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Wed May 3, 2017, 01:00 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-22: Argo FOAK Yourself Edition

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-22: Argo FOAK Yourself Edition

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! Ladies and gentlemen, before we get started – we are just two short weeks away from the season finale of season 2 of the Top 10. Now don’t be sad. It’s been fun. We’ve got some big plans for Season 3, including starting a Top 10 World Tour, and the possibility of launching our first ever Top 10 podcast! Yes, I am still researching the possibilities for this. Season 3 will start after the end of our Stupidest State contest. So we have to talk about Colbert on Monday. We’ll play the clip in a minute, but was what he said really *THAT* offensive? We had to put up with 8 years of taunts, death threats, Trump Tweets, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Steve King, and other vile, nasty shit that the GOP has said and done about Obama and Clinton the last 8 years. And now they’re in charge and they just cant let it go. And the poor little snowflakes have started a “Fire Colbert” campaign. So if you're keeping score at home – in the last 8 months, conservatives have staged boycotts against Hamilton, because they were “mean” to Mike Pence. They started an inexplicably insane campaign to get Starbucks to write “Trump” on their cups as a means of protest (?). They staged a boycott of Hawaii because judges have blocked Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional travel ban. They’ve also staged boycotts against Oreos, Star Wars, Nordstrom, Netflix, the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, Budweiser and Pepsi. These are all real. I am not making any of these up! Hell, Ranker even has a list of the 15 things Trump supporters have boycotted. And now they’re staging a boycott against Colbert and CBS. We liberals have just one boycott going – and that’s against Trump himself. So I ask you this - who are the snowflakes again? But what Colbert said, was that really *THAT* offensive after Alex Jones called Obama a smelly demon from hell? And how would he know what demons from hell smell like? Or that crazy woman who said that Michelle Obama was an "ape in high heels"? Or any number of times Ted Nugent threatened to murder Obama? Oh and it's funny how the crowd that prides themselves on their anti-PC ignorance suddenly cares about homophobia. Shut the fuck up! Let’s take a look:

So where do we begin this week? Ladies and gentlemen, returning to the top 2 slots this week is of course President Donald J. Trump! Well done, take a bow! In the first slot – we’re going to talk Trump’s (1) insane penchant for war. And when you get history wrong and call a murderous dictator to heap praise on his “work” eliminating the opposition, what are you doing? It’s almost as if they want war – not just overseas, but here at home. At number 2 – Trump (2) gave a speech in Pittsburgh over the weekend and if you guessed it was batshit fucking crazy, you are correct! OMG he is certifiably insane. In the number 3 slot is former RNC chair and guy who keeps Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon from entering a UFC octagon, Reince Preibus. So did you know that the Trump administration is looking into “ending the 1st amendment”? Yeah that’s a thing that was discussed. And it could end the US as we know it. And I feel fine. In the fourth slot is Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi (4). So he made some crazy comments at a recent town hall meeting in Cheyenne, and it’s about what would happen if a guy were to wear a tutu while walking into a bar. So in protest we’re holding our first ever Top 10 fashion show. At number 5 is the NRA (5). So the NRA’s reckless disregard for the second amendment is getting them in some hot water as guns are banned from their Atlanta rally while Trump is speaking. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, Wayne La Pierre is making some hateful comments about Bernie Sanders.Taking the number 6 slot, we are going to introduce you to a new protest group calling itself “The Proud Boys” (6) that made its’ debut kicking ass against Antifa at UC Berkeley, but they’re even more batshit crazy than you might imagine. In the number 7 slot is Scott Baio. Yes, Chachi of the series “Joanie Loves Chachi” is under fire after shooting himself in the foot over the ensuing shit storm that followed when he said some horrible things about her, you are correct. And oh yes, he is a conservative idiot. Make no mistake about that. In the number 8 slot, we’re going to talk about United Airlines (8). So what happened this week? Well, we’re going to get to the bottom of why an unusually large rabbit was found dead on a flight from London to Chicago. Taking the number 9 (NEIN!!!!) slot, we’re going to talk about concert festivals because it’s that time of year again. But none so much a disaster as the Fyre Festival (9). Whew, boy they do good work. I guess? Finally this week – we’re nearing the end of our Stupidest State Contest and we will eventually crown our Stupidest State! But not before we get to the final four – and this week it’s the Layover League Championship – who will survive to go on to the NFFSA championship? Will it be Texas or Kansas and we will be doing something a bit different for this round, but we think you’ll like it! And we have some new live music for you – this time from a band I like to call “Mastodon”. Yay!!!!! They’re going on tour with Eagles Of Death Metal right now and it’s a great show from what I hear. Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

[font size="8"]Donald Trump[/font]

Come on sing it with me:

And you know – Donald J. Trump don’t know much about history. He don’t know much about biology. He don’t know much about science too. He don’t know much about the French he took. But he does know he loves… something. What that is we’re unclear of. So why is President Trump in such hot water over his Civil War remarks? Is he trying to incite a civil war? Because you know that’s what they secretly want, but they wont say it. In fact here’s Trump’s exact quote about the Civil War.

TRUMP: I mean, had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart. And he was really angry that -- he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War. He said, “There's no reason for this.” People don't realize, you know, the Civil War — if you think about it, why? People don't ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?

And here’s what actually happened – this whole thing is fucked up. Trump lies so much that his lies begat his lies. Is this lie-ception? Does he lie so much that it blurs the line between truth and fiction? He doesn’t even get history right – and he’s the fucking president!

One glaring issue here: Jackson wasn't really angry about what was happening with the Civil War, because he died more than a decade (1845) before it started (1861). (Jackson in 1832 and 1833 oversaw the Nullification Crisis, in which Jackson used the threat of military force to make South Carolina pay tariffs. The situation was eventually resolved but is viewed as a precursor to the Civil War.)

But that small matter aside, this actually sounds pretty familiar for Trump. Just last week, in an interview with Reuters, Trump suggested there was really no reason for the Israelis and the Palestinians to have been fighting for all these decades.

“I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians,” Trump said. “There is no reason there's not peace between Israel and the Palestinians — none whatsoever. So we're looking at that, and we're also looking at the potential of going to Saudi Arabia.”

No reason whatsoever! You know, besides the whole claim-to-the-very-same-holy-land thing. Minor details.

And my favorite thing about this is that Trump would have failed the US Citizenship test because this question is on it:

In fact the LA Times (FAKE NEWS!!!!) ran a piece called “Why Trump Lies” that’s worth reading when you get the chance.

In Donald Trump’s America, the mere act of reporting news unflattering to the president is held up as evidence of bias. Journalists are slandered as “enemies of the people.”

Facts that contradict Trump’s version of reality are dismissed as “fake news.” Reporters and their news organizations are “pathetic,” “very dishonest,” “failing,” and even, in one memorable turn of phrase, "a pile of garbage.”

Trump is, of course, not the first American president to whine about the news media or try to influence coverage. President George W. Bush saw the press as elitist and “slick.” President Obama’s press operation tried to exclude Fox News reporters from interviews, blocked many officials from talking to journalists and, most troubling, prosecuted more national security whistle-blowers and leakers than all previous presidents combined.

But Trump being Trump, he has escalated the traditionally adversarial relationship in demagogic and potentially dangerous ways.

