heathen57 Oct 2012 #73
Romney: "you call them racists, I call them my base." No doubt he's made that joke, too. nt progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #77


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1. I'm certainly not Chris Matthews' biggest fan, but
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 03:56 AM
Oct 2012

...he's right about the racism and how the entire GOP machine has dog-whistled their way through the past four years.

As for Joe and his morning gang of right-wing hacks, I've been avoiding them the past few months. I like my little T.V. I would be sad if it got destroyed by a flying mug of coffee.



(1,250 posts)
5. Past 4 years? Try the past 40 years
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:52 AM
Oct 2012

The Republicans boosted their numbers after the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed.
Bigoted Democrats left their own party ironically going to the party that freed the slaves because they hated that their little fiefdom was broken up.

The Republicans used that block of bigots to rollback the advances made by FDR's New Deal & descendant policies like LBJ's Great Society.
They had to move slowly at first with Nixon but they started unleashing their ammo with Reagan & George Bush I. George Bush II was there to make that final blow.
Romney's here to finish off whatever's left.

But the Republican Party has been playing this game for half a century almost.
This ain't nothing new.
John Lucas


(3,526 posts)
17. +100. In the 1972 Presidential election, George Wallace, usually an Independent, ran as....
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 07:03 AM
Oct 2012

...a Democrat in an attempt to win the Democratic Party nomination. In subsequent Democratic Party primaries in which he won Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, and Michigan, he gained almost 24% of the vote and ran third behind Humphrey and McGovern.

But the key was the fact that he was pulling the right-wing, anti-integration, racially-motivated voters of all political persuasions. Internal GOP polls showed Wallace pulling enough of this block of voters to be a threat to Nixon's reelection. In May of 1972, Wallace was shot four times by Arthur Bremer in an assassination attempt that left Wallace paralyzed from the waist down and forced him to withdraw from the campaign. The day after his shooting, Wallace won the Maryland and Michigan primaries.

With the help of most of the voters who would have voted for Wallace, Nixon went on to win a landslide victory against the Democratic Party's nominee, George McGovern, winning all but 17 electoral votes.



(1,250 posts)
24. So THAT'S why he got shot!
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:04 AM
Oct 2012

I was born in 1976 so I wasn't aware of details like that.
Ironically trying to run a racist campaign got in the way of the Republican Party's new Southern Strategy & he had to be taken out.
THEY wanted to control that vote & didn't need any competition.

And George McGovern got beat THAT bad?!
No wonder the Democrats changed in the 1970s!
The party got split in the 1960s over Civil Rights Act on one side & the Vietnam War on the other leaving them easy prey for a reinvigorated Republican Party desperate to get back into the spotlight.

No wonder the New Deal legacy got stalled!
And they took out Jimmy Carter by making him look weak when he was just diplomatic & peace-seeking.
Ronald Reagan was put in to begin the earnest dismantling of that legacy.
Hence the air traffic controllers situation & the decline of the power of unions.
By the end of his term taxes on the rich were reduced from MAX 70% to MAX 28%.

And the Democrats desperate to win back some of those Southern bigots came up with the Third Way/Democratic Leadership Council stuff delivered by Bill Clinton.
We were looking for another FDR, another JFK & here comes Clinton who looks a lot like a Southern Kennedy.
But because Republicans controlled the agenda for so long by this point, Clinton had to play under THEIR terms.
We got compromised & were happy to get what we got from Clinton because the Republicans were far worse.

Even then Republicans couldn't risk a potential return of a strong Progressive policy hence the Lewinsky nonsense.
Vice President Gore was thus embarrassed to campaign with Clinton when he ran & came off stiff & artificial.
Some of us were looking for a strong fighter for social/economic justice & went to or at least considered Ralph Nader.
Gore's weak image along with a yearning for a fighter represented in Nader resulted in the election being close enough to steal...
...hence we get Dubya.

It all runs together. You just helped me piece together a little more of the puzzle, OldDem2012.
From a child I always wondered why things were never run right & it's because my whole life pretty much has been under Republican command of the national agenda.
Figuring out how they got the power they had helps me understand what's needed to break it.

