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Prophet 451

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Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:28 AM Dec 2014

Who would you pick for president?

This one's just for fun. Pick whoever you'd like for president. And I mean anyone. Living or dead, electable or not, fictional or real. Literally anyone.


You have to make a case for why they'd be a good president.

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Who would you pick for president? (Original Post) Prophet 451 Dec 2014 OP
Groucho Marx.... daleanime Dec 2014 #1
What were those elephants doing in his pajamas? Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #3
Yeah, he wasn't a woman. NuclearDem Dec 2014 #6
I'm not sure, but it was spotted in the airport... daleanime Dec 2014 #8
Hello I must be going Skink Dec 2014 #11
I'll NEVER know. Ken Burch Dec 2014 #50
Great,...another Marxist. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #25
In more then one way.... daleanime Dec 2014 #60
Just resurrect one of the good, dead ones. Give JFK another chance, he was cheated TwilightGardener Dec 2014 #2
That was back in the day before mimi85 Dec 2014 #31
Bernie Sanders. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #4
Well that's an awfully complex question to ans--THE HYPNOTOAD NuclearDem Dec 2014 #5
Thanks for the guffaw Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #7
So did I! mimi85 Dec 2014 #32
People Powered Howard ScreamingMeemie Dec 2014 #9
I too, am a Howard Dean fan padfun Dec 2014 #24
Franklin Delano Roosevelt marym625 Dec 2014 #10
FDR, JFK Both died in office. Too soon applegrove Dec 2014 #30
If only marym625 Dec 2014 #38
Emperor Trajan dissentient Dec 2014 #12
George Clooney lpbk2713 Dec 2014 #13
Plus, y'know, gorgeous Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #16
i would pick MYSELF trueblue2007 Dec 2014 #14
Russ Feingold. Dawson Leery Dec 2014 #15
Daryl Dixon. Brigid Dec 2014 #17
Olive Oyl LawDeeDah Dec 2014 #18
Make the case Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #19
Here: LawDeeDah Dec 2014 #56
Elon Musk. True Blue Door Dec 2014 #20
YES YES YES True Blue blackbart99 Dec 2014 #39
Although in all seriousness, the Presidency is not the best place to realize that dream. True Blue Door Dec 2014 #43
Wesley Clark Grey Dec 2014 #21
Snooki. She would get the youth vote. NYC_SKP Dec 2014 #22
Frank Underwood. Kablooie Dec 2014 #23
At least the sex scandals would be interesting. nt LeftyMom Dec 2014 #42
They'd have to have an extra 100,000 cops in D.C. to keep everyone safe from him. Ken Burch Dec 2014 #51
Ever notice Joe Biden never makes the list? Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #26
Gore Vidal olddots Dec 2014 #27
Benjamin Franklin C Moon Dec 2014 #28
Yep, thought of him as well. mimi85 Dec 2014 #34
Ben would be good... ReRe Dec 2014 #53
I'd pick Elizabeth Warren PatrickforO Dec 2014 #29
My second choice after Eleanor Roosevelt, but Elizabeth Warren ties for second with Bernie JDPriestly Dec 2014 #37
Very high.... daleanime Dec 2014 #55
Of course, as a follow-up to my last post, Snooki might PatrickforO Dec 2014 #33
My ex son-in-law vote for this guy - for real. mimi85 Dec 2014 #35
Eleanor Roosevelt. JDPriestly Dec 2014 #36
Stubbs Man from Pickens Dec 2014 #40
The late Senator Jay Billington Bulworth Kennah Dec 2014 #41
Shirley Chisholm gwheezie Dec 2014 #44
Right on!! loyalsister Dec 2014 #46
Stoya LostInAnomie Dec 2014 #45
Ann Richards loyalsister Dec 2014 #47
Willie Nelson... dhill926 Dec 2014 #48
of what? Ken Burch Dec 2014 #49
a certain guy in a support group where I work Skittles Dec 2014 #52
Paul Wellstone ReRe Dec 2014 #54
Molly Ivins. n/t. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #57
Barack Obama lovemydog Dec 2014 #58
George Washington (nt) Recursion Dec 2014 #59
LBJ Jim Lane Dec 2014 #61
Joe Biden will probably be the next POTUS because of retirement or impeachment. CK_John Dec 2014 #62


(46,416 posts)
2. Just resurrect one of the good, dead ones. Give JFK another chance, he was cheated
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:33 AM
Dec 2014

out of a full term, for example.


(1,805 posts)
31. That was back in the day before
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 03:01 AM
Dec 2014

people knew about his real "cheating" on Jackie. I wouldn't give a shit, but no way could he elected if people knew. I think Mark Twain would be a good president. Can't really say why though, he just popped into my mind for some unknown reason.


(68,918 posts)
9. People Powered Howard
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:39 AM
Dec 2014

The good doctor, Howard Dean.

My case is going to be short because bed is calling:

Ex-governor. I am a big fan of governors over senators for President. Governors have had to actually head up a government, be responsible in and of themselves, unfortunately pander to businesses (there have to be jobs), etc.

Howard is socially liberal and fiscally conservative which I align myself with.

The man does not easily bow down to those who think they are in power. He's tough.

I have never felt as hopeful and as believing that someone was listening as I did when Howard Dean said,"My name is Howard Dean, I am from the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party." I have not felt as encouraged about our future since the day he dropped out of the race. I doubt I ever will again.

We the People truly were Howard Dean's special interest, and it would have been amazing to see where we went.


(17,997 posts)
10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:40 AM
Dec 2014

However, because there's TV in every home now, he looks like George Clooney

Reasons should be pretty obvious.


(118,419 posts)
30. FDR, JFK Both died in office. Too soon
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 03:01 AM
Dec 2014

in both cases. I would have liked to see what FDR could do in a fifth term. One where the USA was not in abject crisis.