But getting back to the subject of Trump and Civil War, you know Trump lies constantly – and so much that he doesn’t even know his perceived history from actual history. You know like most republicans claim to know. But when it comes to actual war, he loves him some war. In fact if there ever were a Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo Die Harder With A Vengeance, Trump’s got an ally on his side. And be afraid, be very fucking afraid. Where’s the spinning top when you need it?

WASHINGTON — When President Trump called President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines on Saturday, White House officials saw it as part of a routine diplomatic outreach to Southeast Asian leaders. Mr. Trump, characteristically, had his own ideas.

During their “very friendly conversation,” the administration said in a late-night statement, Mr. Trump invited Mr. Duterte, an authoritarian leader accused of ordering extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in the Philippines, to visit him at the White House.

Now, the administration is bracing for an avalanche of criticism from human rights groups. Two senior officials said they expected the State Department and the National Security Council, both of which were caught off guard by the invitation, to raise objections internally.

The White House disclosed the news on a day when Mr. Trump fired up his supporters at a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, Pa. The timing of the announcement — after a speech that was a grievance-filled jeremiad — encapsulated this president after 100 days in office: still ready to say and do things that leave people, even on his staff, slack-jawed.

And the even scarier thing – he thinks the Constitution is “too archaic”. I’m surprised he even knows what the word “archaic” means!

Donald Trump has blamed the US constitution for the problems he has encountered during his first 100 days in office.

In an interview with Fox News to mark the milestone, the Republican called the system of checks and balances on power “archaic”.

“It’s a very rough system,” he said. “It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.”

So to recap – in six months they went from saying that Constitution needs to be taken literally to the point where they carry pocket size copies of the Constitution to remind you of its’ awesomeness, to saying its’ old, archaic and needs to be gone away with completely. These fucking people. Where’s that damn spinning top????

[font size="8"]Donald Trump[/font]

First off – I love that this website exists – the Trump Golf Counter: http://www.golfwithdonald.com/ , got to love that there’s some creative people on the internet. But we got to talk about the insanity that was the Donald Trump for President rally in Pittsburgh (or Pittsburg as the Chaiinsmokers called it last week! ).

A former adviser to three Republican presidents called the speech Donald Trump gave before a crowd of supporters Saturday in Pennsylvania the “most divisive” he has ever heard from a president.

David Gergen, a CNN political analyst who advised GOP Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan — and Democratic President Bill Clinton — said he found the speech “deeply disturbing” with little change from Trump’s bombastic, divisive campaign messages.

Trump slammed the press — again ― as “fake news,” vowed to topple Obamacare and promised to build the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. “Don’t worry, we’re going to have the wall,” Trump said at the rally marking his 100th day as president. “Rest assured. Go home, go to sleep.”

Gergen said on a CNN panel following Trump’s speech that bringing “your campaign speech into the presidency is something presidents rarely do.” He added: “I think this is the most divisive speech I’ve ever heard from a sitting American president.”

MOST DIVISIVE EVER!! Bravo! Well done! But really – Trump is a broken record and a parrot combined into one. He can’t shut up about the “fake news” media. Does Trumpy want a cracker? “SQWAAAAK!!! FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!!! FAKE NEWS!!!” And this comes on the same day as the WHCD! Coincidence? AWWWW!!! FAKE NEWS!!!

HARRISBURG, Pa. — President Trump came to a farm expo center here on Saturday to celebrate his first 100 days in office by bathing in the support of his bedrock supporters, reprising the populist themes of his campaign and savaging a familiar foe: the news media.

In a rally timed to coincide with an annual dinner of the White House press corps in Washington, which he declined to attend, Mr. Trump laced into what he referred to as “the failing New York Times,” as well as CNN and MSNBC, which he accused of incompetence and dishonesty.

“Their priorities are not my priorities, and not your priorities,” Mr. Trump said to a sea of supporters, many in familiar red “Make America Great Again” caps. “If the media’s job is to be honest and tell the truth, the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade,” he said, adding that they were “very dishonest people.”

Mr. Trump reveled in his decision to skip the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, describing a scene in which Hollywood stars and reporters consoled themselves in a Washington hotel ballroom, while he mixed with a better class of people in the American heartland.

Oh and by the way in case you’re wondering if Trump treats his fans as well as he treats the media, well this happened during the rally.

During President Trump's Harrisburg, Pa. rally marking his 100th day in office on Saturday, an attendee named Neil Makhija says he was surrounded by Trump supporters and "shoved up against the wall" after being wrongly identified as a protester.

"It was a disturbing moment," said Makhija speaking to AOL.com, who says multiple Trump supporters wearing "Bikers for Trump" shirts cornered him while he was listening to the president's speech. Video of an altercation at the New Holland Arena in the Farm Show and Expo Center shows a group of men surrounding Makhija, pushing him while shoving pro-Trump signs in front of his face.

According to Makhija, the incident began when a person standing next to him was being removed from the rally after holding up a sign that read, "The sea levels are rising."

Oh and by the way, switching subjects for a minute, you know racism is a hot topic right now with the alt right movement, and now this is happening. WHITE SUPREMACISM IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY, DO YOU GET THAT TRUMPHEADS????

Two conservative journalists have sparked outcry on social media by making what some have interpreted as a white supremacist hand symbol at a recent visit to the White House.

Freelance journalist Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter for Russian news outlet Sputnik, posed for a picture behind the podium in the White House briefing room. In the photo, they are making a hand sign that can be used to signify “white power.”

“Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House,” Fusion senior reporter Emma Roller tweeted, alongside a screenshot of the picture.

Oh and they think they’re being cute and clever doing this in the White House, but it’s not fucking funny, I will repeat that! Can we show that picture?

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And by the way if you think that’s bad, not only were white supremacists spotted inside the rally, his supporters are just as crazy. Like this guy who thinks that if you’re protesting Trump, you’re protesting GOD HIMSELF!!! Where’s White Power Bill when you need him? His time is now!

Last week, Jim Bakker hosted End Times author Joel Richardson and disgraced ex-FBI agent and anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist John Guandolo on his program to discuss recent protests against President Trump.

Commenting on the Tax Day protests that urged Trump to release his tax returns, Bakker expressed disbelief that people joined the protests organically: “What’s going on in America where, you know, all these people gather all at the same time in the same place? How can they all gather together? Every city they’re marching, they’re all doing this, who is setting this up? The reporters all believe it. They’re feeding us a lie!”

Guandolo told the televangelist that left-wing demonstrators, including Black Lives Matter activists, are working hand-in-hand with “the jihadi movement, the terrorist movement,” and their protests “are planned and are funded by enemies of the United States.”

[font size="8"]Reince Preibus[/font]

OK maybe at least it’s the end of America. And I still feel fine! Yes, our freedoms are on the chopping block. And Trump spokesman and guy who keeps Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner from fighting each other cartoon style, Reince Preibus said that Donald Trump is actually seriously considering “overwriting or abolishing the 1st amendment”. Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So before we explain to Reince how the constitution works, we need to get into this:

Karl says, accurately, that that kind of clampdown on 1st Amendment rights would require amending the Constitution. Is that what Priebus means, Karl asks? Yes, it is, says Priebus.

Now one might respond to this saying, ‘Okay, technically that’s what he said. But he probably doesn’t actually mean it.’

