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Thu Jul 29, 2021, 12:34 PM

House Select Committee

Between the House Select Committee's heand aring, the Department of Justice decision to allow cooperation, there was a heck of a good start in constructing the foundation for confronting the realities of the January 6 insurrection. As an old man whYesterday was a Good Day for America.o continues to watch youtube films of the congressional hearings that I've been addicted to since the early 1970s, I'd like to share some thoughts on why yesterday was so important.

Since that terrible January day, like many others on this forum, I've thought that Trump & Co. -- including republicans in DC -- were active participants to the lead up, beyond the big lie they had repeated since November, 2020. Yesterday, perhaps my favorite OP/thread on DU:GD was posted by Tennessee Hillbilly, asking if Liz Cheney knows "something?" Mt response, besides "recommending" the OP, was simply "Yes."

Now, I do not have any unreported information or insight on this. But there a value in applying common sense, logic, and rational thought when considering why the republican party is trying to distract from the Committee's hearings. This would clearly be information that will do damage to republican officials and the former president. To use a descriptive word popular in my youth, that information will be "heavy."

And that is exactly why yesterday's events are so important. In my youth, I used to do work on foundations. I assisted some guys who were more experienced with block, and was very good with stone. Old houses in this region generally have stone basements, and stone basements frequesntly require some up-keep every hundred years or so. Having government that respects the Constitution, honors the oath of office, and follows the rule of law, is one of those old houses, I suppose.

I remember one summer's afternoon, during my middle age, when the director of community services and I were watching the construction of two new buildings, one for the day treatment program, the other for the alcohol & drug abuse services. I told her the contractor's foundation was too shallow, and thus the ceilings would crack by spring. (I was right.) Was it not an effort by republicans, during negotiations for this select committee, to insure a shallow foundation?

The Department of Justice's decision to not oppose former officials testifying to the House Select Committee is a huge addition to the foundation being constructed to stabalize a heavy load. Should anyone decide to go to court in an attempt to avoid testifying, the DOJ will be on the opposite side.The federal courts are unlikely to go against the will of the two other branches of government.

One cay to use it to reinforce democracy and the rule of law. I realize it will not turn the vast majon surmise that the DOJ -- which includes the FBI -- knows quite a bit about the Trump cult's involvement in the planning and execution of the failed insurrection. There may be information that does not quite reach the level required for criminal prosecution. But it must be made part of the public record before 2022's mid-terms elections. When it is, it becomes our du Mantrity of the Trump cult to turn against him -- though some will flake off -- but it will help us to defeat them in future elections.

H2O Man

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