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Wed Jun 15, 2016, 05:27 AM


More Pierce: Newt and Rudy Have Bold Plans to Make Trumpism Even Worse


Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Fox platforms, He, Trump's future vice-president had another good idea. Via Mediamatters:

NEWT GINGRICH: Let me go a step further, because remember, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, and Orlando involve American citizens. We're going to ultimately declare a war on Islamic supremacists and we're going to say, if you pledge allegiance to ISIS, you are a traitor and you have lost your citizenship. And we're going take much tougher positions. In the late 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt was faced with Nazi penetration in the United States. We originally created the House Un-American Activities Committee to go after Nazis. We passed several laws in 1938 and 1939 to go after Nazis and we made it illegal to help the Nazis. We're going to presently have to go take the similar steps here.

First of all, as a former assistant professor of history and substitute metal-shop teacher at Bugtussle Regional State College And Live Bait Barge, Gingrich has to know that HUAC was not created as a standing committee of the House until 1945, and that its primary aim was chasing shadows and the rancid butterflies flittering over the garbage dumps that were the minds of its members.

Before that, it was merely a special investigation committee. It ransacked, among other things, the Federal Theater Program, but it declined to investigate the Ku Klux Klan because, as John Rankin of Mississippi put it, the Klan was nothing more than an old American institution. However, by the late 1960s, it had become a joke; Abbie Hoffman once was subpoenaed and showed up dressed as Santa Claus.

But is there any doubt that the Definer of civilization's rules and Leader (perhaps) of the civilizing forces would like to be the guy oiling the thumbscrews and apply a fresh coat of tar to the blacklist? And that's not even to mention that these two guys were as thoroughly rejected as national leaders by most of the country.

Gingrich, Giuliani, and He, Trump all deserve each other. The rest of us don't deserve them. I hope.


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