To which I think the answer is, sure maybe he doesn’t mean it but why would anyone assume that? He said it and repeated it. The changes President Trump wants are blocked by decades of decades of jurisprudence which is little contested, unlike other hot button points of constitutional law. If you want what Trump wants, you have to amend the constitution – and not the constitution in general but the 1st Amendment specifically. Amending the 1st Amendment to allow the head of state to sue people who say things he doesn’t like amounts to abolishing it.

None of these are tenuous connections. Each link in the chain of reasoning follows logically from the other.

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You suck if you even consider this as a distinct possibility. It’s grossly unconstitutional. In fact we’re going to show you this video on how the constitution works:

Thanks TED talk! So they’d need approval from essentially 2/3 of the country before they can pass an amendment overwriting the first amendment. And in case you haven’t heard, free speech is more popular than Jesus in America. And any attempt to hurt free speech on one side would hurt it for both. So really, they only looked at changing “libel laws”. Yeah right!

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday that the Trump administration has “looked into” the possibility of changing the country’s libel laws in order to make it easier to sue news organizations.

“I think it’s something that we’ve looked at, and how that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story,” Priebus said on ABC’s This Week. “But when you have articles out there that have no basis or fact and we’re sitting here on 24/7 cable companies writing stories about constant contacts with Russia and all these other matters.”

President Donald Trump has made the suggestion at least twice as both a candidate and as president. During the campaign last year, Trump said he wanted to “open up” libel laws, and last month he suggested a “change” in the laws as part of his continued attacks on The New York Times.

Wait – so they want to be able to sue the “FAKE NEWS!!!” media for slander? And they’d end free speech for everyone in the country to do it? Does that mean we can sue Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter for 40 years of back lies and slander now? Hey I see an upside to this, but that would require those “trial lawyers” that the GOP hates so much! Thank you! But the end might be nearing for Reince Preibus, because he’s pissed off the extreme far right and they’re people who you don’t want to piss off.

Breitbart News has a target in its crosshairs following the departure of former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn from the White House in a cascade of scandal over his contacts with the Russian government: White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Targeting Priebus, who leads the faction of Trump aides that is composed of experienced establishment political hands, is really just a stand-in for a larger conflict about the future of Trumpism in the White House. Breitbart News is treating Flynn’s ouster as the first salvo in a war against those in the administration they deem insufficiently loyal to Trump. Backing up Breitbart are legions of other Trump loyalists in the right-wing media sphere. And their angry reaction to Flynn’s exit signals the unpopularity of the move with a vocal segment of Trump’s base.

Trump loyalists — meaning the true believers who supported Trump from the start, not Republican politicos who became attached later on — have been privately musing about getting rid of Priebus. Now, that musing is going public. “I think this is Pearl Harbor for the true Trump supporters, the Trump loyalists,” said Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser and longtime Republican operative who still has a relationship with Trump. “I believe Reince Priebus moved on General Flynn and I think he intends to move on Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller next. He is not serving the president well. The people he hired are loyal to the Republican National Committee, not the President of the United States.”

[font size="8"]Mike Enzi[/font]

You know town halls have been a bit of a cause for concern among the GOP faithful lately. And they’ve been booed, met with protest, met with hostility and very angry crowds. So when your constituents turn on you because you can’t be loved 24/7, what do you do? Well, we go to Wyoming for this one – the home of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Well, would you be shocked and surprised to learn that Wyoming’s representatives are about as crazy as Cheney is? Plus they have a tendency to show that good old fashioned brand of republican sympathy we’ve come to know and love. Meet Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi (R-Obviously). Who last week said this:

The Wyoming Senator who said "a guy who wears a tutu and goes to bars...asks for it" if he gets into fights has conceded he did not choose his words wisely.

In a school presentation last week in Wyoming, Enzi was asked by students what he was doing to ensure equality for the LGBTQ community in the state. Enzi responded that Wyoming gives people to choose who they want to be, if they don't push it in anyone's face.

“I know a guy who wears a tutu and goes to bars on Friday night and is always surprised that he gets in fights. Well, he kind of asks for it. That’s the way that he winds up with that kind of problem,”he said, according to the local paper the Greybull Standard.

"I regret a poor choice of words during part of my presentation. None of us is infallible and I apologize to anyone who has taken offense," Senator Mike Enzi wrote in an e-mailed statement to CNN. "No offense was intended. Quite the opposite in fact, and so I ask for your understanding as well."

This raises many questions. OK so what prompted this? And why the hell is Mike Enzi thinking about guys wearing tutus? And where has he ever seen a guy wear a tutu walking into a bar? This is one of those things where thinking about it too much would make your head explode. Kingsman style or Scanners style? Either way it’s an exploding head. But then he doesn’t just roll back his comment – he generates a response of WTF proportions.

Last week, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) tried to sound supportive of LGBT people, but he made a comment that seemed to confirm he was just the opposite.

While Enzi addressed students at Greybull High School in his home state, one audience member was asked what he was doing to improve the life of the LGBT community, “to help Wyoming live up to its name as ‘The Equality State’?”

Enzi started his reply by claiming that “there are a lot of problems that don’t have a federal, one-size-fits-all solution.” Though he didn’t specify what he meant, this has been a common talking point used by those who objected to President Obama’s guidance requiring schools to recognize and respect transgender students.

He went on to say, “What we need to have is a little civility between people,” followed by an example that demonstrated exactly how not to show civility to people:

Oh and he did apologize to the man in question – who doesn’t own a tutu ( ) but does regularly wear women’s clothing:

U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi, whose comments about men wearing tutus sparked outrage earlier this week, called Wyoming’s best-known cross-dresser and apologized, Larry “Sissy” Goodwin said Thursday afternoon.

Goodwin, 70, of Douglas, said he accepted the apology during the lengthy Thursday talk.

“We had a nice conversation,” he said. “He offered an apology and I have no doubt to believe it was genuine. He was very genuine with his comments. I think we had a respectful dialogue. If anything comes out of this, we both agree that it’s opening a discussion and illuminating the issues to the benefit of everyone concerned.”

Enzi’s spokesman also confirmed the phone call and personal apology.

Hey why not? But this is my favorite part of this whole story. So I love when the GOP’s talking points blow up in their faces. I love that shit. I can’t get enough of it. So in spite of Mike Enzi’s comments, the residents of Wyoming went out of their way to show their support for men wearing tutus, because, republicans.

A week after Sen. Mike Enzi told high school students that a man who wears a tutu to a bar "kind of asks for" a fight, his constituents in Wyoming are wearing tutus to school and work — and, yes, to bars — on Friday. Enzi has apologized for his "poor choice of words."

Protest parties are also scheduled through the weekend, and on Friday, people have been using the #LiveandLetTutu hashtag to share images of themselves wearing tutus. One image posted today showed University of Wyoming student Tyler Wolfgang wearing a suit and a tutu, posing at a campus building that bears Enzi's name.

"Our hope with the state-wide [efforts] is that even in small communities we'll get a handful of people to share a photo of themselves in the bar wearing a tutu," one organizer, Patrick Harrington of Laramie, tells member station Wyoming Public Media, "so we can show Senator Enzi that he really is representing a large group of people and a really diverse group of people in Wyoming."

Those efforts include a "tutu family game night" at a church in Cheyenne. Pub crawls are planned in Laramie, Pinedale, and Sheridan; bars are offering discounts to anyone in a tutu, and at least one establishment is also contributing part of its proceeds to gay pride events.

Yeah work it!

