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Tue Jun 21, 2016, 01:54 PM Jun 2016

Idjit. Trump questions Clinton's religion

Speaking to a group of top social conservative evangelical Christian leaders at a gathering in New York City, Trump said, “we don't know anything about Hillary in terms of religion.”

“Now, she's been in the public eye for years and years, and yet there's no — there's nothing out there,” Trump said. “There's like nothing out there. It's going to be an extension of Obama but it's going to be worse, because with Obama you had your guard up. With Hillary you don't, and it's going to be worse.”

The meeting was closed to the press but E.W. Webb, a faith leader on hand for the event, posted video of the remarks.

Clinton does not speak frequently about being a Methodist, but she has opened up about it on several occasions on the campaign trail this year.

Trump on Tuesday also said that while it’s important to pray for everyone, that those one hand shouldn’t be “politically correct” by praying for the nation’s leaders who are “selling the evangelicals down the tubes.”

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Idjit. Trump questions Clinton's religion (Original Post) cali Jun 2016 OP
Trump the Righteous!!! JoePhilly Jun 2016 #1
the dumbster trumpster cali Jun 2016 #2
uhhh, donnie boy?? if there is "nothing out there", why is it that so many of us know niyad Jun 2016 #3
Trump has a curious blind spot gratuitous Jun 2016 #4
two words - 2 corinthians hollysmom Jun 2016 #5
Chill. Just stick with Trump vs Hillary. She's been a Methodist her whole life... Hekate Jun 2016 #8
One of my earliest memories of Bill Clinton OldHippieChick Jun 2016 #6
Is HRC a Kenyan-born Muslim now as well? Matrosov Jun 2016 #7


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3. uhhh, donnie boy?? if there is "nothing out there", why is it that so many of us know
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 02:13 PM
Jun 2016

that she is methodist, which church she generally attends, etc?

just because you, you ignorant, misogynistic, clueless pos don't know something, doesn't mean that the rest of us do not have that information.


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4. Trump has a curious blind spot
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 02:17 PM
Jun 2016

If he doesn't know about something, it doesn't exist, or it's being covered up, or there's a conspiracy ma-a-a-an, or some other reason for it than Trump's ignorance. Depending on how sinister Trump wants to make it, the reasons can range from the benign to the deeply evil, and that's what he's doing here. Again.

It baffles me, though, that the millionaires running our political discourse can't discern these obvious patterns when I, some schmuck with a modem, can spot them a mile off.


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5. two words - 2 corinthians
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 02:36 PM
Jun 2016

Since I am an atheist, any religions is a negative to me,ha ha , Joke joke joke Whew have to be careful now a days.
most people are more secular today and he is not what I would call religious. How many commandments has he broken? I would think all of them. Hey he is from New Yawek (not disparaging New Yawkers, just a joke please) and hangs with mobsters

OK,what group and I going to be accused of attacking here> just served on a jury and had to agree to soooooo many disclaimers


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8. Chill. Just stick with Trump vs Hillary. She's been a Methodist her whole life...
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 05:27 PM
Jun 2016

...and was schooled in social justice and activism via teenage field trips. The Methodists have been influential that way since their inception as a sect of Christianity. Back during Bill's first run for the presidency, some member of the press noted that Hillary's quiet time reading on the airplane was a very well-thumbed and bookmarked Bible. She doesn't talk about it, she just lets her life bear witness to how she tries to live it as an imperfect person in an imperfect world.

You don't have to believe in someone's god, or any god, to observe how their lives are shaped by their beliefs, and whether or not they try to adhere to them in good measure.

Now about Donald, and his newfound desire to talk about Christianity....

See where I'm going with this?

PS: I'm not a Christian, either.
PPS: I've been serving on the new juries, too -- they are different, but we'll adjust.


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6. One of my earliest memories of Bill Clinton
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 04:40 PM
Jun 2016

was him talking about the difference between Baptists and Methodists - Methodists actually acknowledge each other in the liquor store. He used that to explain why they were Methodists, even though he was raised a Baptist. Quite frankly, Methodists in the South are pretty much akin to the Evangelicals in many, many ways. Part of why I became a Presbyterian.



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7. Is HRC a Kenyan-born Muslim now as well?
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 05:11 PM
Jun 2016

Next thing is Trump will be asking for her birth certificate

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