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Fri Nov 4, 2016, 04:59 PM

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign

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Some time ago, Hillary Clinton and her advisers decided that the best course of action was to apologize for having used a personal email address to conduct government business while serving as secretary of state. Clinton herself was, clearly, not really all that remorseful about this, and it showed in her early efforts to address it. Eventually aides prevailed upon her to express a greater degree of regret, which they hoped would lay the issue to rest.

It did not. Instead, email-related talk has dogged Clinton throughout the election and it has influenced public perceptions of her in an overwhelmingly negative way. July polling showed 56 percent of Americans believed Clinton broke the law by relying on a personal email address with another 36 percent piling on to say the episode showed “bad judgments” albeit not criminality.

Because Clinton herself apologized for it and because it does not appear to be in any way important, Clinton allies, surrogates, and co-partisans have largely not familiarized themselves with the details of the matter, instead saying vaguely that it was an error of judgment and she apologized and America has bigger fish to fry.

This has had the effect of further inscribing and reinscribing the notion that Clinton did something wrong, meaning that every bit of micro-news that puts the scandal back on cable amounts to reminding people of something bad that Clinton did. In total, network newscasts have, remarkably, dedicated more airtime to coverage of Clinton’s emails than to all policy issues combined.

This is unfortunate because emailgate, like so many Clinton pseudo-scandals before it, is bullshit. The real scandal here is the way a story that was at best of modest significance came to dominate the US presidential election — overwhelming stories of much more importance, giving the American people a completely skewed impression of one of the two nominees, and creating space for the FBI to intervene in the election in favor of its apparently preferred candidate in a dangerous way.


I never agreed with the stupid, silly notion that "If we just ignore it, it will go away.". I always said it would have been better if they had countered the insinuations and baseless, wild conjectures with reality based information. Today there are millions of people who are convinced she lied about her emails, and jeopardized national security with her server. Why? ... Because most of the content about the email/server issue came from the Rabid Right Wing who love to go hysterical on anything - and the GOP Toadies of M$M who are only too happy to use RR hysterics as sources for their scripts on this matter. Maybe if people had had something else that was rational and fact based to read, it wouldn't have gotten so bad and Clinton's 'trust' numbers wouldn't be ridiculous as they are now.

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