[font size="8"]The NRA[/font]

NRA… what the fuck are you doing? I think we as a nation need to sit down and have an intervention with you. OK so Donald Trump, as you know, is speaking at the annual NRA convention which is being held in Atlanta this year. So of course that will mean guns, guns everywhere. But when you’re too extreme for Donald Trump, one, what does that say about your organization? And two – it leads to shit like this. And in a day and age where mass shootings are not only a thing, there’s actual *DRILLS* held for them when they used to be held for natural disasters – things like fires and earthquakes, and possible nuclear winter. But it leads to shit like this:

The Secret Service confirmed Thursday that those attending President Trump’s Friday speech to the National Rifle Association in Atlanta must leave their guns outside.

“Individuals determined to be carrying firearms will not be allowed past a predetermined outer perimeter checkpoint, regardless of whether they possess a ticket to the event,” the Secret Service said in a statement, as reported by CNN.

Federal law allows the Secret Service to stop guns from entering sites visited by those under their protection, even in states permitting open carry of firearms.

Trump will join other Republican speakers including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at this year's NRA leadership forum at the Georgia World Congress Center.

The NRA was a major backer of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and he also addressed its leadership forum last year.

Yeah that’s a huge loss for the NRA. I mean when they cant take their precious killing machines everywhere, where does one go from there? Yes, it’s way past time that we as a country hold an intervention for the NRA. Their addiction to guns and power has led them to say some ridiculously stupid shit like this:

National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre on Friday tore into Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), calling him a "political predator" who lied to young people.

"Bernie Sanders was not a movement, as a fawning media called his campaign," LaPierre said before a cheering crowd at the NRA's Leadership Forum in Atlanta. "Bernie is a political predator of young voters who were lied to by school teachers and college professors."

"Stood up for his message of big government socialism. Free, free, free for me. No one told the truth about how all that free stuff was going to be paid for. It was all one big fat lie. And the media, they were in on the lie from the start, because it fit their agenda."

The NRA has had a fairly amicable relationship with Sanders in the past. Sanders early in his career voted against laws pushing background checks and waiting times for gun-buyers. But during his presidential campaign last year, Sanders sought to distance himself from the NRA and increased his calls for stricter gun control.

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So they’re clearly becoming a danger to themselves. And how does one deal with that? Especially when their lust for power knows no boundaries? Well, they’re definitely a danger to themselves.

President Trump spoke to the National Rifle Association's annual leadership forum on Friday, the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to do so.

"We have news that you've been waiting for ... a long time," Trump told the crowd in Atlanta. "The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end."

Much of his speech echoed the rhetoric he used on the campaign, and has continued at rallies during his first 100 days in office.

Trump reiterated his desire to build a wall along the Mexico-U.S. border, despite backing off of demands that funding for the project be included in the spending bill that Congress is working on.

And they’re becoming a danger to others:

At the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting this Friday, one of the featured speakers was former White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche, who famously quit professional baseball when his team wouldn’t let his son Drake join him in the team clubhouse before and after games. LaRoche talked about the importance of fatherhood, his joy in teaching his son hunting, and his work with charities fighting sex trafficking. His remarks concluded, Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, gave father and son gifts on behalf of the organization, a pair of Daniel Defense AR-15 rifles with suppressors. Cox made a quick joke about how the gift of the gun to the younger LaRoche was just to annoy the media, and there was a knowing chuckle throughout the crowd. In a post-Columbine world, quite a few Americans are unnerved by the sight of any gun, even unloaded, in the hands of anyone who doesn’t look like an adult. At the NRA convention’s massive floor show, it is not hard to find parents — usually dads — walking around with their kids and holding up and getting a feel for the various models. (The firing pins are removed from all firearms on display, and they cannot be fired.)

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/447224/national-rifle-assocation-gun-safety-children-eddy-eagle-gun-control-left

And then they’re going out of their way to feed their addiction, which makes them a danger to themselves and to others:

The NRA has launched a new program that protects gun owners who use a firearm in self-defense.

“NRA Carry Guard is the most comprehensive coverage, legal assistance, training and insurance for law-abiding Second Amendment practitioners,” said NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch to the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney. “We live in a very contiguous society where criminals even sue their victims—it’s horrific and they win.”

The program’s three memberships range in price from $13.95 to $31.95 a month, according to the website, and also provides full spousal coverage and a free one-year NRA membership with full benefits.

“The training, which I’ve gone through, is amazing… and I like the fact that if anything should ever happen, I have the legal assistance from top tier attorneys in every city in the country and I also have the insurance to be able to assist with any civil or criminal prosecution,” she said.

And they’re surrounding themselves with people who feed their addiction, which feeds their addiction, which makes them a danger to themselves and a danger to others:

Over the weekend, the National Rifle Association held its annual convention, this time in Atlanta. On Friday President Donald Trump spoke to the convention delegates, the first time a sitting president has done so since Ronald Reagan was in the office. On Saturday civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, who represents much of Atlanta in Congress, attended a protest demanding stricter, not looser, gun safety regulations.

The contrast is a stark one. Inside the convention was a man who won by running the most overtly racist presidential campaign since 1968, when George Wallace’s blunt racism failed to beat Richard Nixon’s more coded form of bigotry. Outside, a civil rights icon rallied the progressive resistance. While race was rarely mentioned explicitly, the entire spectacle helped expose how much racism and white identity politics are fueling both the Trump presidency and the fetishization of gun violence that the NRA represents.

[font size="8"]The Proud Boys[/font]

So whether you’re liberal or conservative, one thing we can all agree on is that people who show up at your rallies looking to stir some shit up by throwing smoke bombs, carrying crowbars and looking to beat the shit out of people and destroying property isn’t cool, right? Well, we saw that at UC Berkeley with Antifa. And now there’s a new group emerging – they’re calling themselves “The Proud Boys”. And they’re coming to a protest near you, and they’re looking to stir shit up – only they’re for Trump.

A new fight-club “fraternity” of young white, pro-Trump men is being formed, its organizers claim, to defend free-speech rights by “Alt-Right” leaders and engage in street fighting.

Kyle Chapman, a California activist arrested earlier this month in a clash in Berkeley between anti-fascist protesters and pro-Trump demonstrators, announced this week he is forming the Fraternal Order of Alt Knights (cleverly called “FOAK).

Chapman, who uses the Internet meme “Based Stick Man,” says his new militant, highly-masculine group will be the “tactical defensive arm” of the Proud Boys, another group that shows up at pro-Trump rallies looking to rumble with counter-protesters.

“We don’t fear the fight. We are the fight,” Chapman said in a recent social media post announcing FOAK’s formation.

“I’m proud to announce that my newly created Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights will be partnering with Proud Boys,” Chapman said, with the “full-approval” of its founder, Gavin McInnes.

“The Fraternal Order Of Alt Knights”. Which abbreviates to FOAK. Which almost kind of sounds like “fuck” when you say it out loud. Go FOAK yourselves, Proud Boys. Or in the words of the movie Argo, Argo FOAK Yourselves, Proud Boys. Thank you! "That movie was fake news, OK! Our soldiers weren't rescued by a movie producer!". Thanks Mr. President. And the Proud Boys, as you might have guessed, are every bit as batshit crazy and stupid as you might expect coming from a brown shirt pro-Trump group that refuses to apologize for their conservative beliefs. Why do you need to refuse to apologize? And therein lies the problem. They even have ridiculously stupid uniforms to go with it:

These guys don’t look like warriors. They look like they work for Mike’s Discount Pest Control. “Need bugs squashed? Call Mike’s Discount Pest Control Today! 1-800-DED-BUGS”.

