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David Zephyr

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Thu Jul 12, 2012, 03:45 PM Jul 2012

Chief Executive Officer Means Exactly That: Chief Executive Officer

The Boston Globe's reporting the undeniable evidence of Bain Capital's formal filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission now leave zero wiggle room for Presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney, to attempt to deceitfully distance himself from his corporation's predatory activities when it was systematically outsourcing and off-shoring American jobs along with closing down American factories. The official filings made by Bain to the SEC not only show that candidate Romney remained as the firm's chairman of the board until 2002, but also reveal in ink that Bain considered him the Chief Executive Office.

That same Chief Executive Officer is now the nominee of the Republican Party to be the Commander and Chief of the United States, our American Chief Executive Officer.

Willard Mitt Romney's much ballyhooed business "experience" has now come to the center stage of our national scrutiny. Romney is in a vice now of his own making because he has, on the record, made his case that he had "left the company" (Bain) prior to its more troubling activities.

Mitt Romney, a politician already with a long, established resume of self-contradictions -- so much so, that at least one of the upcoming televised Presidential Debates should have Romney and a hologram of himself debating each other from two different podiums -- now has, by his own words placed himself into quite a vice. He can't have it both ways with regards to his history at Bain anymore.

Romney leaves us all with a choice of two, hardly flattering images now 1.) he was a very sloppy CEO and asleep at the wheel when the all the nefarious and greedy actions of his corporation took place, or 2.) he was actively engaged and calling the shots of all of the outsourcing and off-shoring that left economic graveyards all around the country. Everyone understand Romney wanting to whistle through those graveyards, it's just that he can't pretend everyone didn't see him doing it now.

It is impossible for Mitt Romney to square his earlier assertions that he had left Bain Capital for years and the stark fact that he was its Chief Executive Officer during that time-frame.

Even George W. Bush, for all of his may foibles, has never suggested that he wasn't actually the Chief Executive of the United States between 2001 and 2009 when his ill-advised and costly war in Iraq took place. I mean, no one would be so stupid as to try to dupe the American People into believing otherwise. Even Karl Rove wouldn't attempt pull off that disappearing act.

Leaving aside that Mitt Romney has established himself as a lousy liar, and even setting aside that his already sketchy business experience -- that would be etchy-sketchy business experience -- was one of destroying American jobs, the weighty decision American voters must make this November comes down to this: Should Mitt Romney be elected to being our national Chief Executive Officer? I believe the American People will want to re-hire President Barack Obama, our current CEO, a man who owns up to every single day of his Presidency thus far.

Edited to add link to referenced news story above, broken here by DU's Tracer earlier today, and requested by DU's liberal N proud below in this thread: http://bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2012/07/11/government-documents-indicate-mitt-romney-continued-bain-after-date-when-says-left/IpfKYWjnrsel4pvCFbsUTI/story.html

Chief Executive Officer Means Exactly That: Chief Executive Officer (Original Post) David Zephyr Jul 2012 OP
You should include the link to the article liberal N proud Jul 2012 #1
Added the link that DU's Tracer provided in LBN this morning. David Zephyr Jul 2012 #5
Thanks liberal N proud Jul 2012 #7
Yep. And his tax records will show that he got millions during the same time grantcart Jul 2012 #2
His hiding his income tax returns is the story that keeps giving, grantcart. David Zephyr Jul 2012 #11
But Fortune stated Romney wasn't listed in some investment pamphlets democrat_patriot Jul 2012 #3
From the Fortune article . . . siligut Jul 2012 #15
DZ... kentuck Jul 2012 #4
Hi, back to you, Kentuck. David Zephyr Jul 2012 #10
Thanks DZ... kentuck Jul 2012 #12
Bain Capital CEO Emeritus Willard Romney rustydog Jul 2012 #6
Willard and Rats David Zephyr Jul 2012 #13
k&r tk2kewl Jul 2012 #8
ain't seen you aroud these parts in a while... dionysus Jul 2012 #9
Thanks, dionysus. David Zephyr Jul 2012 #14
good seeing ya! dionysus Jul 2012 #17
2001 seems like a million years ago David Zephyr Jul 2012 #18
it does, doesn't it! dionysus Jul 2012 #19
Good read malaise Jul 2012 #16


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2. Yep. And his tax records will show that he got millions during the same time
Thu Jul 12, 2012, 03:50 PM
Jul 2012

in addition to the $ 100,000 annual salary.

The people may not understand the filings but they will understand the pay.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
11. His hiding his income tax returns is the story that keeps giving, grantcart.
Thu Jul 12, 2012, 05:49 PM
Jul 2012

Yes, yes and yes.

Democrats must keep the tax records dodge in high focus. People, as you say, will understand the pay or his hiding his pay (tax returns).


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15. From the Fortune article . . .
Thu Jul 12, 2012, 06:36 PM
Jul 2012
It then goes on to list 18 managers of the private equity fund. Mitt Romney is not among them. Same goes for an affiliated co-investment fund, whose private placement memorandum is dated September 2000.

Then there is Bain Capital Venture Fund -- the firm's first dedicated venture capital effort -- whose private placement memorandum is dated January 2001. Romney also isn't listed among its "key investment professionals," or as part of its day-to-day operations or investment committee.

Read more: http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/tag/mitt-romney/

So this is why the Romney team emphasizes that Romney wasn't an active member. I really don't think it is an out, a CEO is responsible for company activities, Romney owned Bain.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
10. Hi, back to you, Kentuck.
Thu Jul 12, 2012, 05:42 PM
Jul 2012

Doing well, even older than I already was. I've kept reading your many excellent posts all this time.

David Zephyr

(22,785 posts)
14. Thanks, dionysus.
Thu Jul 12, 2012, 06:12 PM
Jul 2012

The country has been in very good hands with President Obama and Michelle in the White House. Four more years!

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