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Wed Dec 4, 2013, 09:00 AM Dec 2013

Ohio finally comes out on top. In profanity.

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"Yes, in cursing. Hey, it’s f***ing something , anyway. Evidently, we swear more on phone calls than any other f***ing state.

And we are also supposed to be the least courteous people on phone calls. Yeah, well, call the Waaaahmbulance, whiners. Suck it up, Buttercup.

All this proud dropper of f-bombs (we’re talking carpet-bombing, Kissinger-scale bombing here, folks) can say to this honor is: it’s about God-f***ing-damned time we got some mother-f***ing recog-f***ing-nition for f***ing something around here. I mean, hey,motherf***ers, you live in this Republican Hell, this den of corruption-induced industrialized malaise, this place that reeks of almost-succeeded and also-rans, with its inequality and crap weather, and we’ll see how long it takes you to start whipping out the lingua Franca . Dammit."
Ohio finally comes out on top. In profanity. (Original Post) riqster Dec 2013 OP
As a former Ohioan... countryjake Dec 2013 #1
Bro! riqster Dec 2013 #9
No bro, here. countryjake Dec 2013 #16
Apologies for the gender mistake. riqster Dec 2013 #18
right there with you maxsolomon Dec 2013 #15
It's harder up here in the Magic Skagit... countryjake Dec 2013 #20
I'm still in Ohio. riqster Dec 2013 #21
makes sense, I would curse a lot too snooper2 Dec 2013 #2
Or Ohio. randome Dec 2013 #4
Like I said, riqster Dec 2013 #6
Somehow, I thought New York or New Jersey Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #3
Oh, they strove valiantly, no doubt. riqster Dec 2013 #5
I've got to admit that when I have traveled through Ohio, Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #22
No doubt at the traffic. riqster Dec 2013 #23
I never made it to Cleveland Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #24
Ah yes, DWF we used to call it. riqster Dec 2013 #25
I felt almost like I had crossed the Macon County Line Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #30
Ah, good old Rapeville. riqster Dec 2013 #50
It's not the worst? Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #60
You were pulled over by a Steubenville cop and he didn't take doc03 Dec 2013 #56
He took me downtown Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #57
This has been several years ago but a buddy of mine had a flat tire doc03 Dec 2013 #58
Da-------------mn Art_from_Ark Dec 2013 #59
I still believe the sample size must have been too small customerserviceguy Dec 2013 #29
As Ohio f***ing goes, so goes the f***ing nation. LadyHawkAZ Dec 2013 #7
I was born in Pittsburgh but raised in Ohio near Cleveland. ... spin Dec 2013 #8
Just being a fan of Cleveland sports teams taught me to swear. riqster Dec 2013 #11
That's where being born in Pittsburgh came in handy for me. ... spin Dec 2013 #14
Cry me a river, says the fucking Browns fan. riqster Dec 2013 #19
How can this fucking be? leftynyc Dec 2013 #10
Too fucking bad. First we got the Rock Hall, now this great achievement! riqster Dec 2013 #12
LOL leftynyc Dec 2013 #13
We gotta brag about what we can. riqster Dec 2013 #17
I WILL get to OH one day leftynyc Dec 2013 #32
It is pretty awesome. riqster Dec 2013 #34
Being home to the Cleveland Browns and Indians gives the state an unfair advantage. JVS Dec 2013 #26
And Cavaliers. riqster Dec 2013 #38
Anyone who is stuck samplegirl Dec 2013 #27
Damn right. riqster Dec 2013 #28
My old man left Ohio many years ago. Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2013 #31
Balzampleu! riqster Dec 2013 #33
What does that mean? Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2013 #44
It's Gascon, meaning riqster Dec 2013 #47
Ahhhhhh, Assholebula!! Bohunk68 Dec 2013 #39
My wife is from the South riqster Dec 2013 #41
We're also the least courteous. rucky Dec 2013 #35
Know your word(s): kentauros Dec 2013 #36
That is fucking awesome. riqster Dec 2013 #37
Etymology is always fuckin' awesome! kentauros Dec 2013 #40
Thanks for that awesome scholarship! Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2013 #45
Fuckin' a!! Initech Dec 2013 #42
You're damned right! riqster Dec 2013 #43
Oh Fudge BlueJazz Dec 2013 #46
Cornelius? riqster Dec 2013 #48
Cornholio BlueJazz Dec 2013 #49
Well, given that I was born and raised in Ohio and liberalhistorian Dec 2013 #51
Lots of us are stuck here, so we say a lot of "fucks" here. riqster Dec 2013 #53
I know, most of my liberalhistorian Dec 2013 #55
What the f--- happened to West f---Virginia they doc03 Dec 2013 #52
O-f-H-f-I-f-O! riqster Dec 2013 #54
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1. As a former Ohioan...
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 03:44 PM
Dec 2013

who is aways catching hell from the affable soft-spoken cascadians that I live amongst now, merely for my wicked woolly tongue...

