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Sun Jun 12, 2016, 06:44 PM

I cannot bear to watch the mainstream news coverage on the Orlando tragedy

I swear, you can almost hear the glee (because ohhhh ratings) in their voice as they lead in with "Deadliest Massacre". Then quick - cut to a person who was at the club or lost a loved and hope they cry as you interview them because it makes for good TV.

Oh and ties to ISIS - let's make sure to repeat that a dozen times.

It makes me sick at how so much focus is on the fact that it is the "worst" shooting, how it was a "massacre" - these poor victims and their family members deserve so much more than the feeding frenzy of vultures that have descended upon them.

There will be no talk of gun control - other than the obligatory NRA statement, there will be no talk of how the rhetoric of certain presidential candidates fuels hatred and bigotry. There will be no talk about the devastating effect this will have on an entire community - long after the cameras move on to another story (ie Trumps picks his nose on live TV).

I seriously wish I could go to Orlando and just be a designated hugger - anyone who needs a hug, to know that their pain is acknowledged and that they are loved can get a hug. Every time I see a family member or someone who was there, crying and trying so hard to keep it together - I just want to reach out and hold them and try to take a little of that pain away.

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