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Wed Apr 29, 2015, 11:56 AM

What can we possibly do?

Peaceful Protests are ignored. Acts of civil obedience are ignored. Both parties have sold us out to the fascist overlords and our M$M propaganda machine is owned by the same people who own our politicians. From the lack of quality, affordable, available education to the shredding of the safety net; the racist immoral drug war to the off-shoring of our manufacturing jobs our issues are all linked to this toxic relationship between government, corporations and the media. This is what oligarchy looks like and just because we have only recently started to talk about this on a national level doesn't mean that people haven't been experiencing it for decades. It's very easy to say rioting doesn't solve anything without offering an alternative solution to the very real problems that people (especially minorities in large cities) deal with everyday.

So what do we do now? Jobs will continue to get shipped to countries were labor is cheaper until the technology improves enough that people won't have to do any work themselves. There's going to lead to a lot of people with no job, no money and no food. All over the world. Higher education levels and greater skilled labor is a solution for a small amount of people but there isn't a need for 7 billion engineers and doctors. So the population keeps growing, wealth keeps consolidating and opportunities keep disappearing. Baltimore is simply the latest in a long string of warnings across the world.

We can vote, we can start a movement, we can back candidate that will slow down this trend and help make it an easier fall (Sanders, Clinton and Biden are all better then any of the republicans by at least a little bit) but a fall is coming. The status quo isn't sustainable and regardless of who is president the changes will still be incremental. Congressional gridlock will still exist not to mention we don't live in an isolated bubble. The stability of this country is just is much dependent on the actions of the populations of China and India as ours. There are very dark times coming unless we get our shit together.

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