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Fri Dec 13, 2013, 05:54 PM

Concrete proof that Santa Claus is a Socialist.....forget he's white Megyn Kelly, this ones for you


Santa Is A Socialist

Santa is a socialist
His dirty secret's out
Ol Kringle heís a communist
I can prove beyond a doubt
He gives presents to the poor kids
Thatís one dead giveaway
And you tell me just what is up
With that Red suit anyway
Heís got FreeMarket Jesus
Tied up at the North Pole
Heís out to win the childrenís hearts
And then heíll steal their souls
And if you donít believe me
Consider this my friend
You know you canít spell Santa
Without S-A-T-A-N

Santa is a socialist
Youíll see it if youíre smart
Just put his photo side by side
With one of old Karl Marx
Notice how you never see Ďem
Both in the same place
I swear theyíre both the same guy
Itís time the truth was faced
He comes down through the chimney
Thatís an awful sneaky trait
He expects us all to give him
Free cookies on a plate
Yeah Kringle is a communist
Hereís all the proof I need
His elves are all on welfare
With free health care guaranteed

On Castro! On Chavez! On Trotsky! On Lenin!
On Putin! On Stalin! On Biden! On Franken!

Santa is a socialist
Hereís all the proof Iím neediní
He lives way up by Canada
Denmark France and Sweden
And if you still donít think St Nickís
A dirty commie louse
Just consider he can see
Russia from his house
Yeah Kringle is a communist
Pure pinko through and through
I saw it on Glenn Beckís show
So you know it must be true
But if you KoolAid drinkers doubt
This chilling expose
I heard a nasty rumor
The Easter Bunnyís gay


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