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Mon Feb 12, 2024, 07:33 AM Feb 12

Completely Batshit Things from a Trump Speech That Won't Get as Much Coverage as Biden's Age

The Rude Pundit looks at one speech by Trump the rapist (Friday, Harrisburg, PA):

1. Let's start with a lie: "I love Pennsylvania. We ran twice. We won Pennsylvania twice. We won Pennsylvania twice. We did much better the second time than we did the first time." This is election denialism, sure, and we should never lose our outrage over his continued refusal to acknowledge the results of the 2020 election. He lost PA in 2020. He litigated it and begged for it to be overturned, but he fucking lost.

2. "Now more then we have ever taken are pouring into the country from countries that many of you have never even heard of. They are pouring into our country and an entire generation of young people could very well be decimated by something that could very well happen: World War III." You got that? First off, he assumes his MAGA hordes are too stupid to have heard of Ecuador. And then he takes the migrant "threat" to the furthest possible and most absurd degree.

3. Okay, this is just fucking weird. A total aside that has no context in the speech: "If you are a violent criminal today, if you kill people nothing happens. But if you are a religious person of a certain faith, you get persecuted. And I don't know what's going on with Catholics. But Catholics are getting treated very badly. What the hell is going on with Catholics? And yet we got 88% of the evangelical vote, but only 50% of the Catholic vote. We should get 110% of the Catholic vote. What are they doing to Catholics?" I mean, what the fucking fuck is this even?

4. Trump loves spinning out fantasy scenarios to degrade others. Here he starts out talking about where President Biden kept some documents, exaggerating for grotesque comic effect. Then watch where this goes: "They were all sitting underneath his beautiful Corvette and a very flimsy garage with one of those very cheap garage doors. You can cut it open with a scissor. 'Does anybody have a scissor? I want to get some classified documents. Let's cut it open.' It had no security or Secret Service. Certain members of the Biden family lived there. I wonder what they did with those very important documents. They had no Secret Service people because he wasn't present. Biden fought them all the way. I didn't. He fought them very hard and they never got what they wanted to get anyway. I even gave the DOJ and the FBI lunch at Mar-a-Lago. They say I didn't behave. I have them lunch. Have lunch at beautiful Mar-a-Lago...I guess they expected dinner, not lunch. I should have given them dinner." Between this and his anger at getting lunch for the E. Jean Carroll's lawyers when they were at Mar-a-Lago, Trump just comes across as the cheapest motherfucker ever. Or, you know, not a billionaire.


There are 12 paragraphs of that. I don't think I've seen any of it on DU (it may be there, but it obviously hasn't got the publicity). It's not "Putin, my captain, please rape the Baltics" (kudos to the Rude Pundit for both reminding us that Trump is a rapist, and that his "they are asking for it" language about NATO members that don't spend enough on defence is very like excuses for rape), but it's still something that, in a sane media, would be "this man is unfit to be president" headlines. Go read it all, and tell anyone who isn't a 100% certain Biden vote about it.
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Completely Batshit Things from a Trump Speech That Won't Get as Much Coverage as Biden's Age (Original Post) muriel_volestrangler Feb 12 OP
He really, really is a sick fuck. I still get leftyladyfrommo Feb 12 #1
So MSM reports this stuff like it's 2016 all over again bucolic_frolic Feb 12 #2
K&R 2naSalit Feb 12 #3
My absolute favorite line at the link: intheflow Feb 12 #4
That is brilliant! yardwork Feb 12 #6
All this while shitting his pants Blue Owl Feb 12 #7
LOVE that! ShazzieB Feb 12 #9
Every one of those statements by Trump is red meat for his base. yardwork Feb 12 #5
Excellent analysis. The constant spew overwhelms the little magat brains erronis Feb 12 #8
To our Press Corpse, "but her emails" is "but his memory." Hassler Feb 12 #10


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4. My absolute favorite line at the link:
Mon Feb 12, 2024, 08:58 AM
Feb 12
Trump… screeches like a castrated goat and undulates around the stage in a weird dance that just looks like he's jacking off two men.


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5. Every one of those statements by Trump is red meat for his base.
Mon Feb 12, 2024, 09:27 AM
Feb 12

Trump has mental health issues, but whoever wrote this script was being very strategic. I'll break it down in MAGAT. The following is a look inside MAGA beliefs:

1. The 2020 election was stolen, so Trump did win PA. "Everybody knows that."

2. Evil dark people are pouring across the southern border, invading America, because Joe Biden is letting them. They come from countries that are so horrible we don't want to know about them. They're terrible, demonic places. Biden is letting in the devil and we're all going to die! (This is not an exaggeration of how MAGATS feel. Fear is their dominant emotion, followed by rage.)

3. The rant about Catholicism is designed to appeal to Catholic voters, especially since his opponent is Catholic. More generally, the vague fear-mongering about "liberals" oppressing Christians is the main point of this. It sounds disjointed and insane to us but makes perfect sense to Trump's followers, who believe that he is an instrument of God. His flaws make them believe this more fervently. Who among us isn't flawed? (Especially MAGAs. They carry around a lot of shame - and fear, and rage. But at the core is shame.)

4. This section is designed to remind MAGAs that Biden is foolish, feckless, and lame. And poor. He has a cheap garage door. His house is crap, Poor relations live in the house, which is in a ghetto. Also, Hunter is a criminal. Compared to Trump, who is wealthy, strong, and gracious. And then there's a lot of projection as Trump accuses Biden of doing the things that Trump actually did. This leaves people confused and assuming that "both sides" did something wrong with documents, but at least Trump is rich and generous.

So, none of this is crazy. It's carefully calculated. The man saying these things is crazy but the script is psyops.


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8. Excellent analysis. The constant spew overwhelms the little magat brains
Mon Feb 12, 2024, 10:19 AM
Feb 12

and they don't have time, and don't care, to dissect his words. It's just the emotional content.

And you're right - this is from a script handed to him. Interesting to know the provenance of those words.

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