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Thu Jul 1, 2021, 09:42 PM Jul 2021

Are the Q people a new Know Nothing Party or a new religion.

It’s rare that a new religion starts. The Mormons are the last I can recollect.

But I’m beginning to think the Q folks are the first social media religion. Which should I guess be expected. Back when people talked to each other face to face it was almost impossible for a new religion to start. But with social media it does not surprise me that it is accelerated.

Currently their predictions keep changing and the dates of trumps re-installment keeps moving back. It’s apparent to any thinking person, including all the republicans I know that is has been bullshit from the git-go.

For several months I thought the whole Q thing would go away like the Know Nothings. But they keep doubling down. At this point even after Biden wins a second term and trump had met the maker I can’t see them joining reality. They will still be here in 2026.

When the Mormons came on the scene they were thought crazy. But their believers were all in. And now there are millions of them.

I can’t see the Q people just walking away at this point. And most of them are religious anyway. And they are all in. It dominates most of their lives.

Sorry for the crazy OP. But it just hit me that these people are behaving more like a religious group than a group of political junkies.

I’m not religious. Ex-evangelical. Q people’s faith in their crazy beliefs reminds me of the shit I believed in as a kid.

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Are the Q people a new Know Nothing Party or a new religion. (Original Post) GulfCoast66 Jul 2021 OP
I thought it was "know nothing" ? nt littlemissmartypants Jul 2021 #1
You are correct. I've made the edit. GulfCoast66 Jul 2021 #8
It's a psychosis, imo. But then maybe fervent believers littlemissmartypants Jul 2021 #10
Now I have some reading to do! Never heard of them. GulfCoast66 Jul 2021 #12
They're a kkkult. onecaliberal Jul 2021 #2
jonestown members mucifer Jul 2021 #3
You beat me to it. multigraincracker Jul 2021 #5
I'm thinking Jonestown. multigraincracker Jul 2021 #4
Rubes consumed with hatred. Hoyt Jul 2021 #6
They are a cancer. SoonerPride Jul 2021 #7
Some are trolls; some are distractors; some want followers and don't care struggle4progress Jul 2021 #9
As long as people have buttons, other people are going to push them. Midnight Writer Jul 2021 #11
They are their own Qult. C_U_L8R Jul 2021 #13
Magical thinkers, which encompasses cults/religions. Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2021 #14


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8. You are correct. I've made the edit.
Thu Jul 1, 2021, 09:58 PM
Jul 2021

I suspect the same substance that made me post such a crazy post is what made me miss such a basic grammar basic! But I’m truly amazed at so many people believing something so improbable. And continuing to believe when nothing predicted happens.

I just hit me that it is more like a religion than anything else. Believing on faith.


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10. It's a psychosis, imo. But then maybe fervent believers
Thu Jul 1, 2021, 10:13 PM
Jul 2021

Borderline on the insane. One has only to crack the spine of The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James to figure that out. Especially, his story about George Fox, the Quaker, who he describes as a psychopath.


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12. Now I have some reading to do! Never heard of them.
Thu Jul 1, 2021, 10:23 PM
Jul 2021

But psychopaths probably started many religions. In my opinion of course. I have respect for liberal religious people. Just disagree.

My best friend of 42 years who I love like a brother is a leader in his church. Very liberal church. We grew up together in an evangelical church. We went different ways. But are both liberal democrats.


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9. Some are trolls; some are distractors; some want followers and don't care
Thu Jul 1, 2021, 10:04 PM
Jul 2021

who follows them; some are well-meaning stooges; and some are just demented


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14. Magical thinkers, which encompasses cults/religions.
Fri Jul 2, 2021, 12:56 AM
Jul 2021

With false predictions transformed into affirmation of their non-evidence based crazy thinking, since such disinformation is supposedly necessary to confuse a widespread cabal of enemies.

Q has dismissed their false claims and incorrect predictions as deliberate, claiming that "disinformation is necessary". This has led Australian psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky to emphasize the "self-sealing" quality of the conspiracy theory, highlighting its anonymous purveyor's use of plausible deniability and noting that evidence against it "can become evidence of [its] validity in the minds of believers".

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