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Fri Dec 23, 2022, 02:08 PM Dec 2022

Hey Nancy & DCCC & DSCC - please STOP fundraising texts every single day. Enough is enough.

You are starting to alienate people with the almost daily fundraising appeals, disguised as they may be - no one is fooled.

The Election is over. It's Christmas weekend for crying out loud.

Stop already.

Hey Nancy & DCCC & DSCC - please STOP fundraising texts every single day. Enough is enough. (Original Post) Tommymac Dec 2022 OP
Just unsubscribe and you won't see them. Ocelot II Dec 2022 #1
THIS! Samrob Dec 2022 #5
Enough is enough, yet you spend time typing "enough is enough" secondwind Dec 2022 #2
Unsubscribe That stuff is on auto-pilot, totally impersonal Hekate Dec 2022 #3
Tommymac. Upthevibe Dec 2022 #4
To all those saying unsubscribe, well I have ... lots of times. Never works for long. Tommymac Dec 2022 #6
If they won't support Dems because of fundraising requests Elessar Zappa Dec 2022 #8
Bullshit. They are people who don't want to be constantly nagged by unwanted texts. Tommymac Dec 2022 #9
Disagree. Elessar Zappa Dec 2022 #10
I disagree vehemently with You. They are ordinary people. Piss people off and you get nada. Tommymac Dec 2022 #12
I don't think the problem is the fundraising Skittles Dec 2022 #16
At the end of the previous presidential season I was getting dozens *a day*. ... Hekate Dec 2022 #13
I am on the Just Us Democrats mailing list LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2022 #7
I've increasingly had to opt out of Democratic lists. Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #11
Thank You. Especially when the unsubscribe does not work. Tommymac Dec 2022 #14
I'm actually opposed to people using either my email or text to fundraise, Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #15
I totally see your point, and agree. Tommymac Dec 2022 #17
Somehow, the CA Dem party got moonscape Dec 2022 #23
Hitting delete too hard? AZSkiffyGeek Dec 2022 #18
Respond STOP to all of them iemanja Dec 2022 #19
I refuse to give any group/charity my cell number for that reason Raine Dec 2022 #20
You get what you agreed to pay for brooklynite Dec 2022 #21
K&R. I agree with you 100%. You've made it clear in subsequent posts that you've progree Dec 2022 #22


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6. To all those saying unsubscribe, well I have ... lots of times. Never works for long.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:01 PM
Dec 2022

The DCCC and DSCC now use multiple local numbers for their texts. I have replied STOP to many of them.

But they still keep coming from OTHER local numbers. Seems you have to STOP each one.

I've been hashing this over with the DCCC and DSCC and US Dem party for years - I tell them to stop, and the next cycle they are doing it all over again. I only give directly to candidates. NEVER to Campaign Committees. I support Democratic Candidates 100%...but I resigned my US Dem Party membership (Still belong to the local party) many many years ago for this very reason, to try and stop the constant robo calls (then) and texts now. Too many communications from the National level.

Thanks for the advice though. This OP was put up in the hopes someone from the National Party apparatus may see it...I know of at least 2 folks in my neighborhood, solid Dems for the most part, who have said they will not support Democratic Candidates until all the excess texts/calls/emails stop pestering them for $$. They are SICK of them and are now mad. Thy put up with them through the election because they understood what was at stake, Their patience has run out after the election is now all over.

Elessar Zappa

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8. If they won't support Dems because of fundraising requests
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:04 PM
Dec 2022

then they’re not solid Democrats. They’re just Republican enablers.

Elessar Zappa

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10. Disagree.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:06 PM
Dec 2022

If fundraising requests stop people from voting for Democrats then they’re just as bad as Republicans.


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12. I disagree vehemently with You. They are ordinary people. Piss people off and you get nada.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:19 PM
Dec 2022

Comparing Democrats, hell comparing any sane human being, to Republicans for any reason is just not right. My neighbors are LOYAL Democrats, have voted Dem forever, but are just sick of the constant fund raising texts right AFTER the elections are all over.

Any marketing guru worth their pay will tell you one CAN overdo these direct market campaigns.

The DSCC & DCCC are always complaining they can't reach their goals...well, perhaps they need to look in a mirror and look at their excessive communication practices as part of their problem.

Most regular people who are not political junkies like you find here or on blogs could give a flying fuck about elections until a few weeks before E-Day. And badgering them with fund raising texts for 2024 3 weeks after the last major runoff of 2022 was decided is overkill.

At least wait until 2023.

With that, have a good day, I'm done replying to you.


