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Wed Jan 31, 2024, 02:35 PM Jan 2024

I'm not a football fan, but I'll force myself to watch the Super Bowl.

And you all know why. The bugshit insane MAGA's have decided there's some kind of conspiracy in which Talylor Swift is somehow "magically" going to see to it that Kansas City beats San Francisco.

In a way, I feel as crazy as they are because I'm even paying attention to this. Nonetheless, I'll watch and hope that Kansas wins. And I'l then wait to see how the MAGA's react to it.

I can't believe that I'm actually paying attention to this insanity, and hoping the outcome will make MAGA heads explode. Is it possible I've gone as nuts as they are?

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4. If you don't like football you really don't need to watch the game
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 02:45 PM
Jan 2024

I’m sure we’ll hear plenty about MAGA heads exploding in DU afterwards.

I’m rooting for the 49ers but that’s because I like them more in this game lol


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6. I guess I'm worried about some kind of MAGA demonstration at the game.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 02:57 PM
Jan 2024

Who knows? Waving pictures of Trump might be the least of what they'll do. I'm sure security will be very tight, but these lunatics are capable of anything.

I hope nothing happens, but it's good to keep in mind that the followers of "Dear Leader" are on a mission to destroy America as it exists today. And many of them are true mental cases. They couldn't find a better forum that the Super Bowl to publicly display their poisonous snake oil.


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17. The Super Bowl is one of the most secure events in the world. The bozos won't get anything inside.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 04:17 PM
Jan 2024


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5. No. Not possible.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 02:52 PM
Jan 2024

You cannot be as crazy as they are. You're kind of insulting them. They spend all that time and effort, watch countless hours of Fox, search in the dustiest corners and crevices of the internet, spend their money on MAGA clothing and souvenirs, pray fervently to their orange Jesus, etc. I mean, they work HARD at being nuts, and here you come, daring to suggest you could achieve their level of batshit with little or no effort? If I were them, I would be hurt and angry. Mostly angry.


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7. Don't feel obligated.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 02:58 PM
Jan 2024

It's likely she won't be there. She has a concert in Japan a few hours before kickoff.


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15. She does have a concert in Japan the calendar day before, but with the time change she can get to
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 03:49 PM
Jan 2024

Las Vegas Saturday night before the game on Sunday. She'll be there, I'm sure of it. Remember, she'll be crossing the international date line on her way back and gain lots of time back.


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9. No need to force yourself.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 02:59 PM
Jan 2024

The ratings will be through the roof regardless. There will be plenty of analysis afterward, of both the game and the reactions on the right.

I think the far right is split between rooting against Taylor and rooting against the wretched hive of scum and villainy (I'm joking, of course) that is San Francisco.


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10. So one day, my Mom was visiting the Bay Area
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 03:03 PM
Jan 2024

and we drove all around. Figured there'd be no traffic since everyone was watching the superbowl, and I could listen on the radio. Forget if it was the great Joe Starkey on the call.

Had a great time, and about the end of the game, we were driving through ( you guessed it ) San Francisco, and it was a crazy wild celebration.

So you don't need to be in Vegas, or even watching in TV. JUST BE THERE IN SF!

Note: the flagship 49ers radio station just added Bud Light to its list of advertisers today.


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13. Funny thing about that
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 03:23 PM
Jan 2024

I live in the Bay Area, and my partner and his family are huge, huge, huge 49ers fans. Some days it feels as if their entire American existence hinges on what happens every weekend.

However, my partner won't watch the games. He says he gets too anxious and he's a nervous wreck. He waits until it's over, steels himself, then watches the highlight reel.

So I am not at all - under any circumstances - allowed to tell him what's going on with the game as it's happening, what the score is. Nothing. I cannot even have a facial expression when a game is on (because I am absolutely at least checking a box score and dying to taunt him in various ways about my knowledge of what's going on). I am not allowed to say who won or lost until he does whatever it is he does afterward before checking.

This past weekend, I watched the clock wind down. 49ers win after an epic comeback. The instant the clock hit zero, fireworks allllll over the neighborhood. And I thought, "Ok, if he doesn't know who won just from that . . ."


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14. I had to take a walk after that first blitzkrieg score.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 03:35 PM
Jan 2024

But fortunately, I was wearing all blue, jinxing the crap out of Detroit!

May have checked ESPN on the phone a time or two. Caught the last minute or two.

49ers Football ... TORTURE!

Now how do I choose colors for Feb 11?
Red and white versus red and gold?

Working on it.


(21,580 posts)
11. Taylor Swift
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 03:08 PM
Jan 2024

is doing a lot to put Joe Biden back in the White House.

Why do you think everyone on the right is attacking her? This has absolutely nothing to do about football.


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12. I know that. But everyone slows down to look at a car wreck.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 03:17 PM
Jan 2024

This "car wreck" is so far beyond unhinged that it's screaming to be watched. And as rational as I've always believed myself to be, I've got this irresistible urge to watch the game. Go figure.



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18. I used to watch college fooball, but never cared for pro ball. I haven't watched a college game in probably 10 years.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 08:01 PM
Jan 2024

I will be doing something important during the Superbowl like washing the dog. I wouldn't know Taylor if I bumped into her in the grocery store and certainly could't tell you the name of one of her songs.

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