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Mon Feb 15, 2016, 11:19 AM Feb 2016

Flint Michigan; Water Purification

Bottled water my ass.

During hurricanes, national emergencies and even war; the National Guard has the ability to produce massive amounts of drinking water through a process called reverse osmosis purification. Drinking water is produced from river water and even sea water. What hasn't the government mobilized the National Guard to produce water locally for the residents of Flint? The politics of this lead poisoning is bullshit. Screw the national media for forgetting about these people.

BTW: Bottled water is produced in commercial plants via the reverse osmosis process; "spring water" comes from the ground. Typically food and beverage factories use reverse osmosis water treatment to treat any/all water coming into their plant for quality control purposes.



Flint Michigan; Water Purification (Original Post) JonathanRackham Feb 2016 OP
Flint problem is that distribution pipes corroded so they distribute bottled water. Festivito Feb 2016 #1


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1. Flint problem is that distribution pipes corroded so they distribute bottled water.
Mon Feb 15, 2016, 11:52 AM
Feb 2016

Had Flint's state appointed emergency management seen to putting a correct mix into the water, this problem never would have happened.

The national guard is out distributing bottled water.

The correct mix would have been less acidic and would place a coating of calcium inside pipes rather than deteriorating that existing coating down to bare metal on the interior of those pipes which then as still acidic corroded the pipes leading to metals such as lead, copper, zinc, and iron to freely run through the water in large quantities that in turn combined with the Chlorine that in turn allowed bacteria to grow such as Legionella killing 9 and sickening 80 some. And, the lead went through sickening the children. And, we don't know what other bacteria might have grown and sickened people.

Back on Detroit's treated Great Lake's water from Lake Huron, the pipes can again distribute the coating over time.

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