When hundreds of activists on the left and the right converged here Saturday, things got ugly very quickly.

It was billed as a “free speech” rally by conservative activists, staged in one of America’s most liberal cities. But even before the event was set to begin, fists were flying and people were left bloodied. In the end, 21 were arrested and police confiscated an array of heavy sticks, knives, and Pepsi cans used as projectiles.

But what appeared to be a political event that devolved into violence was actually something more complex. The combatants on both sides were extremists who traveled from far and wide to make Berkeley their stage. Many freely admitted they were there to make trouble and that peaceful protest over President Trump and other issues really wasn’t their goal.

Much of the violence was captured on cellphone cameras and posted on social media, where each side offered supporters their narrative of what happened.

You’re not defending free speech here. What you’re really defending is your right to be an asshole. I mean… thank you! And yes, they really are defending their right to be assholes. And what happens when you get two groups of batshit crazy people with polarizing extreme beliefs attending the same rally looking to start some shit? You get what amounts to the equivalent of a middle school dance – where the boys are on one side of the room, the girls are on the other, and concerned parents in the middle. Or in this case, cops in riot gear.

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Berkeley officials declared their handling of protests over Ann Coulter's canceled appearance a success thanks to a massive police presence that ensured the city did not become a "fight club," the mayor said Friday.

Hundreds of Coulter's supporters gathered in a downtown park Thursday after the University of California, Berkeley, nixed a speech by the conservative commentator. Many of them came dressed for conflict, wearing flak jackets, ballistic helmets adorned with pro-President Donald Trump stickers and other protective gear.


And by the way in case you’re wondering how far the extreme far right goes under the guise of “free speech”, if you were to use that insane terrorism chart from the Bush years, Ann Coulter would be in the orange level, the Proud Boys would be in the bright red level, and Theodore Shoebat would be in the dark red level. I mean this is some scary fucking shit here.

Extremist anti-LGBTQ activist Theodore Shoebat, who was featured in a radically anti-gay documentary made by Janet Porter called “Light Wins” along with various Religious Right activists and Republican elected officials back in 2015, posted a new video on his website last week insisting that it should not be considered a hate crime to kill “fags.”

While ranting about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Caitlyn Jenner last week and demanding that Jenner be arrested and executed for promoting “perversion,” Shoebat declared that murdering gays should not qualify as a hate crime.

“Fags kill each other all the time,” he said, “and the reason why they kill each other all the time is because they’re demon-possessed people and Satan wants them to kill each other because Satan hates humanity.”

“If someone kills a homosexual because they’re a homosexual, that should not be considered a hate crime,” he continued, “because right when you start considering that a hate crime, then you might as well just say, ‘Well, if someone kills somebody because they’re a pedophile, that should also be a hate crime.'”

[font size="8"]Scott Baio[/font]

Apparently Chachi doesn’t love Joanie as much as you would think. Well, Erin Moran passed away last week at age 56. Which itself is a downright tragedy when you consider her age and the cancer she contracted at that age. Well, her costar in that show, Scott Baio, wasn’t exactly what one would call “sympathetic”. In fact he was the opposite of it. Let’s explain:

In a post titled “Here are the facts,” Baio blasted the media on their reporting. He wrote:

“Monday, April 24th at 6 a.m. Pacific time I did a live radio interview. I was asked ONLY about Erin’s troubled past due to drug & alcohol abuse. I was still upset and said I felt that living that kind of a lifestyle will catch up with you and nothing good would come of it. THIS WAS BEFORE THE CAUSE OF DEATH WAS ANNOUNCED STATING STAGE 4 CANCER.

Now it seems every news outlet & tabloid wants to paint a different picture of me and of what really happened. They’re stating that I’m saying drugs caused her to die after it was reported stage 4 cancer. This is so wrong! Now I truly understand the meaning of ‘Fake News’. This is crazy.”

Baio added that he was still emotional.

“Please stop assuming the worse in me. I’m a compassionate person. I’m very heartbroken over her passing, especially since it was cancer. I don’t see people going after or attacking every network that said it was a drug overdose. I’ve openly stated my truths. I’m done.”

And not only did Scott Baio fail, and fail hard – he doubled down. You know when most people say something insensitive – they quickly learn from it and try to not let that happen in the future. But not Scott “Here are the facts” Baio.

He said that when he first heard of his former Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi co-star’s death, he was “sad, in disbelief, sick to my stomach and in complete shock.”

Baio said he read headlines following Moran’s death that claimed the actress died of a drug overdose and he was “very upset and angry” to read that. “This is one of my [worst] fears for her… I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I hadn’t slept well since the news of her passing.”

Baio said he was “still upset up” when he conducted the radio interview yesterday.

He concluded the post by saying, “Please stop assuming the [worst] in me. I’m a compassionate person. I’m very heartbroken over her passing, especially since it was cancer.”

Baio also posted an open letter from Moran’s husband Steve which detailed Moran’s illness. In the letter, Steve said Moran was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in December and her condition worsened quickly. She had gone through chemo and radiation, but by the middle of February, he says she could no longer speak, eat or drink, and she died in her sleep on Saturday.

But… like all feuds, here’s where the conversation takes a turn and gets dark real fucking quick. OK so when you’re in a back and forth feud, perhaps don’t mention your penis. Because that will cause people to defend your penis. And yes this is a thing, and it’s already making me cringe enough.

Renee Baio, the wife of Trump-supporting actor Scott Baio, has taken to social media to defend the size of her husband’s penis.

Questions about Baio’s manhood first arose when Tony Moran, the brother of the late Happy Days actress Erin Moran, slammed him in a Facebook post after Baio said that he wasn’t surprised that she died given her addiction to drinking and drugs.

“She told me that you were tiny,” a furious Moran wrote about Baio. “Barely a man in the man region.”

As the Daily Beast notes, Renee Baio hit back at Moran on Twitter by saying her husband was more than adequately endowed.

“Why would a sister tell her brother about the size of boyfriend’s manhood?” she wrote. “Creepy at best. SB was a playboy for a reason!”

[font size="8"]United Airlines[/font]

Another week, another fail that is United Airlines. You know – first they had that incident where the girl got kicked off a flight going to Milwaukee for wearing leggings. Oh the horror! Then you had the clusterfuck that was the booting of Dr. David Dao off a flight going to Atlanta. And the fallout of that is still not finished! But that’s not what we’re going to talk about in this entry. Did you know that a giant rabbit died on a flight from London to Chicago to be verified by the Guinness Book Of World Records as the world’s largest rabbit?

Scandal-hit United Airlines is facing a new PR disaster — after a valuable giant rabbit died mysteriously on one of its planes.

Three-foot Simon, destined to be the world’s biggest bunny, died in the cargo section of a Boeing 767 after flying out of Heathrow to a new celebrity owner in the US.

Breeder Annette Edwards, of Stoulton, Worcs, said: “He was fit as a fiddle. I’ve sent rabbits round the world, nothing like this happened.” United’s reputation is at rock bottom after film of a doctor being dragged from a jet went viral.

