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John Stewart destroys 2nd amendment Republican Purist's argument (Original Post) Bev54 Mar 2023 OP
Interview with Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm - The Problem with Jon Stewart ItsjustMe Mar 2023 #1
Thanks, missed your post probably because I am in the West and it Bev54 Mar 2023 #2
I am also on the West Coast. ItsjustMe Mar 2023 #5
I am in Calgary AB which is Mtn time and it was still too early for me, lol. Bev54 Mar 2023 #6
Man, this guys sidesteps the issue at hand and jumps from one talking Baitball Blogger Mar 2023 #8
It is called the Gish Gallop... Caliman73 Mar 2023 #9
Thank you! Baitball Blogger Mar 2023 #14
When you have no argument, you use tactics... Caliman73 Mar 2023 #17
Republicons have an all purpose solution to problems Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2023 #18
+1, and to defeat a gish gallop focus on one point with empirical evidence and POUNDE IT INTO ground uponit7771 Mar 2023 #26
Man, is he on point. Bristlecone Mar 2023 #21
How did Jon Stewart stay so calm? Beaverhausen Mar 2023 #28
Well, I actually prefer having the article to read. MissMillie Mar 2023 #3
Daaaam! Evergreen Emerald Mar 2023 #4
I watched it 3 times in a row, couldn't get enough. Bev54 Mar 2023 #7
It was great. In It to Win It Mar 2023 #10
Not really destroyed. SYFROYH Mar 2023 #11
disagree CatWoman Mar 2023 #13
Yes, he will definitely be co-sponsoring gun control legislation as a result. SYFROYH Mar 2023 #20
i wouldn't go that far CatWoman Mar 2023 #23
kick CatWoman Mar 2023 #29
I believe he destroyed his argument that any gun control is an infringement on their rights. Bev54 Mar 2023 #16
+1, ... because the GQP wants to make a semantic argument about "shall not infringe" uponit7771 Mar 2023 #27
That was fucking awesome! jcgoldie Mar 2023 #12
This is amazing... JanLip Mar 2023 #15
"I not giving you an anecdote" Alpeduez21 Mar 2023 #19
Stewart debunked every statement and made Dahm look foolish LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2023 #22
Jon is brilliant! Duppers Mar 2023 #24
What I find astonishing about most 2A arguments is the "Settled Case Law" idea A HERETIC I AM Mar 2023 #25

Baitball Blogger

(47,228 posts)
8. Man, this guys sidesteps the issue at hand and jumps from one talking
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 01:39 PM
Mar 2023

point to another! How do we go from talking about bringing order to society with gun regulations by deflecting to the obesity problem in the US.

Does anyone with debating experience know what this tactic is called? The right seems to use it a lot.


(11,767 posts)
9. It is called the Gish Gallop...
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 01:45 PM
Mar 2023

Named after the creationist Duane Gish. You make a flood of claims without regard to their strength, accuracy, or connection to the previous argument or claim for the purpose of overwhelming your opponent.

Baitball Blogger

(47,228 posts)
14. Thank you!
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 02:14 PM
Mar 2023

It's like they have no depth. They just throw quick quips, one after the other like Chinese stars, instead of engaging in a productive dialogue.


(11,767 posts)
17. When you have no argument, you use tactics...
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 03:06 PM
Mar 2023

The reality is that typically the Conservative viewpoint is bereft of really solid and meaningful arguments.

The reality is that Conservatives do not want to invest the effort or money into meaningful solutions that would very likely, significantly reduce violence, crime, and poverty. They throw out "causes" but their solution is typically more of the same. Pray, prayer, thoughts and prayer, more punishment after the fact, etc...


(90,555 posts)
26. +1, and to defeat a gish gallop focus on one point with empirical evidence and POUNDE IT INTO ground
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 08:05 PM
Mar 2023


(38,743 posts)
3. Well, I actually prefer having the article to read.
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 12:59 PM
Mar 2023

So no need to work so hard to give us JUST the video--at least not as far as I'm concerned.

In It to Win It

(8,655 posts)
10. It was great.
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 01:47 PM
Mar 2023

I watched it at midnight as soon as the episode came out, and posted about it soon after.

I’ve watched it at least 5 times now. It was great.


(34,195 posts)
11. Not really destroyed.
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 01:50 PM
Mar 2023

His insinuation that we should give police or the government all the tools they want to reduce crime is an recipe for really bad things to happen.


(1,799 posts)
19. "I not giving you an anecdote"
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 03:32 PM
Mar 2023

I telling an incident that happened! Said with a straight face. Idiot/asshole/callous shit.


(28,176 posts)
24. Jon is brilliant!
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 06:48 PM
Mar 2023


This clip is a teaching tutorial on how to handle gun nuts -- open-carry/we don't have to register/no rules gun nuts.


(24,434 posts)
25. What I find astonishing about most 2A arguments is the "Settled Case Law" idea
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 07:26 PM
Mar 2023

( I put that in quotes only to draw attention to the following point)

There have been many SCOTUS decisions over the years that have expanded gun rights, but most people who are aware would point to the Heller case as saying an individual, as opposed to a “Well regulated militia” has a right to keep and own firearms with few restrictions.

OK, fine. Settled case law.

Ever notice how the right NEVER gave the same consideration to Roe V Wade? Wasn’t that settled case law?

Stewart tied the guy in knots and the dipshit didn’t even notice.

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