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Sun Jul 3, 2022, 12:09 PM Jul 2022

The Big Lie

What amazes me is how well that concept in regards to basic psychology really works. You know, the one which teaches that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Or, however that goes. Just lie your ass off, and people will believe the lie.

There is not ONE SHRED OF PROOF that the election was stolen from Trump in any meaningful way. Two fraudulent voters does not change the outcome of an election in which millions and millions vote against you.

What galls me is hearing adults who should know better repeat and refer to the Big Lie as if it has a credible basis or is fundamentally debatable. It is not debatable because it is not the truth, but a made up lie without foundation. It was made up by Trump et al to gin up opposition to the truth, that he LOST the election. He used the Big Lie to incite a riot to cover up the fact that he was trying to commit a coup against our democracy.

Those that still believe the Big Lie are lost in their need for a daddy figure, some emotional response and need to follow a threatening figure from which they derive a sense of power. It all boils down to self image, and who can give them that sense of belonging they seek.

But, the Big Lie is still just a lie. No one wronged Trump. He gained the most powerful position on the planet, and instead of even trying to do something positive, he continued with what he knows best, being a mobster, grifting, and bullying. His background is verifiable, his past malfeasance in business was recorded by history, and he is a poison to the body politic and doesn't deserve any consideration as a candidate for leadership of the country. If we allow this POS to gain power again, he will finish tearing up the Constitution and use it for toilet paper on his gold throne.

Tomorrow is our Independence Day. It belongs to us and those that died for it. It does not belong to the big, fat, lying bone spurs asshole who would like to sort us into boxes of useful to him, and not useful to him. Happy Fourth, America, and don't you let it get to you. We know the difference between the Truth and a lie.

"We're gonna fight, and we're gonna WIN!"

The Big Lie (Original Post) EndlessWire Jul 2022 OP
The promoters get on the tv hibbing Jul 2022 #1
They believe it because they want it to be true... rubbersole Jul 2022 #2


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1. The promoters get on the tv
Sun Jul 3, 2022, 12:23 PM
Jul 2022

They get no push back at all, just keep repeating. I also like how they always toss out these very specific numbers about fraud too.



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2. They believe it because they want it to be true...
Sun Jul 3, 2022, 12:25 PM
Jul 2022

It's easier than admitting to themselves that they're fools.

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