Yeah it’s a terrible tragedy and yet another fuck up that is costing United Airlines big time, or to put it in Trump speak – “bigly”. But here’s the weird thing about this whole story – the rabbit was given a clean bill of health prior to being boarded on the long flight from London to Chicago:

United Airlines has taken another blow to its image after a giant, apparently healthy rabbit died following a intercontinental flight.

The bunny was found dead at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the same place passenger David Dao was dragged off a United flight earlier this month -- dragging United's reputation through the mud.
It happened when Simon, a 3-foot-long, 10-month-old Continental Giant rabbit, flew in from London's Heathrow Airport to O'Hare on April 19.

"I haven't got a clue who's to blame, but it's certainly very weird when Simon was so healthy," said Annette Edwards, a breeder who sold the bunny.

But United isn’t quite done shooting themselves in the foot the way Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd would, because the fallout from this incident is baffling. I mean the only way things could get worse for United right now is if they had Sean Spicer as their PR person.

Less than three weeks after a passenger was dragged off a United Airlines flight at the Chicago airport, the carrier found itself facing another public relations fiasco on Wednesday after a three-foot-long rabbit died on a flight from Britain.

The continental giant rabbit, Simon, which was bound for O’Hare, had a veterinary checkup three hours before takeoff from Heathrow Airport near London and was “fit as a fiddle,” his breeder said. The animal was traveling to a buyer in the United States.

Continental giants are an ancient breed, descended, appropriately enough, from Flemish giants. They are known to be gentle, friendly and intelligent, as rabbits go. An enthusiasts’ website says the giant makes “a fantastic house rabbit” but that “cables, wires, shoes, papers and anything important” should be kept out of its way, as it will chew them to bits.

Simon’s death remained a mystery on Wednesday. “Something very strange has happened, and I want to know what,” the breeder, Annette Edwards, told the British tabloid The Sun.

And then things get even weirder than that. You know – maybe when you’re under intense public scrutiny for a colossal fuck up over the way your airline handles animals, maybe don’t do this.

United found itself in hot water yet again last night after the owner of a giant rabbit that died on board one of its flights claimed the airline CREMATED the bunny without her consent.

Simon, a giant rabbit destined to be the world's biggest, mysteriously died on a flight to the US last month.

The bunny, who measured three-foot long, was placed in the cargo hold of a United Boeing 767 at Heathrow on his way to a new celebrity owner in America.

But when the jet landed at Chicago's O'Hare airport, the valuable rabbit was found dead, according to The Sun.

British breeder Annette Edwards said Simon, who was destined to overtake his father as the world's biggest rabbit , was healthy when he was placed on the United flight.

[font size="8"]Fyre Festival[/font]

What’s more awesome than a trip to the Bahamas? Beautiful beaches, even more beautiful ladies, the sun, the clear waters and sandy beaches… and to top it off some really awesome music to go with that backdrop! I’m of course talking about Ja Rule and the Fyre Festival. Which started out great…

With festival season around the corner, music fans everywhere can indulge in island fun with the inaugural Fyre Festival in the Exumas, Bahamas.

The festival recently announced the addition of Migos, Lil Yachty, Blink-182, Matoma and Le Youth to its lineup. Previously announced acts include the G.O.O.D. Music family, Major Lazer and a DJ set from Disclosure.

The festival also unveiled a partnership with Zero for the curated “Pirate’s Cove” stage to feature a deep house and electronic set from sunset to sunrise on both Fridays of the festival. The stage will also feature other performances throughout the weekend from the likes of Tensnake, Daniel Cowel, Lovecraft, Bo, BLOND:ISH, Bedouin, Rampue and Lee Burridge.

Sounds great! I mean who wouldn’t want to see Blink 182 on the beach? I’ve seen Blink 182 live – they are an amazing show to catch if they come to your city. But Blink 182 started the backlash against the organizers of the Fyre Festival which led to this:

First, headliners Blink-182 pulled out of the lineup tweeting, “Regrettably, and after much careful and difficult consideration, we want to let you know that we won’t be performing at Fyre Fest in the Bahamas this weekend and next weekend. We’re not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give fans.”

Today, McFarland declared that the Festival was off, but it would be rescheduled: “After assessing the situation this morning and looking at best options for our guests, we cannot move forward as we hoped we could,” he tweeted.

The luxury festival with weekend ticket prices ranging from $1,000 to $12,000, was anything but luxurious.

Disgruntled attendees shared disappointing photos of their experiences. The “glamorous” accommodations were described as little more than disaster relief tents that couldn’t stand up to a disaster. The food and customer service was visibly underwhelming.

So why spend $12,000 on a concert festival that included a flight on a private 737 from Miami if the experience was going to be sub par? I mean like I said – who wouldn’t want to go to the Bahamas – beautiful women, beautiful beaches, and some kick ass music? I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy that? Well after Blink 182 pulled out, the whole thing turned into a complete shit show:

The site in the Bahamas where the now-postponed Fyre Festival was to happen is on "lockdown" by the island country's government.

Private security guards were seen Saturday protecting the main site where people had been slated to sleep in luxury tents.

On Sunday, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism told ABC News, "Customs has the area on lockdown because [festival organizer] Billy [McFarland] has not paid customs duty taxes on the items that he imported" for the event. "He and his staff have left the items with a security company guarding it."

ABC News is attempting to reach McFarland for comment in regard to the tourism ministry's statement.

Customs duty taxes are often levied on goods transported internationally.

Fyre Festival said in a statement Friday that it had to import many items to essentially build a city because the private island of Fyre Cay where the luxury concert event was to take place, lacked "the physical infrastructure" needed "to fulfill on that vision safely and enjoyably for our guests."

Yeah so the producers of this show were… you guessed it! Only in it for the money! But guess what? Oh and the producers have been hit with a lawsuit totaling – get this - $100 million dollars! What???

On Sunday, Fyre Fest attendee Daniel Jung filed a lawsuit against the organizers. His attorney Ben Meiselas, of celebrity law firm Geragos & Geragos, tweeted the first few pages of the suit, adding, "Refunding ticket price is not enough!"

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, names festival co-founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, along with Fyre Media, as defendants. It seeks to be a class action, with the plaintiff estimating that more than 1,000 people "purchased tickets for, and/or attended, Defendants' Fyre Festival."

Jung says he paid $2,000 for a ticket package and airfare to the event that started on Thursday and promised "a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience on the Islands of the Exumas." The suit seeks damages in excess of $100 million on behalf of himself and "similarly-situated persons."

You know what this is like? It’s like the Kamp Krusty episode of the Simpsons – the show they were promised wasn’t exactly what one would call “entertaining”. The food wasn’t there and the “luxury tents” were shacks. Who do you blame? Do you blame the producers? Do you blame Ja Rule? Do you blame the organizers? Who??

If you turned up at the Fyre Festival wooed by its ads -- and many, many fans did -- you'd think you were in for a weekend of top-notch acts playing for your entertainment, as models in bikinis paraded around and private jets and yachts ferried you to and from the beautiful Caribbean paradise. Everything any good millennial needs for a strong Instagram post.
The reality, however, has been anything but.

Those who shelled out up to $12,780 for the luxury weekend in the Exumas, in the Bahamas, found themselves Thursday treated to mass disorganization, half-built tents, and catered food that was little more than limp cheese sandwiches.

Oh, and no beer.

