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Wed Jul 20, 2022, 12:21 PM Jul 2022

Short trial for justice

I have been given and referred to lots of Twitter feeds and blogs regarding ongoing trials in DC this week. I am appreciative of every one of them.

I was surprised to learn that Bannon's trial might be over in very short order. Like, maybe before even Thursday's J6 hearing in the evening. I guess that there is not much to say about charges that he ignored his subpoena, much to his peril. I guess that's why the Judge agreed with Bannon's own attorney that there was no defense.

Today, apparently the Prosecutors asked the Judge to prevent Bannon from turning his defense into a justification type of answer. This is from MacFarlane. That's all he can say about his crime. Yes, he did it, but he had a political reason to resist. That's all he's got. And, the Prosecutors asked that the Judge shut that down, I guess after Bannon's comments after trial yesterday. It's probably not relevant. If Bannon were to prevail, it would probably be because of jury nullification. I guess.

So, I don't know how long it will take to get a sentence. He isn't going to get a long time, because the crime he'll have to pay for doesn't require that. The longest he could get would be two years. His crime isn't comparable to say, the common rioter who gets two months or less for putting cops in peril. But, I would be shocked if the Judge sentenced him to two years.

I am soooo looking forward to Thursday's J6 hearing, but hearing that Bannon got convicted will be satisfying. If he doesn't get convicted, it will encourage all the rest of the rats to fail to comply with subpoenas as well. So, I regard this as being a big test of the will of the People. If they get a hung jury, I hope they go again.

This guy doesn't help himself by running his mouth, but I see no "going medieval" happening here. Does anyone know why he wears layers of black clothing? He ain't no Johnny Cash. What's up with that?

Short trial for justice (Original Post) EndlessWire Jul 2022 OP
Suggestion & Question wyn borkins Jul 2022 #1
😆I am a sloppy eater too, that sounds like a good idea Walleye Jul 2022 #2
Bannon can try to turn this around, but the fact remains, he broke the law. He ignored a dutiful SWBTATTReg Jul 2022 #3

wyn borkins

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1. Suggestion & Question
Wed Jul 20, 2022, 12:36 PM
Jul 2022

(S) Perhaps his extremely sloppy eating habits force him to wear many more than one shirt per dressing; which allows him to move one shirt 'outward' after each meal.

(Q) Will he be allowed to wear more than one 'prison-shirt' at-a-time (?)


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3. Bannon can try to turn this around, but the fact remains, he broke the law. He ignored a dutiful
Wed Jul 20, 2022, 12:51 PM
Jul 2022

and legal subpoena.

One doesn't just decide when to obey a court's summons on their own.

One isn't above the law.

I hope that they throw the book at him, he deserves a stern reminder of the rule of law.

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