If Obama goes strongly Progressive in his 2nd term, we'll break it.
THEY'RE gonna be McGovern this time.
John Lucas


(51,148 posts)
30. Good summary
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 10:12 AM
Oct 2012

Last edited Tue Oct 16, 2012, 12:23 AM - Edit history (1)

Nicely summed up history lesson, there. I'd just like to add on one thing. In 2004 Bush edged out Kerry in Ohio and thus "won" the election. There were some irregularities though. Ken Blackwell, the repug Secretary of State of Ohio (responsible for running the statewide election), was also the co-chair of the Bush campaign. Talk about conflict of interest. Not surprisingly, urban polling places were consigned few voting machines which resulted in hours-long lines in Cleveland, and some suburban counties (Bush territory) recorded more votes than all registered voters. There were other shenanigans as well but the biggest and most fraudulent vote getter for Bush was the hacking operation of the Diebold voting machines (led by Michael Connell) that switched Kerry votes to Bush, we're talking some 300,000 votes. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. documented this (pls google). Anyway, there was an outcry and subsequent investigation a couple of months later. Connell was scheduled to testify. He didn't make it to the stand though. He died in a small plane crash just before he was to testify. Disturbing, right. Kinda ties in with the Wallace shooting and let's us know what some people/parties are capable of.



(1,250 posts)
78. Yeah it's an eye-opener
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 11:53 PM
Oct 2012

The Republican Party was in trouble after FDR hit ground.
They looked for any opportunity they could get to control the agenda after the downfall of Hoover.

4 consecutive terms back to back. They couldn't have that.
They may never get in power again.
I think they couldn't fully control Eisenhower & that's where Nixon was coming up.
But Kennedy was about to smash all hopes.
Bay of Pigs incident gave confidence on his ability to handle conflict without escalating war.
Then he was about to make change with Blacks & Civil Rights along with furthering FDR's legacy.

He HAD to be shot.
If LBJ never got mixed up with this Vietnam crap he could have lost the bigoted South & the Democratic Party still would have been strong. They would have never splintered.
In the fallout MLK gets shot & then RFK gets shot.
That removed most of the major obstacles in the way.

Nixon rises backed with the power of the bigoted South & lays the foundation that Reagan would fully unfurl.
I always thought that someone just shot Wallace out of anger for his bigoted ways. A random attacker.
But he was in the way of the Republican Southern Strategy for power.
THEY wanted to control that vote & he was pretty much Nadering them for lack of better terms. Maybe Peroting them if you prefer.
Doesn't seem so random when you put that context around it.

Jimmy Carter despite being in favor of Blacks & Civil Rights still won the South when he ran in 1976.
He had this native son thing going being a peanut farmer from Georgia & being a Southern Baptist.
Nixon's corruption with Watergate was a big deal & Ford's pardoning of him left a bad taste in people's mouths.
They had to damage Carter too to make sure that the South would become a reliable voting block for the Republicans.
Throw in Edward Kennedy running against Carter along with the Republican dealings with the Iran hostage crisis & Reagan rolled in to secure that Southern vote & build this evil coalition we have been suffering from ever since.

Elections have consequences like the saying goes.
The Republicans were desperate not to lose power & if that meant taking out people, crushing the New Deal policies & tax codes, crushing the unions, deregulating corporations so be it.

If Obama lets his inner Progressive shine & quits repressing it in his 2nd term, the Republicans will lose power again.
Obama is NOT a Centrist. But for some reason he feels he has to play this role.
John Lucas

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
37. Capsulized very well, OldDem2012
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:30 PM
Oct 2012

I lived through all of that and more, so you can guess my age is up there.

The "Southern Strategy" is now the toxin within the Republican Party that they can not break free from.


(196 posts)
47. Coincidence.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 03:19 PM
Oct 2012

To further the discussion, JFK defeated Nixon in 1960 and was assassinated, and Robert Kennedy was poised to embarrass him in 1968 before he was killed In L.A., and Wallace threatened to destroy Nixon's Southern Strategy in 1972. An amazing set of coincidences or?


(22,957 posts)
55. Hope you won't be offended by a newbie
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:52 PM
Oct 2012

Here's what I found out about Bremer on Wikipedia:

On March 1, 1972, Bremer began his diary with the words, "It is my personal plan to assassinate by pistol either Richard Nixon or George Wallace. I intend to shoot one or the other while he attends a campaign rally for the Wisconsin Primary."

All I remember is that Bremer had shot a bigot. And I thought that it was about time.