I stand proudly with Ohio in accepting that honor!


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16. No bro, here.
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 05:41 PM
Dec 2013

And I might add, that I, personally, may have contributed to the state gaining such acclaim.

I've recently returned from an eight month hiatus in my home state, where, while caring for my dying mother (who also was a country jake; she wisely taught me how to cuss at a tender age), I found that she had been besieged by every variety of fucking junk phone solicitations.

It was so damn bad that I had to take the phone off the hook, at first, but then I decided that they had no fucking right to plague a 95 yr old woman with their bullshit, so I proceeded to eliminate the asshats, one company at a time, (and, of course, they all were "recorded&quot , giving each and every business, organization, or telemarketer a good piece of my mind before removing my mother's number from their call lists.

After several months (and I mean MONTHS; my list had 209 separate nagging entities on it), my conscious effort to teach those bastards to leave old folks alone resulted in a silent, very old dial phone hanging on the wall.

So, I think you all should thank me, clear out here in wa state now, for helping your state win this honor.

(disclaimer: this post has already been cleaned up and censored enough. If anyone thinks not, all I can say is, you should have been there!)


(13,986 posts)
18. Apologies for the gender mistake.
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 05:52 PM
Dec 2013

And thank you for doing your part -for your family, and the state.


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20. It's harder up here in the Magic Skagit...
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 06:29 PM
Dec 2013

I have been scolded many a time for upsetting the balance of the universe with my vile tongue, so I learned long ago that I must tone it down at times.

Worked in Cincy a long while when I was young, Cleveland, too.


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21. I'm still in Ohio.
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 08:17 PM
Dec 2013

And I work with many Fundagelicals, most of whom are very nice. So I am re-learning some of the old Gascon swear words that my grandparents used.



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4. Or Ohio.
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 03:56 PM
Dec 2013

[hr][font color="blue"][center]Treat your body like a machine. Your mind like a castle.[/center][/font][hr]


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6. Like I said,
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 04:18 PM
Dec 2013

"I mean, hey,motherf***ers, you live in this Republican Hell, this den of corruption-induced industrialized malaise, this place that reeks of almost-succeeded and also-rans, with its inequality and crap weather, and we’ll see how long it takes you to start whipping out the lingua Franca . Dammit."

Ohio. Lots of us are stuck here, so we say a lot of "fucks" here.

They oughta use that as a tourist slogan. But they probably won't.


(13,986 posts)
5. Oh, they strove valiantly, no doubt.
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 04:13 PM
Dec 2013

But shit a god damned motherfuck, we buckeyes know how to fuckin' cuss.


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22. I've got to admit that when I have traveled through Ohio,
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 08:28 PM
Dec 2013

I've had ample opportunities to help the state in its quest to be Number One


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24. I never made it to Cleveland
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 09:18 PM
Dec 2013

The Steubenville cop who pulled me over for Driving With Long Hair was pissed because I had a clean record, so instead of just letting me continue northward in Ohio, he decided to, um, escort me all the way up to the Ohio River bridge at East Liverpool. I probably accounted for half of the state's score for that year


(27,247 posts)
30. I felt almost like I had crossed the Macon County Line
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 10:45 PM
Dec 2013

The cop pulled me over just south of the Weirton exit, then took me down to the station in grimy downtown Steubenville. He had quite an attitude, I must say. Anyway, when he found out I was clean, he took me back to my car, and I continued on Highway 7 past the exit. A little farther up the road, he stopped me again, and said "Why are you still in Ohio? Where are you going?" I told him I was going to Erie, and he said, "You're going to West Virginia" and "escorted" me all the way to the bridge at East Liverpool.


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56. You were pulled over by a Steubenville cop and he didn't take
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 02:56 PM
Dec 2013

you down town and beat the s--- out of you, you were lucky.


(27,247 posts)
57. He took me downtown
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 04:15 PM
Dec 2013

But he didn't touch me.

But that was 1978. Things seem to have changed since then.


(34,302 posts)
58. This has been several years ago but a buddy of mine had a flat tire
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 04:30 PM
Dec 2013

in Steubenville. He stopped in front of this lady's house to change the tire, she called the COPs and told them someone suspicious was in front of her house. They cuffed him had his car towed and took him down town and beat the hell out of him. He is a white guy to. Some time after that many other people reported them for police brutality and the Chief and several others were fired.


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29. I still believe the sample size must have been too small
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 10:13 PM
Dec 2013

I'm on the phone with NJ residents every working day of the week, and I hear a lot more profanity than when I was on a job where we got calls from all over the country.


