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Fri Jun 2, 2017, 10:19 AM

Sanctions Lifted and ???? A New World Economy

I put together some info earlier this year... as a way to get a feel for the big picture, so to speak.
Since the slivers of information and disinformation which have been fed to us through the media are always spun to a certain degree, I thought it might be best to seek out sources of information that were reflective of Russia's geopolitical aspirations rather than Trump /US political happenings.

My intention is simply to provide those interested with the info I found ...so that each may evaluate the info/resources & arrive at their own conclusions as to the value.

I think visually... so, I initially organized the info graphically and then tried to summarize it in writing, which is pasted below.
I have also included a link to the entire document, which contains the graphics, resource list, and the 2 pgs of written info pasted here:

It has become increasingly apparent that Putin desires more than just the lifting of a few sanctions. Otherwise, it would not be necessary to fill Trump's cabinet with high profile international players while simultaneously eliminating existing departmental staff who possess the knowledge and experience to keep things running smoothly.

The risks associated with this approach are not justified by a need simply to lift sanctions which were created by executive order and will automatically expire in 2018 by simply taking no action at all.

I do not doubt that there are plenty of other countries that are willing to generously reward those who facilitate various actions they desire....

but assuming that the Steele dossier*** is even remotely accurate in the assertion that Putin is willing to trade a portion of Rosneft for the facilitation of his requests, then there must be more on his wish list than just the lifting of sanctions. What that list might entail is difficult to determine with certainty, but it is likely that clues can be found by reviewing the topics of discussion from the most recent (2016) St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

I fully acknowledge that the following observations are overly simplistic and likely far from representing the true breadth and depth of what Putin will need from the USA in order to achieve his vision of a world economy in which a
Russian led "Great Eurasian" flexible integration alliance serves as one of the centers of the new "wide integration contour".
(Putin 2016 SPIEF. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/52178)

However, the timely lifting of sanctions will be critical if Putin truly believes his own assertion that

"Common energy, oil and gas and financial markets will emerge by 2025."

(Putin 2016 SPIEF. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/52178)

***If the 19.5% of Rosneft is in fact the proposed reward to be shared by the Trump Team, then it is important to note that the bank that has financed the purchase /sale is Intesa SanPaolo which is partnered with Blackstone GSO Capital. The founder/CEO of Blackstone is Steve Schwarzman - who is also the head of Trump's Business Advisory Council.

Based on the recent 19.5% sale for $ 10.2b (euros), the current value of Rosneft is roughly $50 billion (euros).

Since the imposing of sanctions in 2014, Rosneft has continued to acquire exploration/exploitation rights as part of its Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Exxon while also acquiring additional fields, refineries, pipelines, ports, facilities and equipment strategically located worldwide.

2014 Exxon had exploration /exploitation rights to 63.7 million acres in Russia*

Sanctions halted Arctic drilling but did not prohibit acquisition of rights for future projects
Exxon holdings w/ OAO Rosneft include
* Laptev & Chukchi Seas
* Kara & Black Seas

These rights have expiration dates from 2017 -2023 and are to planned to begin contribution in 2020
Kara & Black Seas will cost estimated $350billion to develop.

Exxon's technological capability and situational expertise in dealing with difficult drilling processes is required in order to effectively access the quantities of oil necessary to position Rosneft as a long-term major source of oil/gas worldwide.

In anticipation of the US 2014 imposed sanctions either expiring (2018) or being lifted,
Rosneft has developed a portfolio of strategically located facilities which will serve as a highly efficient logistical network for global production and distribution activities.

If no action is taken to lift the sanctions, the 2014 sanctions are set to automatically expire in 2018.

Legislation has been introduced (S. 94) which includes a provision, to be in effect for a 10 year period, codifying the existing sanctions and requiring congressional approval to rescind/modify the codified sanctions.
However, it would likely be vetoed by Trump & would then require a supermajority vote to override the veto.
More info regarding Russia's Wish List at


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