(45,251 posts)
80. As you know, wikipedia is not necessarily accurate.
Tue Oct 16, 2012, 12:37 AM
Oct 2012

People with one agenda or another edit wiki all the time.

I read wiki all the time to get an overview of a subject, but when it comes to a statement like that, I would not rely on wiki.

I am not saying that this sentence is incorrect--or that it is correct. I am saying that we don't know how it got into the wiki or why.

Even assuming that sentence is true, thought, was the diary ever authenticated?

Did the diary say why Bremer intended to shoot Nixon or Wallace?



(45,251 posts)
81. I checked the wiki.
Tue Oct 16, 2012, 01:02 AM
Oct 2012

I should have done that before I responded.

The portion of my prior post that discusses wiki generally is correct. However, I do see that this:

"On March 1, 1972, Bremer began his diary with the words, "It is my personal plan to assassinate by pistol either Richard Nixon or George Wallace. I intend to shoot one or the other while he attends a campaign rally for the Wisconsin Primary." Bremer's purpose was "to do SOMETHING BOLD AND DRAMATIC, FORCEFUL & DYNAMIC, A STATEMENT of my manhood for the world to see."[13]"

Funny how that last sentences changes the impression left by quoting only the first sentence, isn't it?

The wiki doesn't explain why he did not think of assassinating any of the other primary candidates, so it still raises more questions than it answers. Maybe he thought that Nixon and Wallace were the likeliest nominees?



(1,250 posts)
76. Thank you again freshwest! It means a lot when it comes from you
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 11:32 PM
Oct 2012

I've been trying to figure out how this machine works all of my life.
I always try to figure how Spider-Man became Spider-Man.
What're the origins of a phenomenon?

I wonder since I was a child how this Republican/Conservative way took over the national agenda so completely & thoroughly.
How the Democrat became weak or compromised in the face of them.
I had bits & pieces but could never gel them together.
I figured more of it out once I read a book in 2000 called Don't Know Much About History.
This is when I REALLY understood how the political parties were formed.

When I was a kid I had a school book from my mother called The Presidents of the United States.
It had illustrations in it but gave rundowns of all the Presidents up to Jimmy Carter (book was published before Reagan got in) & showed all the political parties.
My grandmother told me that the Republicans were bad & I could see this for myself outside of her viewpoint.
So I used to go down my Presidents book & look at the political parties to see who were the good guys (the Democrats) & who were the bad guys (the Republicans).

Then I saw names like Democratic-Republican, Federalist, & Whig. I didn't know what to make of them & I didn't know what to make of Abraham Lincoln being a Republican. So I called them inbetween & Lincoln a good Republican.
Simplistic & childish.
When I read that book in 2000 I AT LAST understood the real reason behind the political parties & the shifts they made over history.
Being here at Democratic Underground helped flesh out my views even further.

The entire country is based on rich guys using the superiority complexes of their poorer counterparts to protect their wealthy status.
Racism is a tool used to entrench Classism.
As long as those Whites are fighting all the non-Whites, they'll never fight us.
Make it even more intense by having different non-Whites fight amongst each other & even within themselves while the racist Whites fight 'em all at the same time.

As soon as we can get Blacks to stop fighting Blacks, Latinos from fighting Latinos, Asians from fighting Asians, every other non-White group from fighting within their group/fighting other groups & Whites to stop fighting all of the above, then the REAL fight of the Haves & Have-Nots will begin.

The political parties were built off the Issue of the Black People & that's why the parties shift significantly whenever a Black causes change in the country—directly or indirectly. The Blacks were the first scapegoat & best scapegoat. Others have been, are being, & will be used, but nothing beats the Black as the ultimate go-to choice.

That's why Obama needs to win this 2nd term.
It's like the stake in a heart of a vampire.
We're gonna drive it a little deeper inside that vampire's heart of bigotry.
This racist order that still influences the country.

The Southern Strategy is MUCH older than 1968.
John Lucas


(52,907 posts)
3. Wisconsin, not Minnesota.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:38 AM
Oct 2012

Thompson is a candidate in WI. The press mistakenly reported the "some girls rape easy" guy was from MN as well. We have a big enough cross to bear with Bachmann. Don't associate the WI nut jobs with MN, please!!!!



