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Mon Jun 4, 2012, 05:45 PM Jun 2012

absolutely SUCKS

i listened to part of NPR's coverage of tomorrow's election in Wisconsin on my way home from work. as i so often do, i slammed in the CD in disgust before it was over. i listened longer than usual because i wanted to know if they would report on walker's legal problems. this is what i heard:

- walker is ahead in the polls (by how much, or how little you bastards?! they didn't say)
- if walker wins it's BIG BIG trouble for democrats and unions
- if walker wins it's trouble for the obama campaign
- if walker wins romney will be all over WI
- because of their fears about all of the above, top democrats in the state tried to head off the recall; they didn't want it to happen.

and that was it for me. i'm starting to think that NPR's adherence to false equivalencies has mutated into outright advocacy for republicans. it is really starting to make me sick.

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absolutely SUCKS (Original Post) barbtries Jun 2012 OP
Yep trocar Jun 2012 #1
The financial hour is a 1 percenter joke on NPR, the republican meme is all over the place and the uponit7771 Jun 2012 #2
Can't stand Kai Ryssdal BeyondGeography Jun 2012 #8
Smug, tone deaf, self impressed. ScooterNYC Apr 2016 #15
NPR has become an organ of the American Enterprise Institute. Vanje Jun 2012 #3
What a sad day... Lns.Lns Jun 2012 #4
that would be a big help. barbtries Jun 2012 #6
As long as there are lobbyists... Lns.Lns Jun 2012 #12
NPR's underwriters PuraVidaDreamin Jun 2012 #5
they're not supposed to be barbtries Jun 2012 #7
Walker is running on lies about improving the economy, HereSince1628 Jun 2012 #9
Walker is something like the republican poster child...... wandy Jun 2012 #10
Starting? bluerum Jun 2012 #11
you are right. barbtries Jun 2012 #14
On the other hand if Walker loses its going to cause a tidal wave of articles about the grantcart Jun 2012 #13


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2. The financial hour is a 1 percenter joke on NPR, the republican meme is all over the place and the
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 05:58 PM
Jun 2012

...pols and questions are premised so overtly towards the 1% it isn't funny.

Krugman was on today and the questions posed were straight from the GOP playbook as if he hasn't heard them before.

Conservatives know outside of KKKonderLund the indes listen to NPR on the way home...


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8. Can't stand Kai Ryssdal
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 06:18 PM
Jun 2012

What a self-satisified ass...it's all just a big joke to him, judging by the tone of his voice.


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15. Smug, tone deaf, self impressed.
Mon Apr 11, 2016, 07:04 PM
Apr 2016

I cringe every time I hear Kai Rysdal's smug voice. Doesn't tone-deaf NPR have any directors?? So what if the guy is smart (which he clearly is). His repellant delivery makes me skip the show 9 times out of ten. I cannot WAIT for him to retire.


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4. What a sad day...
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 06:07 PM
Jun 2012

The problem with something like NPR and so many others is that the Republicans are vicious. If any organization doesn't adhere to what they want, they either threaten to defund or drag them in front of a hearing. They did it to AARP when they got too vocal about Medicare or Social Security. They are after Planned Parenthood. The biggest mistake we made was thinking it would end with Acorn, but by the time we figured out it was a scam, it was too late. That just empowered them to go after others.

With Walker the amount of money is obscene. In that respect, if he should win, the conclusions are probably more likely than one would like to think. If money can change an unpopular Governor to an even contender in a recall, that really doesn't bode well for democracy. What is even more frightening, do you remember what happened with the big Court election? The Dem won and then out the blue there was just enough "found" votes to turn the election to the Rep and just enough to not trigger a recount. With it being this close, I worry about the count.

What makes me sick is that it appears that elections are doomed to be corrupted by money and lies. We sorely need a Constitutional amendment to get all this money out of politics.


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6. that would be a big help.
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 06:14 PM
Jun 2012

in another thread here this afternoon someone opined that politics - particularly national politics - should be like in the old days - you do it as a public service, then get out and go back to what you do to make a living. we're so twisted i really get discouraged.


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12. As long as there are lobbyists...
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 07:00 PM
Jun 2012

The problem with just doing it for a few terms is that the lobbyists are there all the time. Before someone could just do it as a service the lobbyists have to go. They know how to game the new guys and only the seasoned ones know what they are up to.

That is why I do not believe in term limits.


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7. they're not supposed to be
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 06:16 PM
Jun 2012

dictating the news. i know here in NC the biggest chunk of money NPR gets comes from private donors. at least that's what they say during their pledge drives.
stories like the one this afternoon keep me from donating. my taxes pay for them too anyway. i'd like to think that my share supports this american life or car talk or one of the other programs i love about NPR.


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9. Walker is running on lies about improving the economy,
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 06:24 PM
Jun 2012

Obama's message is a true version of working to improve the economy...

To me it seems that if Walker wins, it means that Obama's true version is likely going to have traction.


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10. Walker is something like the republican poster child......
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 06:36 PM
Jun 2012

Should Walker survive this recall it will be taken to mean that..
We, yes you and me, prefer the draconian form of "I got mine" government by republican rule.
It would mean that we would rather someone, anyone, tell us what is right for us.
Walker represents so much of what is wrong with the modern republican mind set.

Can't vote in Wisconsin, but I do hope the man goes down.


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13. On the other hand if Walker loses its going to cause a tidal wave of articles about the
Mon Jun 4, 2012, 07:09 PM
Jun 2012

grass roots groundswell that defeated the billionaires.

And everyone that heard it, like you, and got angry is going to be more motivated.

Maybe a couple percent of Walker's people will be confident to go get a donut instead of voting.
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