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8. I was born in Pittsburgh but raised in Ohio near Cleveland. ...
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 04:31 PM
Dec 2013

When I went through basic training, I taught the other recruits how to swear.

I've often said that a truly educated man can swear proficiently in more than one language.


(13,986 posts)
11. Just being a fan of Cleveland sports teams taught me to swear.
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 04:39 PM
Dec 2013

Since 1966. Lots of time to hone my skills.


(17,493 posts)
14. That's where being born in Pittsburgh came in handy for me. ...
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 04:55 PM
Dec 2013

Unfortunately the Steelers have been in a slump for a couple of years.



(26,060 posts)
13. LOL
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 04:49 PM
Dec 2013

I'm actually fucking jealous of OH? Meanwhile, when there was the 50th anniversary of the Rock & Roll Hall, where was it they held the concert? I do believe it was in the world's most famous arena and that ain't in OH.



(26,060 posts)
32. I WILL get to OH one day
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 04:48 AM
Dec 2013

for the very reason of seeing the Hall of Fame. An awesome addition to your state that is well worth bragging about.



(21,046 posts)
31. My old man left Ohio many years ago.
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 12:37 AM
Dec 2013

He was one tough son of a bitch union organizer, proud member of the 483rd Bombardment Group during the Big One, and he was a gentleman. He did not cuss. He did not read girlie magazines either.

People of his generation (my parents) didn't cuss severely, they thought it was a sign of poor breeding and inability to express yourself, but were very expressive with goddamn, bitch, bastard, jackass and son of a bitch.

He once told me about the various kinds of bastards you have to watch out for

He was from Ashtabula and got tired of shoveling that godforsaken lake effect snow. So he went to Houston.

But hey, knowing I'm one-half Yankee, I'm glad to know Ohio is outstanding in something that can be creative, especially in foreign languages!!

Figlio da putana!!


(13,986 posts)
47. It's Gascon, meaning
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 06:46 PM
Dec 2013

Either "balls", or "the devil's balls", depending on which Huguenot geezer you asked.

I DO know it got my mouth most vigorously scrubbed out when my Grandmother caught me repeating it.

It also shows up in the Three Musketeers, uttered by a Swiss, oddly enough.


(1,364 posts)
39. Ahhhhhh, Assholebula!!
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 06:20 AM
Dec 2013

Born and raised there. Now living in grateful exile in Upstate NY where my language skills are admired. My pastor's wife (who is also a pastor) loves when I come by because she can say FUCK without me being the least bit upset. After we've had a few beers, her Iowa-bred husband flees to another room. As we used to say in the Navy, Fucking-a-dittybag.


(29,414 posts)
36. Know your word(s):
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 06:02 AM
Dec 2013
fuck (v.)
until recently a difficult word to trace, in part because it was taboo to the editors of the original OED when the "F" volume was compiled, 1893-97. Written form only attested from early 16c. OED 2nd edition cites 1503, in the form fukkit; earliest appearance of current spelling is 1535 -- "Bischops ... may fuck thair fill and be vnmaryit" (Sir David Lyndesay, "Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits"), but presumably it is a much more ancient word than that, simply one that wasn't written in the kind of texts that have survived from O.E. and M.E. Buck cites proper name John le Fucker from 1278. The word apparently is hinted at in a scurrilous 15c. poem, titled "Flen flyys," written in bastard Latin and M.E. The relevant line reads:

Non sunt in celi
quia fuccant uuiuys of heli

"They (the monks) are not in heaven because they fuck the wives of (the town of) Ely." Fuccant is pseudo-Latin, and in the original it is written in cipher. The earliest examples of the word otherwise are from Scottish, which suggests a Scandinavian origin, perhaps from a word akin to Norwegian dialectal fukka "copulate," or Swedish dialectal focka "copulate, strike, push," and fock "penis." Another theory traces it to M.E. fyke, fike "move restlessly, fidget," which also meant "dally, flirt," and probably is from a general North Sea Germanic word; cf. M.Du. fokken, Ger. ficken "fuck," earlier "make quick movements to and fro, flick," still earlier "itch, scratch;" the vulgar sense attested from 16c. This would parallel in sense the usual M.E. slang term for "have sexual intercourse," swive, from O.E. swifan "to move lightly over, sweep" (see swivel). But OED remarks these "cannot be shown to be related" to the English word. Chronology and phonology rule out Shipley's attempt to derive it from M.E. firk "to press hard, beat."