(42,728 posts)
13. George Clooney
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:47 AM
Dec 2014

He might not know a damn thing about running a country but he'd have a lot
of popular support. If he could manage to put together a capable cabinet he
might just be able to do some good.


(17,621 posts)
17. Daryl Dixon.
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:51 AM
Dec 2014

One look at him brandishing his crossbow, and Bonehead and Turtle Man would be cowering in a corner.

"So about those jobs bills . . ."


(464 posts)
39. YES YES YES True Blue
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 03:31 AM
Dec 2014

I'm with you on that one... Electric cars and stuff...you know...THE FUTURE and beyond.......

True Blue Door

(2,969 posts)
43. Although in all seriousness, the Presidency is not the best place to realize that dream.
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 04:27 AM
Dec 2014

Elon Musk is most useful when he can devote 100% of his time to technology, not listening to scumbags in Congress.


(18,601 posts)
23. Frank Underwood.
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 02:07 AM
Dec 2014

He'd be a great president because he's ruthless, out for only himself, and fictional.
The perfect president for today's America.

C Moon

(12,207 posts)
28. Benjamin Franklin
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 02:51 AM
Dec 2014

A brilliant and open minded person, who could put the right words together to make the selfish look selfish.


(10,597 posts)
53. Ben would be good...
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 07:20 AM
Dec 2014

... could put the kibosh on privatizing the Post Office and underfunding/closing down our public libraries.


(14,556 posts)
29. I'd pick Elizabeth Warren
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 03:00 AM
Dec 2014

She understands economics.

She wants to level the playing field so that people who are willing to work hard really CAN get ahead.

On the domestic front:
1. She wants to lower student loan interest rates, and expand Pell grants.
2. She wants to expand Social Security, possibly through removing the current payroll tax cap.
3. Supports abortion rights
4. Supports the dream act
5. Supports background checks and limits to magazine size for guns
6. Supports single payer healthcare
7. Supports medical marijuana (which would force pot off Schedule 1)
8. Wants to cut defense spending and reduce size of standing armed forces
9. She'd like to slap some real reforms on banks, investment houses and insurance companies, and actually understands what they do and what is wrong with current regulations.
10. She doesn't like predatory capitalism and supports consumers
11. Supports campaign reform
12. Supports raising tax rates for wealthy to raise revenue
13. Wants to act to mitigate climate change

On the foreign policy front:
1. Wants us OUT of Afghanistan
2. Supports two state solution for Israel/Palestine
3. Is worried about NSA 'overreach'

She's not perfect and doesn't, in my opinion, come out strongly enough for curtailing the NSA and dramatically cutting its budget. She also doesn't support recreational marijuana. She seems inexperienced in the relationship between terrorism and policies that support social and economic justice (an inverse relationship - as one rises, the other decreases). Still, if you take the 13 domestic points and the 3 foreign policy ones, its A DARNED GOOD START to ending the American Empire and getting us back to being an American Republic.

The last thing is this: I know this is for fun and I've been far too serious, but any good President ALSO needs a good House and a good Senate, as well as a Supreme Court that is actually impartial. Basically the whole government needs to get the idea that it exists at our sufferance and should be using OUR tax dollars for policies and programs that actually help US. A good government doesn't piss away our money on stupid wars.


(57,936 posts)
37. My second choice after Eleanor Roosevelt, but Elizabeth Warren ties for second with Bernie
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 03:22 AM
Dec 2014

Sanders in my view.


(14,556 posts)
33. Of course, as a follow-up to my last post, Snooki might
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 03:04 AM
Dec 2014

actually be better than Warren, because heck, she mirrors the abject and horrifying ignorance of most Americans.

Snooki! Snooki! Snooki! Snooki!


No, I'm not serious...NO! Put Snooki BACK on the shelf!

Right now!


(13,390 posts)
46. Right on!!
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 04:41 AM
Dec 2014

Unbought and Unbossed. She was tough and no nonsense under conditions where it would have been hard to not be intimidated.


(13,390 posts)
47. Ann Richards
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 05:01 AM
Dec 2014

Last edited Mon Dec 1, 2014, 05:32 AM - Edit history (1)

She had experience in the executive branch. And she was tough.

She grew up listening to Franklin Roosevelt on the radio. She really cared about people and her values were strongly rooted in standing up for real people with real problems.

Listen!! In this speech, she has taken names and wants to kick ass. She is a DEMOCRAT in the tradition of standing up for people whose voices are suppressed and knowing how hard people struggle. I would really love to hear a speech along these lines now. So much of what she said is perfectly tuned to today's political landscape.


(153,095 posts)
52. a certain guy in a support group where I work
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 06:21 AM
Dec 2014

he is never bothered by hysteria when there is a problem....."What have we got here?" and then he DEALS with it - love the guy


(11,833 posts)
58. Barack Obama
Mon Dec 1, 2014, 09:28 AM
Dec 2014

Smart, level-headed, fights the battles he can win and wins them, does his best to look out for the poor and middle-class, strong on environment, understands all sides of an issue, reluctant to put U.S. troops in harm's way, respected internationally nearly unanimously and domestically by those who understand the awfully difficult job of being President of the United States.

Second, Elizabeth Warren. Tells the bankers and one percenters to fuck off, in so many words. She would make a fantastic President if she gets elected. if she ran I would definitely vote for her.


Jim Lane

(11,175 posts)
61. LBJ
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 12:15 AM
Dec 2014

Given a second crack at it, he'd show that he'd learned from Vietnam.

Also, you let us pick anyone at all for President, but the magic wand didn't extend to Congress. A good President needs to be able to deal with the real people in Congress, and Johnson was a master at that.

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