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Under The Radar

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Fri Oct 8, 2021, 10:30 AM Oct 2021

Tell Ted Cruz we ain't playing a game of chicken, this is demolition derby.

If Republicans can wreck the world economy that will put the well-being of common people around the world in jeopardy, why can’t Dems wreck the filibuster?

Republicans can’t raise the debt ceiling without Democrats once that vote is blocked either. Democrats will still have a majority in the house and senate.

If Republicans want to block a debt ceiling vote in December then don’t fight them. Once they block the vote the pressure is all on them. Dems should use that as an opportunity to pass filibuster reform then the moment it passes vote on the complete Biden agenda telling Manchin and Sinema that Democrats will not raise the debt ceiling if they do not vote with democrats on the entire package.

If Republicans can crash the world economy to stop progressive legislation, let them. Democrats certainly have the votes to beat the filibuster once that happens then at that moment pass both infrastructure bills, voting rights bills, medicare for all, abortion rights, gerrymandering and immigration reform and expand SCOTUS at the same time. Once that is all done, then take the debt ceiling debate out of the hands of Congress altogether and give it to the executive branch.

Fuck them, it’s just money. I am sick of their shit.

Tell Ted Cruz we ain't playing a game of chicken, this is demolition derby. (Original Post) Under The Radar Oct 2021 OP
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