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16. I don't think the problem is the fundraising
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:53 PM
Dec 2022

it's just that the VOLUME of texts received is overwhelming and I agree it is an absolute turnoff


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13. At the end of the previous presidential season I was getting dozens *a day*. ...
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:25 PM
Dec 2022

Lordy, I did not take it personally. I set in to get rid of them, and there were about 50 different ones because they share their lists.

Every day I would take the incoming and Unsubscribe. Often, but not always, the robot would bleat pathetically, “Why are you leaving us?” So I would check boxes, and if they offered me a space for freestyle prose, I had a prewritten 3 line comment.

I saw the same ones return repeatedly, and figured that the robot was slow on the uptake. I kept unsubscribing to all comers until they finally all stopped. Done. Finis.

Phone calls get an immediate hang-up.

Democratic candidates and liberal causes need the money, and as we have discovered here with Omaha Steve’s efforts, a bunch of small donors can make a big difference. I’m a small donor, and I pick and choose judiciously because of that. I absolutely refuse to let myself be guilted.

You could make a big contribution (so to speak) by educating your disgruntled neighbors on how to get off begging lists of all kinds.

Good luck


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7. I am on the Just Us Democrats mailing list
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:03 PM
Dec 2022

I am getting at least one and sometimes two or three sad but funny emails asking for money from this group. I enjoy laughing at the Just Us Democrats emails. Sanders has been also sending emails for this group which also amuses me but these emails may be in violations of FEC rules.

Today I was offered a very silly but stupid sticker about the Squad if I would commit to regular contributions to the Just US Democrats

The squad and the Just Us types have been missing their fundraising targets for a while

Ms. Toad

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11. I've increasingly had to opt out of Democratic lists.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:12 PM
Dec 2022

First it was Tim Ryan (several emails a day), next it was Rafael Warnock (about a half dozen emails on election day within the space of a few hours - at most), then the DNC (if I recall correctly), and most recently Nancy Pelosi.

As soon as I unsubscribe from one, a new one pops up to replace it.

This is the first time I have ever had this problem. While it is extremly uncommon for me to vote for anyone other than a Democratic candidate - and I actively support Democratic protect the vote operations, as well as writing postcards to increase voter turnout, these emails just make me angry (at the senders, to whom I have - by and large - NEVER given my email address). I've had to abandon the email address I used for most of my early adult life because the spam overwhelmed the wanted email address - inconveniencing friends and family who still occasionally try to reach me at the old email address. I intentionally give the old email address to anyone I expect to pass it on to others to keep my personal email box relatively clean.

Better to unsubscribe than to stew about it. But I'm pissed I have to.


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14. Thank You. Especially when the unsubscribe does not work.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:27 PM
Dec 2022

Right before I posted this OP, I got a DSCC text from Nancy, asking for money. I sent 'STOP'.

Not 10 minutes later I got ANOTHER text from Nancy, from the DCCC, from a different local number. I sent STOP.

And I'll bet you a cup of coffee that I'll get another from them before the year is out.

This is at least the 10th time I have asked the DCCC (and it's partner DSCC) to 'STOP' this year alone.

I have to do this every single year. Since 2004. And STOP only works temporarily. Or only on the individual number that called.

This annoyance is what makes regular non-political junkie folks get mad at the Democratic Party. I'm all for fund raising communiques BEFORE the election. As are my friends. It's this AFTER election fund raising texting that is suddenly getting out of hand.

Enough already.

Ms. Toad

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15. I'm actually opposed to people using either my email or text to fundraise,
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:51 PM
Dec 2022

Unless I have given it to them personally.

These folks are getting my email address from other people (I have not given it to any of them). I suspect most of them got it from my participation in Voter Protection this year - which was much more disoreganized - and resulted in the dissemination of my email address well beyond the initial sub-group I signed up for. AND - no one said, "Hey - can I pass this on to {candidate, party, etc.}.

It is only relatively recently that I stopped having to pay for texts beyond a certain limit. It is within the last year (maybe two) that i have any data on my phone. Yet increasingly, people seem to treat my phone (and data) as if everyone always has free texts and unlimited data (and is willing to have their private property used for whatever entity feels like using it).

Work implemented (1) and authentication program to access the computer terminals in each classroom - requiring that I carry my cell phone with me - and have a data plan and (2) eliminated phones, sending all phone calls through teams to my computer or my personal phone (again requiring a data plan, since it was app-based rather than call forwarding). I told them they could either pay the bill for a dedicated line or they could run to my classroom and unlock my computer for me, and the same for anything which required the use of my personal phone.

