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Jesus Malverde

(10,274 posts)
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 01:58 PM Dec 2013

Report: Kerry's security proposals accept most Israeli positions

Source: Jerusalem Post

Army Radio: US security ideas call for Israeli presence, massive fence on Jordan border, Israeli ability to gather intel in West Bank.

John Kerry's security proposals presented to Israel and the Palestinians as part of ongoing peace talks accept most of Israel's positions, including Israeli control of the future Palestinian state's border with Jordan, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.


According to the Army Radio report, the US is prepared to give Israel full control of the Jordan border, as well as the ability to spy and collect intelligence in the West Bank.

Kerry also proposed that a massive fence be built along the length of the Jordan Valley, similar to the current West Bank separation barrier, placing the proposed Palestinian state between the two fences, Army Radio reported.

According to the report, the US security proposal also allows for Israeli drones to fly over the West Bank, collecting intelligence and spying on terrorist activities. Jordan border patrols will initially be carried out by IDF soldiers only, for the first few years, and will eventually be made cooperative with Palestinian security forces and Jordanian forces.

Read more: http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Report-Kerrys-security-proposals-accept-most-Israeli-positions-335972

Earlier: Kerry presents new security plan to Netanyahu, Abbas
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Report: Kerry's security proposals accept most Israeli positions (Original Post) Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 OP
If Israel controls Palestine's border with Jordan, Palestine can't be called a real country Ken Burch Dec 2013 #1
Simply amazing Scootaloo Dec 2013 #2
Yet the ingrates in Jerusalem complain that Kerry/Obama aren't pro-Israel enough. geek tragedy Dec 2013 #3
the end of the article it says that the Palestinians/Arab League have already rejected this proposal azurnoir Dec 2013 #4
If Israel wants it, Israel needs it. geek tragedy Dec 2013 #5
The story is only being reported in those terms by right wing Israeli papers and Fox News. Aljazeera okaawhatever Dec 2013 #7
Interesting analysis. Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #9
Is the tail lsewpershad Dec 2013 #6
Of course they do. This is a bad joke. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #8
Sell out. 4dsc Dec 2013 #10

Ken Burch

(50,254 posts)
1. If Israel controls Palestine's border with Jordan, Palestine can't be called a real country
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 02:04 PM
Dec 2013

It will have no real sovereignty at all, and it will be forever at the mercy of the Israeli government.

Any Palestinian leadership that agreed to that would immediately be overthrown, because 90% of Palestinians, including most of the nonviolent, would see it as an intolerable humiliation.

You don't build a negotiated peace on the assumption that one party to it can be trusted but the other can't.



(25,699 posts)
2. Simply amazing
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 02:07 PM
Dec 2013

I didn't know Kerry's tongue was long enough that he could french kiss Netanyahu from behind.


geek tragedy

(68,868 posts)
3. Yet the ingrates in Jerusalem complain that Kerry/Obama aren't pro-Israel enough.
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 02:19 PM
Dec 2013

What will the new 'state' be called--JudeaSamaria?


(45,850 posts)
4. the end of the article it says that the Palestinians/Arab League have already rejected this proposal
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 02:28 PM
Dec 2013
While Israel reportedly sees the proposals as a basis for negotiations, both Abbas and the Arab League have effectively rejected the US plan, stating that here could be not one Israeli soldier in the territory of a future Palestinian state.

Netanyahu has for years been adamant in demanding an Israeli security presence – and not any kind of international force – along the Jordan River following a peace agreement with the Palestinians.


now for the questions given that this 'proposal' has already been rejected why is the rightwing JPost extolling it?

and exactly what role do the West Bank and Jordan Valley settlements play in Israel's 'security', curiously they are not mentioned

geek tragedy

(68,868 posts)
5. If Israel wants it, Israel needs it.
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 02:32 PM
Dec 2013

Most high maintenance country ever. Now they're insisting that the US release Jonathan Pollard before they'll consider accepting this gift. While whining about the US spying on them and their nuclear arsenal, while agitating for a bombing campaign against Iran and its non-existent nuclear weapons program.


(9,482 posts)
7. The story is only being reported in those terms by right wing Israeli papers and Fox News. Aljazeera
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 03:29 PM
Dec 2013

has quite a bit of good information. I've read several stories, each with a piece of the puzzle, but this story is the most comprehensive. One thing now makes sense, regarding the pro-Israel security position.

During a speech to the Saban Forum in Washington this month, Kerry said President Barack Obama’s highest priority was Israel’s “ability to defend itself, by itself”. Shortly afterwards, Kerry headed back to the region to show Israeli and Palestinian officials what he meant.

"Defend itself, BY ITSELF' is very telling. Sounds like Kerry and Obama are letting Israel know we're not interested in going to war with them in the future unless it suits our interests as well.

Again from the article:
Earlier this month the EU brandished its stick. It warned that it would stop financing Abbas’ Palestinian Authority if no agreement had been reached by the end of the talks.

Though widely seen as a threat directed towards Abbas, whose political power base depends on EU money paying tens of thousands of PA workers each month, it was equally aimed at Netanyahu. Were the PA to be wound up, the huge costs of running the occupation would again fall to Israel.

The 28 European member states have also warned Israel that should it carry on building settlements in the coming months, they will officially blame it for the talks’ failure.

On Monday, Europe unsheathed its carrot. It is offering both Israel and the Palestinians a major aid package and an upgrade in economic relations to the EU, conferring on them a status of “special privileged partnership”. This would reportedly bring each side huge trading and security benefits.

I wonder if Kerry and Obama won't push for NATO troops in the Jordan Valley in lieu of IDF, an idea they supported in the past. Negotiations have to start somewhere after all, it's where they end up that's important. Also from the article, Netanyahu was caught on tape having his 47% moment when he was secretly taped talking about how he tanked the Oslo talks in the 90's by using a "trick".


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