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Sat May 6, 2017, 11:10 AM

The snake in the henhouse- The real devil in Trumpcare

Republicans celebrated on Thursday after successfully moving a health-care bill forward that they said would fulfill their promise to repeal President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Yet one of the bill’s most far-reaching sections is only tangentially related to repealing the law, also known as Obamacare.

The law would limit federal spending on Medicaid — the program that provides health insurance to the poor — to an index of inflation in medical prices. Since the program’s costs are increasing more rapidly than that index, over time, the government would spend hundreds of billions less on Medicaid than it would under the current system. It would be up to states to decide how to make up the difference.

Note how this is the Repuke's wet dream - State Rights, State control

The provision will affect millions of Americans on Medicaid — many of them children, the disabled or patients in nursing facilities — whose coverage is not otherwise affected by Obamacare. The main provisions of that law expanded Medicaid to a broader population and established markets for people who were not eligible for insurance through the government or through an employer to buy coverage.

In the existing system, the government covers a share of each beneficiary’s costs, regardless of how many enroll in each state or what their expenses are. That guarantee would end under the GOP plan.


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