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Fri Apr 15, 2022, 06:26 PM

One way complaints.

While we all have heard the pleading of Ukraine for help, I think that it is interesting that the complaints at the border are coming one way. Although Russia took off from Belarus, and then turned and shot up structures on the Belarus side, apparently to make us think that Ukraine did it, no complaints. But, when some little Russian village was fired upon by someone, Russia complains loudly. Then, when someone used slingshots to fire steel balls, and used strobes on the city of Brest, Belarus complains loudly. And, we don't know who did that, either. Or, if it is true. It is supposed to come from Poland, however.

It just seems like Russia would like a provocation to start up with Poland. I read this stuff with a grain of salt. Russia seems quite demented at this point. And, they wish to employ disinformation, and then complain bitterly when no one believes them or otherwise cares about it. They are destroying their own previously decent reputation (although they caused a lot of mischief in other countries which is being brought to attention.) The Russian population will greatly wonder if they get shot up because Putin fired on Poland. They need to wake up, same as the Red states need to wake up here.

We are NOT having a Russian dominated world. And, the US will NOT be dominated by the idiocy of the GOP. I dunno what in the hell happened to the US body politic, except to say that I believe the Russians infiltrated and turned those states, by installing Trump. They absolutely installed Trump, and almost pulled it off. We are not bloodthirsty, but we are going to purge every. last. damned. one. of. these. idiot. GOP. aholes. from. power.

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