(53,475 posts)
4. Good post, but the son in question is of a failing Wisconsin US Senate candidate....
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:39 AM
Oct 2012

... a drunk skirt-chaser named Tommy Thompson.


(71,611 posts)
6. Rancid Penis is a despicable little man ... a bigot and liar from beginning to end.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:59 AM
Oct 2012

I won't carry water for Michael Steele, but he was a saint compared to the racist fuck from Wisconsin.


(5,104 posts)
74. Never thought it would be possible to miss Michael Steele.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 10:06 PM
Oct 2012

Then I look at Mitt Romney and miss Richard Nixon, let alone John McCain (minus Sarah). Not that I ever voted for any of them.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
75. I hope that we stain Priebus forever as the racist he's worked hard to be.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 10:36 PM
Oct 2012

What a pathetic coward and loathsome bigot, Priebus is. They always practice their racism in "private" just like the Klan with their "hoods". This is the same shit.

The good news in this is that he got caught yet again.

Some of us know full well that this is how they act and talk among themselves and what's upsetting is that so few believe their own eyes when they see them doing it.

Priebus is an outed racist and he worked hard to deserve his reputation. Never let him live it down.


(45,251 posts)
82. Priebus is posturing pisant.
Tue Oct 16, 2012, 01:06 AM
Oct 2012

The value of staining him is to stain the Party that chose a racist as its head.


(758 posts)
9. Sad, very sad, yet they are in such denial when it comes to just how deep
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 05:47 AM
Oct 2012

their racism runs. It just pops right out without a second thought. That's how you know. How many times have we seen this happen, and not just from the mouths of your run of the mill redneck. My neighbor is AA, we talk politics all the time. She sees it, as does another friend. It's undeniable.


(28,141 posts)
18. It's not that they're in denial of their racism, it's more that they deny they are racist.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 07:06 AM
Oct 2012

Not sure if I articulated that well. Need coffee.


(18 posts)
10. Mathews
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 06:14 AM
Oct 2012

Mathews is sometimes hard to watch, as he poses questions, and when a guest starts to answer, clarifies the question and then sometimes immediately ignores or disputes the answer while the answer isn't quite fully formed, talking over the guest. As a result, much is said in a vacuum because it arrives second hand.


(11,984 posts)
16. no no no
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 06:50 AM
Oct 2012

Joe is far too busy this morning scattering matches around Ohio, hoping to ignite a fire for robme. According to Joe and "the boys" Ohio is coming around. They will continue to blow on these twigs hoping to see a flame until election day. And of course pounding on Libya at every opportunity. No word, however, of Bain taking jobs to China, or rigged polsters, or nasty little racist rupuke chairmen. Although I may have missed it... seems that I am developing an allergy to assholes.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
44. Yeah. Doing exactly what Chris Matthews had already said he did.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:59 PM
Oct 2012

And which Reince called untrue and "garbage". I linked the Matthews video above. Amazing.


(110,653 posts)
20. He is a rather despicable little McCarthyite...
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 07:32 AM
Oct 2012

Sometimes one has to wonder where these guys come from and how they make it to the top of the Republican Party so quickly?



(1,085 posts)
22. Rince went over the top when
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 08:31 AM
Oct 2012

he referred to that statement put out by the Cairo embassy and said Obama was sympathizing with terrorists..



(11,304 posts)
26. So it took Joe this long to find that out? Gee, when they mock the president over and over
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:30 AM
Oct 2012

you see them talking racist jokes. The more they say they aren't the more their actions show they are. Nuff said. Republicans = RACISTS


(34,274 posts)
28. Any Republican I have ever talked to when you get right down
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:33 AM
Oct 2012

to their basic reason for being a Republican is the Democrats are for the blacks. I don't care
eventually the truth comes out they make some kind of remark about welfare or spreading the wealth around. Around here if Obama wins the election it will be because of the damn ----
in Cleveland.



(45,319 posts)
29. OP title implies that Morning Joe said Matthews was right, and I doubt that is the
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:49 AM
Oct 2012

case, Starbuck Joe is a die hard Republican and he will defend or ignore the racism no matter what. Not that I'll watch to find out.


