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Fri Mar 20, 2020, 06:38 PM Mar 2020

Taiwan Says It Warned WHO About Coronavirus In December, But Its Warnings Were Ignored

Source: ABC News

Taiwan is blaming the World Health Organization’s relationship with China for its failure to act on early warnings of human-to-human transmission of coronavirus.

Taiwanese health officials alerted WHO of the infectivity of coronavirus in late December 2019, but the organization failed to report the claims to other countries, according to a Financial Times report.

Read more: https://abc14news.com/2020/03/20/taiwan-says-it-warned-who-about-coronavirus-in-december-but-its-warnings-were-ignored/

This is true, there ARE videos on youtube from various asian networks reporting this, except the Chinese ones.

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Taiwan Says It Warned WHO About Coronavirus In December, But Its Warnings Were Ignored (Original Post) catsudon Mar 2020 OP
Maybe, but I'm doubting it based on published timelines. Mike 03 Mar 2020 #1
Taiwan sent a team to China in Dec when reports of a "strange pneumonia" were reported yaesu Mar 2020 #2
The WHO shares some of the blame with China Pentatonic Mar 2020 #3
you're right catsudon Mar 2020 #4
Tedros Adhanom is a careerist dalton99a Mar 2020 #7
Unless you listen to Morning Edition, then you Igel Mar 2020 #5
Or that after swearing to shut down the so-called wet markets where Chinese scientists determined.. Princess Turandot Mar 2020 #6
They were were double speaking OneCrazyDiamond Mar 2020 #9
A country was intially slow to respond, and not as forthcoming as it could have been . . MEIN GOTT Strelnikov_ Mar 2020 #8

Mike 03

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1. Maybe, but I'm doubting it based on published timelines.
Fri Mar 20, 2020, 06:44 PM
Mar 2020

China didn't report a death until January 11.

It was identified and named in November, and it was formally announced the last day of December. The WHO definitely knew of the existence of COVID19 by the last day of December at the latest, and likely earlier, and notified countries around that time.

Accounts differ about when the WHO communicated with the United States. I've read New Year's Day and January 3.


DEC. 31

Chinese authorities treated dozens of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause.
On Dec. 31, the government in Wuhan, China, confirmed that health authorities were treating dozens of cases. Days later, researchers in China identified a new virus that had infected dozens of people in Asia. At the time, there was no evidence that the virus was readily spread by humans. Health officials in China said they were monitoring it to prevent the outbreak from developing into something more severe.

JAN. 11

China reported its first death.
On Jan. 11, Chinese state media reported the first known death from an illness caused by the virus, which had infected dozens of people. The 61-year-old man who died was a regular customer at the market in Wuhan, where the illness is believed to have originated, and he had previously been found to have abdominal tumors and chronic liver disease. The report of his death came just before one of China’s biggest holidays, when hundreds of millions of people travel across the country.


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2. Taiwan sent a team to China in Dec when reports of a "strange pneumonia" were reported
Fri Mar 20, 2020, 07:04 PM
Mar 2020

they have been on this ever sense.



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3. The WHO shares some of the blame with China
Fri Mar 20, 2020, 07:22 PM
Mar 2020

The director general defended China during the initial coverup of the outbreak.


“Tedros understandably has his main aim to foster a cooperative relationship with China. This might best be achieved by not publicly criticizing the government,” said Lawrence Gostin, professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.“


Background on Lawrence Gostin:

From January 1984 to 1985, Gostin was general secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties in the United Kingdom. From 1986 to 1994, he was executive director of the American Society for Law, Medicine, and Bioethics. He worked on Hillary Clinton's health plan, serving as chairman of the health information privacy and public health committees of the President's Task Force on Health Care Reform.



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4. you're right
Fri Mar 20, 2020, 07:52 PM
Mar 2020

A non-peer reviewed study, funded by grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and published this week, found that China could have prevented 95 percent of coronavirus infections if its measures to contain the outbreak had begun sooner.


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7. Tedros Adhanom is a careerist
Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:49 AM
Mar 2020
On 18 October 2017, Tedros Adhanom announced that he had chosen President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to serve as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador to help tackle non-communicable diseases for Africa.[60] He said Zimbabwe was "a country that places universal health coverage and health promotion at the centre of its policies to provide health care to all". Mugabe's appointment was severely criticised, with WHO member states and international organisations saying that Zimbabwe's healthcare system had in fact gone backwards under his regime, as well as pointing out Mugabe's many human rights abuses. It was also noted that Mugabe himself does not use his own country's health system, instead travelling to Singapore for treatment.[61][62] Observers said Tedros was returning a campaign favour. Mugabe was chair of the African Union when Tedros was endorsed as a sole African Union candidate in a murky process that didn't consider qualified alternatives like Michel Sidibé of Mali and Awa Marie Coll-Seck of Senegal.[63] His judgement was widely questioned on social media. The editor-in-chief of Lancet, the prominent medical journal called Tedros "Dictator-General".[64] After a widespread condemnation, on 22 October 2017 Tedros Adhanom rescinded Mugabe's goodwill ambassador role.[65][66]



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5. Unless you listen to Morning Edition, then you
Fri Mar 20, 2020, 07:58 PM
Mar 2020

hear about how China's government made clear in December about how serious this was, and how as soon as there was the smallest little hint of a problem the full government swung into action and was immediately forthcoming. The first cases were from December.

Somehow the researcher who posted on 12/30/19 and got reamed out for it was overlooked. Or that the first cases were in November. Or that the government really tried to make out that it wasn't bad at first--and then, when it got the word, then the Chinese government realized they were screwed and needed to minimize the fall out.

As for Taiwan, it's got less international status in many ways than Palestine. Except that it has few to no defenders.

Princess Turandot

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6. Or that after swearing to shut down the so-called wet markets where Chinese scientists determined..
Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:40 AM
Mar 2020

that the SARS virus jumped from a bat via a civet to a shopper, crossing the species line in 2003, they kinda didn't really do that. (Although they did subsequently thoroughly sanitize the wet-market where they believe COVID-19 got its all-access pass.)

As to Taiwan, WHO initially refused to allow them to collaborate in the various activities/ conferences etc that they were organizing. (They did eventually reverse that.)


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8. A country was intially slow to respond, and not as forthcoming as it could have been . . MEIN GOTT
Sat Mar 21, 2020, 04:36 AM
Mar 2020

Plenty of blame to go around.

Maybe the right-wing / Russian trolls need to focus on Red Don's forthcoming/totally prescient performance.
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