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Thu Nov 16, 2017, 03:35 PM


Wall Steet Celebrates Trump and Republicans with Huge DJIA Increases

The Dow is up over 215 points as of this writing, which continues the increase of over 3,500 since Trump's election.

You see, with the Moron in Chief in charge of the executive branch, he has removed as many regulations as possible in the financial industry. This allows the same assholes who stole our money under the Republicans from 2001 until 2007 to once again start stealing our money all over again, now that we have bailed them out.

And today, the Republican's in Congress took the first step in not only praising President Asshole for reinstituting the legal right to rob us, but assure all the financial institutions and corporations who will steal us blind, that they won't have to pay taxes on their theft of our money. In addition, the middle class, especially in states that already contribute the most to the U.S. Treasury, will have their taxes increased to pay for that theft.

Elections do have consequences and once again, I remind my many DU friends that in the General, FINAL Election for President, there is only a binary choice. When we ignore that realism, we get fucked.

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