(2,514 posts)
50. Take the vowels out of "Reince Priebus". You get "RNC PR BS".
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 03:59 PM
Oct 2012

that my Friends is known as uncontrolled right wing vowel movements


(4,717 posts)
38. You know...
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:39 PM
Oct 2012

I still say that Reince Priebus isn't his real name. I've tried to attach meaning to it. It is so contrived, I thought it might be an anagram for something. Something sinister. So availing myself of the large quantity of resources available on the Internet allowing people to cheat at Words with Friends and Scrabble, I believe I have found purpose and meaning attached to that name.

Reince Priebus can be anagrammed to:

Brie Penis Cure.

Now, herein, I think one of two possibilities exist.

One: He is, himself, a cure for a rare malady, a scourge, really, called "cheesedick".
Two: He is the messenger for the wisdom that ailments of the phallus can be guarded against by consuming soft French cheeses at room temperature.

I think that, either way, he's really doing us all a great service.


(260 posts)
58. What's in a name?
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 05:23 PM
Oct 2012

I'm waiting for the day a GOP candidate's name is an anagram for I am Lord Voldemort. Though it might be too obvious.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
64. DU's Adenoid_Hynkel & LTR broke this story last night here.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 07:18 PM
Oct 2012

I couldn't help but remember Priebus calling Chris Matthews "garbage" after Matthews called his politics racist and watching Joe Scarborough and Tom Brokaw throw Matthews under the bus in defending Priebus.

So, before the story could be killed with "apologies", I wanted to give Chris Matthews his due and to tie the two stories together and stick this on that racist ass Priebus once and for all.

Priebus is a vicious racist.

And now he's caught once again.


(6,145 posts)
43. And what about Tom Brokaw?
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:56 PM
Oct 2012

He mumbled about Matthews being wrong and Romney's "awkward" sense of humor. Then he went on about "both sides" poisoning the well.

In all fairness this was the day before Brokaw's ambien overdose. Maybe Tom had something else in the tank so I'm guessing Chris can give him a pass.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
72. I'd forgotten about the ambien.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:08 PM
Oct 2012

Chris handled it all on his own. I gotta tell you, his stock in my eyes went way up that moment.

The GOP relishes playing on race and it's just like a sickness becauses they think they are hiding it from those of us who are on them and know them.

It's friggin' 2012 and this bile is still with us.

That's why I jumped all over this.

Priebus is a flat out racist and he needs to be stuck with that the rest of his life. He's earned it.


(1,451 posts)
52. Joe Scar
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:20 PM
Oct 2012

Is just like your typical neocon. He will not apologize. Its un-republican to do such a thing. That can get you kicked out the club. No there will never be an apology. not from Joe,Tom Brokaw, or the new so called head of the party( I still think its Rush Limpdick) Gov. Mitt Romney. No expressing their feelings of racism is quite alright with them. For it is what they truly believe. And everyone just needs to accept it and stop being in shock when you hear what they really think. Trust me the more desparate they get the more you will hear. I won't be surprised if the n-word comes out. Keep your eye on Sununu, he is at that point.


(30,058 posts)
54. You can not control your given name but you can
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 04:45 PM
Oct 2012

Control the urge to be an a??hole when you arrive adulthood.



(18,124 posts)
62. yep
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 06:41 PM
Oct 2012

been writing about american racism all day. referring to thread/op about peace officer calling a black detainee the n-word. Oh some americans get upset if, as an individual I've experienced america's brand of apartheid for too many years, and sometimes I end up in a rant towards the ignorant and stupid people from all walks of life that perpetuate this poison. It'll never go away. Racism is as american as mom and apple pie.

Don C. Nuttin

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63. Not an unforgiveable misstep.
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 06:46 PM
Oct 2012

You can understand Scarborough’s misstep. Even designated liberal Fox News host Bob Beckel has said, “I (once) thought ‘Free Pussy’ was a nice guy.” I infer from Beckel's tone that he no longer thinks much of Priebus.


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65. Not what's important, but there is no way that Priebus guy
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 07:26 PM
Oct 2012

didn't get his ass kicked repeatedly throughout his childhood years.

I know that's not nice, but just looking at the guy, it's obvious.

Undoubtedly why he's such a smirking, nasty piece of work now.


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73. Matthews can drive me crazy
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:25 PM
Oct 2012

but he is certainly correct on his assessment of the racist bent of the GOP, especially in this election.

Chris can certainly hold his head high for speaking the truth.

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