No beer? Are you fucking kidding? This again is like the Simpsons! If you’re going to pony up $12K for an island getaway, at least include some fucking beers! And you know what my favorite part of this whole thing was? The "organizers" of the Fyre Festival - rather than attempt a mass refund of the tickets - are offering "VIP packages" to next year's Fyre Festival! I shit you not - this is a real thing! And as much of an epic fail as this was, a survey of attendees of this "festival" found that 81% who went, would go next year! Now really...

It’s inconceivable to think anyone in their right mind would attend Fyre Festival 2018 given the events of the last week. Then again, it was also inconceivable to think anyone would purchase tickets to a Ja Rule-organized Caribbean music festival in the first place, and yet hundreds of well-to-do millennials found themselves stranded on the island of Grand Exuma, forcing the US Embassy to literally come to the rescue.

In the wake of last weekend’s debacle, Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland has made it abundantly clear that he intends to give it another go in 2018, promising that this time “we’ll make sure there is infrastructure in place to support us.” He even went as far to offer VIP passes in lieu of refunds, and apparently more than a few people have taken him up on the offer.

In a statement issued to Rolling Stone, a member of the festival’s management team said, “Currently 81% of guests who have filled out the refund application have said they would like to attend Fyre Festival 2018. We are so thankful for their support and excitement as we strive to make this right.”

There’s only one way they can make it up to the attendees! And that's by taking them to the happiest place on earth - Tijuana, Mexico! *cue South Of The Border by Gene Autry*

[font size="8"]Stupidest State Contest Round 13: Layover League Championship[/font]

16 states will enter, and only one state will be crowned the new Top 10 Conservative Idiots Stupidest State! If you need a reminder of the conferences, there’s the Batshit Conference, the Fiscal Irresponsibility Conference, the Gun Nut Conference, and the Family Values Conference. Folks , the Final Four has been set! We have the four G’s of the GOP represented. We have god. We have guns. We have gays. And we have excessive corporate greed! So which one of these states will be crowned the Stupidest State? Will it be Montana, Texas, Kansas, or Tennessee? If you want the odds – well it’s anyone’s game at this point. The underdogs in Tennesee are the long shot against heavily favored Montana, while Kansas could win the Layover League, but it’s also a long shot against favored Texas, who squashed Florida and Kentucky. Now how are the finals going to work? Well, here’s how. We are going to find the nexus of what these two states in each matchup have in common. So what do you get when you combine reckless government spending with a tendency to be overall batshit crazy? You get the Koch Brothers, and we’ll examine the Koch Brothers’ influence on these states in the Layover League. Now on the other hand, what do you get when you combine a reckless disregard for the 1st amendment with a reckless disregard for the 2nd amendment? You get one of my all time favorite subjects – Doomsday Prepping! Both Montana and Tennessee are home to some of the country’s craziest doomsday preppers, as well as preachers who preach about the apocalypse coming. And we will explore that subject thoroughly. And then for the grand finale – we’re going to explore one of the hottest subjects around – sanctuary cities. Something that all 4 states have in common. And something that may be going away thanks to Trump’s stance on immigration.So for this one, we’re going to explore the Tea Party in Texas and Kansas. Let’s get out our brackets shall we?

[font size="6"]Round 13: Layover League Championship: Kansas Vs Texas[/font]

[font size="4"]Texas [/font]

Next up we come back to the Lone Star State. We don’t need to tell you what Texas is already the home of, because we have covered that extensively in the previous two rounds. So we come to the league championship here. And there is something that that overall batshit crazy has to do with excessive government spending. And the nexus of these two things is Koch Industries. And more particularly two of the country’s richest men – Charles and David Koch, who stem to profit handsomely if Donald Trump passes his tax plan, which we all know is a steaming load of horseshit designed to take aim at screwing over the middle class, while giving away gigantic sums of money to those who already have more money than God. So what does the Koch Brothers have to do with Texas? Well…

House budget night typically doesn’t get “fun” until the liquor emerges and the ghost of legislatures past comes out from Sam Rayburn’s old inkwell, but a few things happened during the daylight part of the session that bear some mention.

First, state Representative Abel Herrero’s successful bid, early in the day, to bar the use of state funds for private school tuition, which passed 103 to 44. The practical meaning of the amendment is negligible, but it sends the strongest message so far this session that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s “school choice” initiatives are dead. Importantly — Republicans care about this stuff — more members of the House GOP caucus voted for the amendment than voted against it, so no one can say this was simply the work of House Speaker Joe Straus and his Democratic cronies.

In the history of Herrero’s amendment, it is possible to discern a second message. Herrero offered a similar anti-voucher proposal during the debate on the House budget in 2013, where its passage was seen a somewhat surprising declaration of the House’s true feelings about vouchers — an unlikely victory from the Democratic minority that passed 103 to 43. And one that put Republicans in a tough spot.

But wait! Texas is overwhelmingly republican, you may say! And Texas consistently elects a republican majority in its’ key elections, you may say! Well… why are they becoming a minority and why are they so fucking angry? It’s hard to please a right winger. So you might as well not try. These people thrive on hatred, and if they got no one left to hate, they start hating each other.

Recently the Texas House of Representatives passed a school finance bill that adds $1.8 billion to help public schools; our own state representative, Drew Darby, offered an amendment that passed to help make school finance fairer to small neighborhood schools. I am very proud of Darby, as well as House Speaker Joe Straus, both of whom are Republicans.

Why am I proud? Because both men are more interested in getting things done to help people — the common good — than they are in scoring partisan political points. That is the way it should be.

However, my tea party friends and my Christian right friends consider Darby and Straus to be RINOs, that is, Republicans in Name Only, because they are willing to work with everyone — even Democrats.

By contrast, the tea party and Christian right are more than satisfied with the Republicans in the Texas Senate, which is led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who is 100 percent tea party and a former Christian right radio personality. The Senate passed a budget, supported by our state senator, Charles Perry, a tea party member, that “cuts state funding for public schools by $1.8 billion in general revenue, and uses local property tax revenue to make up the difference,” an article in the Texas Tribune said.

Because nothing says “I love you” like a giant slab of meat! And I am going to need the audio from that sound bite. Getting back to the subject at hand – just how much has the Texas extreme far right fucked over the state?

It is a common theme in world cultures and religions to engage in iniquitous behavior at night, because that God cannot see. The convention has always been a favorite of the Texas Legislature, for what they did in the wee hours of Thursday morning was so obscene that one must hope no one was watching from above.

Around three o’clock in the morning, the Texas House voted, exactly along party lines, to approve an Arizona-style “Show Me Your Papers” law. The bill, Senate Bill 4, would allow police to ask the immigration status of anyone “detained,” a distinction with a very low standard that includes traffic stops. It started out as a proposal to punish so-called sanctuary cities (I prefer “constitutional cities”), which are protected by local police departments that do not zealously cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to be deputized into de facto immigrant agents.

Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, and his top lieutenants, namely Reps. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, and Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, had attempted to craft a solution that would not be quite so hateful, quite so filled with animus. But the Tea Party hijacked the bill on the floor of the House and turned it into the evil hellchild of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and former Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer. Straus & Co. voted against the amendment but supported the underlying bill — along with its evil provisions.

Among these are an allowance to deport children. To deport pregnant people. To allow police the right to raid schools, courthouses, hospitals and even battered women’s shelters

Holy fucking shit!!!! They want to be able to raid court houses and battered women’s shelters? Let’s expand on that one a bit. And why am I not surprised in the least that Dan Patrick is involved in this? You know we previously profiled Dan Patrick as one of the “People Who Somehow Got Elected” (see Idiots #2-10 ). But what is this bill?

