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Sun Jan 8, 2017, 06:31 PM

So about that showers/gas chamber thing

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Yeah, yeah, I know. "The Nazi comparison ends the conversation.”

Sorry, but given what’s going on today, that’s no longer true.

Trump, his evil elves, and today’s Republican Party, have crashed through decency, ethics, morality, fascism, and whatever it is we define as a sane civilization. Trump, and the Republican Party, have long since crossed the line that would prevent any decent human being from using the term Nazi.

Harsh? Yes.

True? Decide for yourself.

I don’t need to reiterate all the things that have occurred since this horrible man has been nominated and elected by people who don’t "get it." (Along with those people who do get it and just don’t give a damn).

Not many here on DU need further explanation. Most, if not all of you, know what I’m saying.

Please, please, forget that earlier taboo about who is or isn’t a Nazi. Do you really want to wait until you’re invited to “take a shower” in order to grasp reality?

We are about a dozen or so days from our worst nightmares coming into being. Election Day, 2017 should be treated as a day of mourning. A day on which America lost its compass regarding right and wrong.

So it really comes down to this. “What can we do?”

We Democrats will control none of the levers of power and our options are severely limited. So what now?

Some of you have seen my posts over the past three days about changing your avatar to an upside down flag. It’s not a symbol of disrespect. It’s a symbol of distress.

And, yeah. I know. It’s a tiny symbol of rebellion. But in days to come, every small cry of distress will add to what may, hopefully, become a tidal wave of resistance to oppression.

Donald Trump, those who surround and advise him, and the Republican Party that defers to him, are deadly enemies to our freedoms and our democracy.

So what can you, or any of us do about it? Speak up, join others who think as we do, bitch, complain, try to convert our relatives and friends who voted for him, and engage in virtually any other activity that will damage/decrease/destroy his influence.

And please, don’t hesitate to use the term “Nazi.” We are looking at an appropriate and possible comparison to one of the worst horrors in recent human history.

Then again, you may not buy any of this crap. But what the hell. Millions of others who didn't buy into such crap were among those herded into "shower rooms." And we know what happened then.

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Response to Cyrano (Original post)

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 06:47 PM

1. Since you described it that way, i can safely say, Yes, I don't buy any of this crap.


I worked hard to get Clinton elected. I will work hard to slow down and prevent repub policies from being implemented. But I don't buy the idea that we're on the verge of having millions sent to gas chambers and that sort of rhetoric, in my opinion, does little to help us in achieving our immediate objectives.

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Response to onenote (Reply #1)

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 07:13 PM

4. Please read post #2 in this thread

DUer Lint Head makes a pretty good case.

Yes, the term "Nazi" is extreme. But does anyone really want to wait around and see if it fits or is justified?

Better to "cry wolf" and be wrong, than to get eaten by one.

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Response to Cyrano (Reply #4)

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 07:14 PM

5. Not if crying wolf turns off people we need to have on our side.

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Response to Cyrano (Original post)

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 06:55 PM

2. Godwin's rule is out the window with Trump and his crime family. Some think Joesph Goebbels

never existed or was irrelevant. That there is no or ever can be an equivalent.

Recall history in the 1930's when there was no internet or social media other that the radio and newspapers. The Nazis took over all media and printed and broadcast only pro Nazi propaganda. I believe that it proves propaganda works. Particularly when it covers every piece of public media or communications. So, those saying the election was not determined by propaganda should think again. That is what Trump wants. Hitler hated criticism and so does Trump. Trump is closely associated with mobsters. Particularly those in construction. Cement is mentioned often in regard to Trump's criminal friends.
Ever heard the old term, "Cement Shoes"? My opinion only. He admires mobsters, Putin and has even praised Hitler. I don't think Trump is above putting out a contract on the life of an enemy. Just wait till he has control of drones.

Unless something is done soon, I mean anything, we are going to witness the worst times our country has ever seen. I see death and devastation. Sorry to be Danny downer but hope is something we have for only the next two weeks.

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Response to Cyrano (Original post)

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 07:08 PM

3. I was thinking a Stalin comparison would be appopriate.


Particularly with Putin bromance.

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Response to Cyrano (Original post)

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 07:21 PM

6. What I Just Can't Understand Is That The Repugs & Trump Have No Qualms About....

being deadly enemies to our freedoms and our democracy. No shame at being hypocrites either. They just celebrate the fact that they are dismantling our government and country.

Making America Great Again - come on - how could they look us straight in the face and say that given the destruction they are about to foist upon us?

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