Germanic words of similar form (f + vowel + consonant) and meaning 'copulate' are numerous. One of them is G. ficken. They often have additional senses, especially 'cheat,' but their basic meaning is 'move back and forth.' ... Most probably, fuck is a borrowing from Low German and has no cognates outside Germanic. (Liberman)

French foutre and Italian fottere look like the English word but are unrelated, derived rather from L. futuere, which is perhaps from PIE base *bhau(t)- "knock, strike off," extended via a figurative use "from the sexual application of violent action" (Shipley; cf. the sexual slang use of bang, etc.). Popular and Internet derivations from acronyms (and the "pluck yew" fable) are merely ingenious trifling. The O.E. word was hæman, from ham "dwelling, home," with a sense of "take home, co-habit." Fuck was outlawed in print in England (by the Obscene Publications Act, 1857) and the U.S. (by the Comstock Act, 1873). As a noun, it dates from 1670s. The word may have been shunned in print, but it continued in conversation, especially among soldiers during WWI.

It became so common that an effective way for the soldier to express this emotion was to omit this word. Thus if a sergeant said, 'Get your ----ing rifles!' it was understood as a matter of routine. But if he said 'Get your rifles!' there was an immediate implication of urgency and danger. (John Brophy, "Songs and Slang of the British Soldier: 1914-1918," pub. 1930)

The legal barriers broke down in the 20th century, with the "Ulysses" decision (U.S., 1933) and "Lady Chatterley's Lover" (U.S., 1959; U.K., 1960). Johnson excluded the word, and fuck wasn't in a single English language dictionary from 1795 to 1965. "The Penguin Dictionary" broke the taboo in the latter year. Houghton Mifflin followed, in 1969, with "The American Heritage Dictionary," but it also published a "Clean Green" edition without the word, to assure itself access to the lucrative public high school market.

The abbreviation F (or eff) probably began as euphemistic, but by 1943 it was being used as a cuss word, too. In 1948, the publishers of "The Naked and the Dead" persuaded Norman Mailer to use the euphemism fug instead. When Mailer later was introduced to Dorothy Parker, she greeted him with, "So you're the man who can't spell 'fuck' " (The quip sometimes is attributed to Tallulah Bankhead). Hemingway used muck in "For whom the Bell Tolls" (1940). The major breakthrough in publication was James Jones' "From Here to Eternity" (1950), with 50 fucks (down from 258 in the original manuscript). Egyptian legal agreements from the 23rd Dynasty (749-21 B.C.E.) frequently include the phrase, "If you do not obey this decree, may a donkey copulate with you!" (Reinhold Aman, "Maledicta," Summer 1977). Fuck-all "nothing" first recorded 1960.

Verbal phrase fuck up "to ruin, spoil, destroy" first attested c.1916. A widespread group of Slavic words (cf. Pol. pierdoli?) can mean both "fornicate" and "make a mistake." Fuck off attested from 1929; as a command to depart, by 1944. Flying fuck originally meant "have sex on horseback" and is first attested c.1800 in broadside ballad "New Feats of Horsemanship." For the unkillable urban legend that this word is an acronym of some sort (a fiction traceable on the Internet to 1995 but probably predating that) see here, and also here. Related: Fucked; fucking. Agent noun fucker attested from 1590s in literal sense; by 1893 as a term of abuse (or admiration).

DUCK F-CK-R. The man who has the care of the poultry on board a ?hip of war. ("Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1796)



(21,046 posts)
45. Thanks for that awesome scholarship!
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 06:25 PM
Dec 2013

Latin: facio - to do, make, or become- First declension (vowel ending is A)

facio I make
facias you make
faciat he, she, it makes

faciamus we make
faciatis you (pl.) make
faciant they make

Old violin labels say faciebant in ___year. Faciebant is "they were made". Past tense, passive, plural.

You should read Eric Partridge's Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English for laughs(mostly British).

The Best of Maledicta is good too.

For example, at the end of A Hard Day's Night, when they are on stage playing, and we see Ringo's rear, he is wearing "bugger-bafflers"

Those are side vents at the bottom of a suit jacket, instead of a center vent so you won't rip your jacket up when you stress the material.

I learned this amazing term from Partridge's.
You can learn lots of endearing terms there.


(20,801 posts)
51. Well, given that I was born and raised in Ohio and
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 02:06 PM
Dec 2013

lived there until my early forties several years ago, I can say without any fucking equivocation whatso-fucking-damn-ever that there's are some very good goddamn reasons for such damned fucking verbal spewings!


(20,801 posts)
55. I know, most of my
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 02:42 PM
Dec 2013

family are still there and they can certainly let loose whenever they feel like it and they feel like it a fucking LOT!


(34,302 posts)
52. What the f--- happened to West f---Virginia they
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 02:06 PM
Dec 2013

are always f---g first in any f---g thing f---g bad? We're number f---g one O-H-I-O

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