Sending stuff to my mailbox is fine - a mailbox comes with having a permanent place to lay my head. Calling me, texting me, or emailing me is not fine. Each of those are personal tools which I choose to have and/or pay for, for MY convenience. If anyone wants to use them for THEIR purposes, they need to ask for permission.

I have not yet had to unsubscribe to fundraising texts - so I have no experience with that. I had a nightmare with a headhunting operation. Someone else apparently used my number and I started receiving several text messages a day about jobs - and did not stop when I followed the directions for stopping the onslaught. It is apparently a diversified operation so the only contact information I could find claimed not to be able to do anything about what one of their affiliated orgs (using their name) did. Until I wrote a 1-star review on a popular website describing what was going on. They fixed it within 24 hours. Not suggesting that in this case - just acknowledging that stopping text messages is not easy.


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17. I totally see your point, and agree.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 04:18 PM
Dec 2022

During campaign season I was getting upwards of 1-2 DOZEN texts per day (plus lots of spam calls we did not answer - 6-12 a day, and god only knows how many emails I had to delete) at its peak this October and November.

To be fair, part of it is my fault for giving small donations to so many individual campaigns (at least 30) instead of a campaign donation clearing house like the DCCC.

But every single one of those campaigns STOPed when I asked them to. Immediately. Every one of them.

The DSCC and DCCC NEVER STOP over the long run. Even when I've asked them too. I have to ask them to stop via me sending them text STOPS, emails, and personal phone calls to the DCCC, every year, at least once if not more.

Now with the newer technologies for making bulk calls or texts using 'local' numbers to disguise themselves, it is worse then ever.

They don't respect my privacy. This behavior is what gets folks mad and potentially losing voters.


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23. Somehow, the CA Dem party got
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 06:34 PM
Dec 2022

my cell number. NO IDEA how! It’s a flip phone I use only for emergencies when out, or to coordinate meeting, etc. I don’t use it much at all, and never give out the number.

Well, they got it and I get texts during election season. Trouble is, the phone is linked in my car and when I try to use it there, my car says it can’t import the messages and blocks my calling until the texts are cleared.

I have no idea how to stop this and get off their stupid list. I never text. I mean, it’s a flip phone I use only for voice.

So annoying.


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20. I refuse to give any group/charity my cell number for that reason
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 04:39 PM
Dec 2022

it's bad enough they have an email address of mine. I'm not made of money.


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21. You get what you agreed to pay for
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 05:38 PM
Dec 2022

Folks wanted campaign funding from the grassroots, not deep pockets fatcats. This is the process they follow (because it works) to ensure a regular flow of small contributions rather than a one shot injection of $5,000.


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22. K&R. I agree with you 100%. You've made it clear in subsequent posts that you've
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 06:17 PM
Dec 2022

unsubscribed many times. (It would help I think if you put some of that in your OP, like your #6, because I see a lot of replies downstream that say just unsubscribe).

For more than a decade I've been giving only to individual candidates. And the last several years, I simply pick one or two and give a large amount to each, and that's it.

I don't know what I'm doing right, I probably didn't give any phone number out, I don't remember. I do know I never would unless I absolutely have to put a phone number in order for the donation to be accepted. And then it would be my landline. I don't think I've ever put in a fake phone number because that just wouldn't be right (it might actually be some person's phone number and it just isn't right to put the burden on that person).

I've gotten very few to my cellphone. It would really set me off if my cellphone was always ringing or beeping with calls or texts.

The few emails I've gotten in the last few years I squash them right away with an unsubscribe. I've always found my unsubscribe requests to individual candidates are usually immediately honored, though sometimes I get one or two extra after a reasonable unsubscribe time (I know it takes some time for unsubscribes to be processed, but it is an automated process)..

Lately I've been giving through Act Blue.

But I get a lot of snail mail appeals from Senate and governor candidates, which is fine except for the environment.

I have had problems with being spammed to death in various forms (I forget now) with Democratic party organizations like the DSCC (Senate) and DCCC (House), about a decade or more ago, so I have not donated to those since. Likewise the Minnesota's Democratic Party (DFL) was a pain and got on my never-give list. I only donate to individual candidates and haven't had any real problems.

As for those who say you can't be a real Democrat -- has it occurred to any of them that one may, after getting dozens of appeals a day, for weeks and months on end, despite numerous unsubscribes, that one may still give to worthy Dem candidates, but not stretch as far and not give as often to not as many? It's not binary either/or folks, it affects to a matter of degree. But unfortunately some sanctimonious DUers think only in binary terms. I thought most of those had gone off to JackPineRadicals, but some are still around.

There's also the reasonable alternative of giving to progressive causes and progressive media instead, or primarily.

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