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Sun Mar 25, 2012, 02:25 PM

#ArabTyrantManual - some of these could apply to Fox News, Republicans, etc

When a million are marching against you, send your camera crew to cover the 200 who were paid to support you #ArabTyrantManual

How can you uprise against us?! We love you! We are bombing you, and destroying your lives to stop the West doing it to u! #ArabTyrantManual

Look, if necessary you can always call on foreign governments to assist you while decrying foreign intervention. #ArabTyrantManual

On Mother's Day, have your shabiha deliver a dead son to his mother. That's one gift she'll never forget! #ArabTyrantManual

Claim that you're an older fatherly figure, therefore respect is owed to you by your 'children' regardless of what you do. #ArabTyrantManual

#ArabTyrantManual Bring up Israel always, everyday. One Zionist truth a day, keeps the fall of the regime one day away.

Say that you ruled the country out of love and service and you have no desire for power and have no money. #ArabTyrantManual

Hold elections, rig them and act surprised when you win #ArabTyrantManual

Your favorite words are "reform" and "conspiracy". #ArabTyrantManual

It's either me, or I'll burn down the whole country #ArabTyrantManual

Tell everyone you're the only Arab leader who supports Palestine and that Palestinians would be screwed without you #ArabTyrantManual

Blame feminism for the increased presence of women in protests, and moral decay during protests. #ArabTyrantManual

When in doubt, refer to the Arab Tyrant Manual. cc @iyad_elbaghdadi #ArabTyrantManual

Blame your wife's excessive shopping for the country's political turmoil. #ArabTyrantManual

It's the anniversary of the #ArabTyrantManual. Please check the hash tag and tweet/retweet it.

The #ArabTyrantManual turns one today: http://bit.ly/k52xaZ - we'll be retweeting, revising, and translating it later today. Join in!

I remember the time Mugabe cracked down on protests against Gadaffi. #ArabTyrantManual #AfricanTyrant @Iyad_Elbaghdadi


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