Under President Donald Trump—who campaigned on his hard-line anti-immigration stance—immigration officials have ramped up raids to detain undocumented immigrants. Democratic lawmakers last week proposed a bill to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from conducting arrests, surveillance, interviews, or other similar activities, at certain locations considered to be sensitive.

Previous ICE memos limited enforcement at places like schools, hospitals, and places of worship as well as events like weddings or funerals. The new bill, called the Protecting Sensitive Locations Act, would expand that policy significantly. Under the Democratic lawmakers’ plan, enforcement would be limited in courthouses, any scholastic event, any bus stop where children are present, health care facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, public assistance offices and DMV offices among other facilities.

The proposed bill would also make the previous sensitive locations outlined in ICE memos into places prohibited by actual law, instead of internal policy.

[font size="4"]Kansas [/font]

Next, we come back to Kansas. We don’t need to tell you facts about Kansas, because we live in a world where facts don’t matter anymore. But Kansas is also the home of Koch Industries – headquartered in Witchita, Kansas. Remember that movie “Undercover Brother” where Eddie Griffin teams up with a secret agency and infiltrates an evil corporation run by “The Man”? Well, in the last few years, “The Man” has revealed his true identity. And now “The Man” is none other than Charles and David Koch – who not only run Koch Industries but also the Heritage Foundation. Which in modern history is currently the root of all fucking evil. Let’s explore further.

Kansas ranked rock-bottom in the three-month change in these metrics from July through September, with a decline of 1.18%. Indeed, it was one of only eight states that showed any decline. The U.S. average gained 0.64%. Most of the other states with negative changes were oil-and-gas producers. Kansas is too, but that industry has been a tiny factor in its economy for years.

How bad is the situation in Kansas? So bad that in August 2015, the Brownback administration stopped publishing a semi-annual report of the state’s economy online; henceforth, members of the public have to make a special request for the document.

A spokesman for the governor said the step was taken because the reports had become the “the subject of careless scrutiny” and were “confusing.” That’s like saying that people might be confused by the setting sun into thinking that night is coming.

Yael Abouhalkah, a Kansas City Star columnist had been tracking the Brownback economy assiduously, got his hands on two recent reports anyway, for November 2015 and February 2016. He found them not confusing at all.

And so when you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up from there, is there? Well, Mike Pompeo left the Kansas House to join Trump’s CIA (where he denounced Wikileaks after once favoring it). So what’s been going on in the special election to replace him? Well…

James Thompson, the Democrat running to fill the House seat vacated by Trump administration appointee Mike Pompeo, is seeing a last-minute fundraising surge in the days before Tuesday’s unexpectedly competitive Kansas special election.

Thompson, a civil rights attorney and Army veteran, raised approximately $240,000 in 20,000 individual donations, much of it since Thursday, according to his campaign manager, Colin Curtis. The haul was bolstered by an ActBlue fundraising campaign backed by several progressive grassroots groups, including Daily Kos, Democracy for America, and Our Revolution.

The surge in donations shows a groundswell of support for Thompson, the first Democrat to face voters in a federal election since Donald Trump won the presidency in November. The Democratic Party, however, is staying away from the race.

Thompson dismissed his party’s failure to invest the race as “establishment thinking.”

And then there’s more to it than this. But here’s how you can pundit like a pro. The backlash against Trump is very intense, and Kansas is no victim in it. In fact Kansas is one state in the country that has taken more heat from the election thanks to their support of Trump, and the overwhelming Tea Party majority that has consumed and plagued the state. You know the Tea Party are like locusts – they consume and destroy everything they touch, and leave no stone unturned.

A (hypothetical) congressional race in the Texas Panhandle, which holds one of the most conservative district in the nation, could tell us a lot about how conservatives are feeling three months into Trump's presidency — but not much else.

Which is why the gold-standard for microcosms of the national mood is a district that has roughly the same ethnic and socio-economic makeup of the nation, and one where voters' presidential choices reflected the nation's.

Unfortunately for pundits, these kinds of swing districts aren't easy to come by. Armed with new census data, many state lawmakers slice and dice electoral districts every decade to become more politically homogenous than the nation as a whole.

In the case of the upcoming special elections in Kansas and Georgia, neither district is particularly reflective of the nation: The districts are majority white and majority Republican. (This is especially true for Pompeo's old seat in the Wichita area, where Trump won by nearly 30 points in November).

I like that one! But let’s talk about Sam Brownback and the Koch Brothers’ influence on him. Like I said the GOP are like locusts. They destroy everything they touch. So Trump wants a batshit crazy tax plan that would give to the rich and steal from those who need it. And Trump’s tax plan would essentially be Kansas on steroids:

Shortly after the 2012 elections, with Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s (R) radical economic experiment already underway, then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said of his former colleague’s plan, “This is exactly the sort of thing we want to do here, in Washington, but can’t, at least for now.”

The Republican senator was referring, of course, to President Obama standing in the way of Congress imposing a Kansas-style experiment on the entire country.

That’s no longer a concern for GOP policymakers. On the contrary, with Donald Trump in the White House, McConnell’s dream of bringing Brownback’s Kansas experiment to the nation is now possible, and the administration’s ridiculous new tax outline suggests many Republican officials intend to follow Topeka’s lead.

But we’re still not done in how the Tea Party destroyed the state of Kansas. You know the Tea Party started because conservatives were fed up with Obama (when they should have really been fed up with themselves), but the damage done will take decades, maybe even a century to repair and get Kansas back on track.

Next week, Kansas lawmakers will once again try to figure out how to cover a massive shortfall in the state’s budget.

We hope President Donald Trump will be in the gallery, taking notes. That’s because the president’s tax plan, unveiled by the White House Wednesday, strongly resembles the disastrous tax plan passed in Kansas in 2012.

Trump wants to consolidate individual tax brackets and lower the top rate. He would eliminate some deductions and, most crucially, dramatically reduce taxes for business owners, including millions of people who own businesses but pay taxes on their profits as individuals.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s 2012 tax reform blueprint was quite similar, and we know why. The same worn-out supply-side “experts” helped write both proposals.

[font size="4"]And The Winner Is… [/font]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first conference championship winner! And it is Texas, who hangs on to beat Kansas, and they will win the Layover League without fail. After all, Texas had that stunning comeback victory against the almighty Florida Man and hung on to easily beat Kentucky in the first round. Will they win the whole thing? They have just two more rounds before they find out! Cut the net guys, you earned it! Final score – 81 – 73. Kansas, you put up an incredibly good fight and your republicans are evil and crazy. But Texas’ republicans are evil, crazy and just flat out fucking stupid. Next week, it’s the Flyover League championship, where we will be doing a deep dive on one of my favorite subjects – Doomsday Prepping, complete with memes and clips from the recent doomsday flick “10 Cloverfield Lane”. We are just two short rounds away from crowning our Stupidest State!

[font size="8"]And now this:[/font]
[font size="8"]Mastodon[/font]

Ladies and gentlemen, playing their new song “Roots Remain” from their amazing new album “Emperor Of Sand”, please welcome Mastodon!

Yeah how about that?

See you next week!

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1. Winner of the...

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