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Thu Dec 5, 2013, 08:42 AM Dec 2013

Want lower taxes? Support higher wages.


This is an argument you can use with teabagger types, and win.

That is the deal, Cranky Nation: for years, places like McDonald’s, Walmart and suchlike have been paying such low wages, even their best workers are obliged to use taxpayer-funded services like food stamps, HEAP, and medical cards to keep a roof over their heads. It’s gotten to be so common, even bank workers are frequently on public assistance. Banks. Where the money is. Even they won’t pay their people a living wage.

That means, in short, these businesses are making we, the taxpayers, pay their bills, while they pad their bank accounts. Your tax dollars, being stolen to pay the bills that businesses are too greedy to pay themselves. That means higher taxes for all of us, meaning less money in our pockets."

Not everyone cares about social justice, sad to say. But almost everyone objects to being robbed.

More at the link.
Want lower taxes? Support higher wages. (Original Post) riqster Dec 2013 OP
It's "supply side" economics. Turbineguy Dec 2013 #1
A quibble: riqster Dec 2013 #3
Its a good argument - you give a rich person some more money and he squirrels it away el_bryanto Dec 2013 #2
Good point. riqster Dec 2013 #4
AND edhopper Dec 2013 #5
A very good point! riqster Dec 2013 #6
I started a thread edhopper Dec 2013 #7
Agreed! Link? riqster Dec 2013 #8
here you go edhopper Dec 2013 #9


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1. It's "supply side" economics.
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 08:46 AM
Dec 2013

It's just the supply is going to those who would be better off as a result instead of those who are already well off.


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2. Its a good argument - you give a rich person some more money and he squirrels it away
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 08:50 AM
Dec 2013

you give a poor or middle class person some more money and they spend it; feeding it right back into the economy.



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5. AND
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 09:05 AM
Dec 2013

they pay their CEOs on a "performance basis" which means that they can deduct the salary from their Corporate taxes. (and leave taxpayer to pick up more of our national's needs)
But the GOP call the workers "takers".


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7. I started a thread
Thu Dec 5, 2013, 01:10 PM
Dec 2013

about "Income is Income" when it comes to taxes. That is all taxable income should be treated the same as wages and salary. None of this special rates for investments that mostly go to the 1%.
I think the Dems should run on it.

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