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maggies farm

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Thu Jan 7, 2016, 02:40 PM Jan 2016

Lake Malheur return of Deseret while the Paiute wince at "citizen" militia's

What does the Malheur Refuge have in common with Mormons and Paiutes? The location falls within the boundaries of Deseret and the land of the Paiute.

“When the Mormons reached Utah in 1847, Smith’s successor Brigham Young founded the breakaway state of Deseret”

Deseret extended north just above Lake Malheur.
State of Deseret

“The Territory of Deseret comprised roughly all the lands between the Sierra Nevada and the Rockies, and between the border with Mexico northward to include parts of the Oregon Territory, as well as the coast of California south of the Santa Monica Mountains (including the existing settlements of Los Angeles and San Diego). It included the entire watershed of the Colorado River (excluding the lands south of the border with Mexico), as well as the entire area of the Great Basin.”


Lake Malheur
“As is typical of Great Basin lakes, Malheur Lake's surface area changes dramatically with the local weather, climate, and season because the lake is in a very flat basin. A large influence on the water volume is local snow melt, especially from Steens Mountain, south of the lake. For example, large snowpacks in the mid-1980s caused the lake to expand from approximately 67 to 160 square miles (170 to 410 km2) within three years, flooding usually dry areas and damaging a branch of the Oregon Eastern Railway. Soon afterward, drought in the early 1990s reduced the lake size to just 200 acres (0.31 sq mi), exposing large mudflats and dusty playas.[4][5]”


Conquest and Settlement: 500 years ago until today
“The relationship between the Indians and the settlers deteriorated significantly during this period. The great influx of outsiders took over important camping and travel routes. They competed for game and destroyed camas fields by plowing and draining them. They fouled the streams with waste from their mining and so reduced the fish runs. Conflicts with settlers became increasingly violent and newspaper accounts show that the settlers wanted a solution to the "Indian problem." Recommended solutions ranged from keeping the Indians on reservations to outright murder and genocide.”

Around 1877 a reservation of 1.7 million acres were established for the Paiutes around Lake Malheur, soon after the contrived Bannock war lead to the disintegration of the reservation and the dispossession of the Paiute and the overtaking of that land by white mormon settlers creating one of the largest cattle operations in the west.

Most would enjoy the romantic notion that the genocide perpetuated against the first nations were done by the U.S. government when in fact most of the atrocities were carried out by citizens formed into militia’s. Often by incursion of white settlers the indigenous had little choice but to defend their homeland with some events being contrived.

“They also were sent to guard the Overland Trail, keep the Mormons under observation by the establishment of Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City, and fought a campaign against the Shoshone culminating in the Battle of Bear River. In Nevada, Oregon and Idaho Territory California, Oregon and Washington Territorial Volunteers tried to protect the settlers and pacified tribes from each other and they fought the Goshute, Paiute, Ute and hostile Snake Indians in the Snake War from 1864 until 1866. In California Volunteer forces fought the Bald Hills War in the northwestern forests until 1864 and also the Owens Valley Indian War in 1862-1863.”


Following just received from General Howard: BAKER CITY, 11 June 1878

"The Malheurs left their reservation 6th instant. Bannocks evidently working to junction with them, as I feared. Whipple and Bendire about a day's march from Boise. Sanford, unaccountably to me, less than one hundred miles from Kelton tonight. Stewart delayed two whole days for wagons, and was making short marches instead of long ones. At last accounts Cochran waited several days at Cayuse, and then, by my orders, started this way. Is near Meacham's tonight. Hope you have permission to repair telegraph line where broken between Union and Walla Walla. Warm Spring Scouts very important to help me hunt main camp of the Indians. Can you get them? Answer Boise. Grover will forward if necessary."


May I accept services of volunteers for the emergency in any exposed quarters not exceeding one hundred. The Indians are raiding on a circuit of one hundred miles, and will need watching in different directions. Citizens offer their services; some through Governor and some directly independent of his recognition."


History is important and if you want to understand the Malheur retaking by Ammom Bundy and Capt Moroni on behalf of Deseret start by learning about Peter French and how he desecrated the Paiute land.

“French took the time to explore the watershed, scouting out springs and streams and good box canyons and better meadowlands, the better to control the region…Fencing the public domain was illegal…The general Land Office report of 1886-87 stated that Peter French had illegally enclosed 30,000 acres of public domain…”

Where Land & Water Meet

When you read of BLM taking land what is really occurring is that they have been buying out inholdings acquired by dubious means that were at the expense of the Paiutes and native flora and fauna.

Before the federal government limited grazing at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, ranchers had turned the land to "mud and cow shit."

While Bundy wants to continue with his dreams of Deseret the Paiutes will get this land back before the ranchers which means that this will remain under federal control.

(Please watch this video) Burns tribe says armed activists 'desecrating' Oregon land

Tribe Denounces Malheur Refuge Occupation
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1. It just seems to never end.............. Very sad history, not
Thu Jan 7, 2016, 02:53 PM
Jan 2016

much at all to be proud of........

The Bundys, the Hammonds, all the rest through time should be ashamed. Whatever hell there is, I hope all enjoy it........

Oh yeah, don't forget Harry Reid!


maggies farm

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3. No information yet
Thu Jan 7, 2016, 03:03 PM
Jan 2016

That Reid is still trying to fulfill Deseret. He is just enjoying the ride of colonialism and U.S. empire.


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6. The history of the LDS movement and its relationship with the American mainstream
Thu Jan 7, 2016, 03:06 PM
Jan 2016

should not be overlooked. This should serve as an instructional example of how the decision we make can still reverberate more than a century later.


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7. Excellent info...thanks so much for posting all of this!
Thu Jan 7, 2016, 03:10 PM
Jan 2016

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Your intensive research is very much appreciated. Such history lays out the real problem very well for all to understand.

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