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Fri Dec 31, 2021, 03:47 PM Dec 2021

House GOP committee deletes tweet spreading disinformation about Covid-19 booster shots

Source: CNN

(CNN)Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee deleted a tweet Friday morning that spread disinformation about Covid-19 booster shots.

The false tweet from the House Judiciary Committee Republicans' official account, which was posted Thursday afternoon, read: "If the booster shots work, why don't they work?" The tweet received a wave of backlash before it was taken down and came at a time when Covid cases are spiking across the US following the Omicron variant's emergence, and public health experts are encouraging people to get boosted to protect themselves and others.

While most Republicans have said they support Covid-19 vaccines but oppose mandates, many members of the GOP -- especially those on the far-right -- have continued to spread disinformation, conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine sentiments. Elected Republicans have crusaded against mandates as part of their resistance to the Biden administration's pandemic response efforts.

According to CNN's latest polling, a 65% majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents report having received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine. (By contrast, only about one-quarter see vaccination requirements as an acceptable way to increase the vaccination rate.)

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/31/politics/republican-judiciary-committee-deletes-tweet-covid-vaccine-disinfo/index.html
House GOP committee deletes tweet spreading disinformation about Covid-19 booster shots (Original Post) brooklynite Dec 2021 OP
The Qonned default to all-or-nothing thinking. 100% effective or else it is trash or worse. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2021 #1
Perhaps they're testing how much bullshit they can get away with /nt bucolic_frolic Dec 2021 #2
Perhaps they'll have fewer voters in November IronLionZion Dec 2021 #3
We can hope Rebl2 Dec 2021 #7
Amen. The hell with them. DemocraticPatriot Jan 2022 #14
They got it spread far and wide. Baked Potato Dec 2021 #4
Exactly Maggiemayhem Dec 2021 #5
Never stop spewing BS do they? Unless caught and publically shamed for spewing BS. n/t Evolve Dammit Dec 2021 #6
I do not think this gang can be shamed. they are concerned with the optics-only the optics. riversedge Dec 2021 #9
It's all such easily disproven lies and yet it sticks, not only with the base but MSM gives it air. Evolve Dammit Dec 2021 #13
'The GOP House Judiciary Committee is led by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio,........ riversedge Dec 2021 #8
regulate twitter, they lied about stopping disinfo godfree2 Dec 2021 #10
Twitter policy is BS godfree2 Dec 2021 #11
If bullet proof vests work, SCantiGOP Dec 2021 #12
Kick ck4829 Jan 2022 #15


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8. 'The GOP House Judiciary Committee is led by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio,........
Fri Dec 31, 2021, 06:17 PM
Dec 2021

Article does not give us a clue as to who posted it.

A booster is still better than any immunity one gets from having the disease.

...................The people filling hospital beds are mostly unvaccinated or were vaccinated months ago, and their immunity has worn off. The vaccines do not fully prevent infection, but they provide very good protection against it and severe disease and extremely high protection against death.

The GOP House Judiciary Committee is led by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has been fiercely opposed to vaccine mandates and has declined to say whether has received a Covid-19 shot. Jordan also revealed during an interview with a local news outlet that he had Covid over the summer. The spokesperson who represents his office and the committee did not immediately return a request for comment.

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