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Sun Dec 19, 2021, 11:27 AM Dec 2021

Most of the World's Vaccines Likely Won't Prevent Infection From Omicron

mRNA vaccines are performing much better than those using older technology (and available to the largest part of the world). A severe dilemma develops in vaccine promotion and messaging.

- NYTimes, Global Health, Dec. 19, 2021 -
- snip - A growing body of preliminary research suggests the Covid vaccines used in most of the world offer almost no defense against becoming infected by the highly contagious Omicron variant.

All vaccines still seem to provide a significant degree of protection against serious illness from Omicron, which is the most crucial goal. But only the Pfizer and Moderna shots, when reinforced by a booster, appear to have initial success at stopping infections, and these vaccines are unavailable in most of the world.

The other shots — including those from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and vaccines manufactured in China and Russia — do little to nothing to stop the spread of Omicron, early research shows. And because most countries have built their inoculation programs around these vaccines, the gap could have a profound impact on the course of the pandemic.

The disparity in the ability of countries to weather the pandemic will almost certainly deepen. And the news about limited vaccine efficacy against Omicron infection could depress demand for vaccination throughout the developing world, where many people are already hesitant or preoccupied with other health problems.

Antibodies are the first line of defense induced by vaccines. But the shots also stimulate the growth of T cells, and preliminary studies suggest that these T cells still recognize the Omicron variant, which is important in preventing severe disease.
“What you lose first is protection against asymptomatic mild infection, what you retain much better is protection against severe disease and death,” said John Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. He called it “a silver lining” that Omicron so far appears less lethal than the Delta variant.
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Most of the World's Vaccines Likely Won't Prevent Infection From Omicron (Original Post) stopdiggin Dec 2021 OP
It's No Wonder Why Many American People Are Confused By The Daily Feed Of Covid News..... global1 Dec 2021 #1
I think one of the things stopdiggin Dec 2021 #2
It's looking more and more like a booster (third) shot will be required to be "fully vaccinated" FakeNoose Dec 2021 #3


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1. It's No Wonder Why Many American People Are Confused By The Daily Feed Of Covid News.....
Sun Dec 19, 2021, 11:53 AM
Dec 2021

particularly now with this Omicron variant. There are multiple accounts coming in from all over the world about this variant that are conflicting. Some are saying that it is weaker but more transmissible. Others stating that the vaccines aren't working on it and even if vaccinated one has the potential for getting Covid.

Just this morning as I scanned DU and the OP's on Covid and Omicron - it's hard to really get a handle on what the risks are.

It also upsets me that every time we get close to looking like the numbers are coming down and we are winning the battle against Covid - we get complacent; we get lazy and start abandoning some of the protections we were taught.

States and cities open up. Restrictions are taken down or lessened. Everything starts opening up again. Restaurants are allowed to serve people. Sports events pack the stadiums. The powers that be are pushing normalcy. But we're still short of being normal.

Because we push the normal button before its time. Look at how this has hit us just in the last few days. Sports events are being cancelled and rescheduled. SNL was hit hard on its Christmas Show. Live events in many cities and towns across the country are being cancelled.

Is it that we get greedy? Is this more of an economic reaction? Are the 800,000+ deaths just collateral damage because the almighty buck is more important?

Why haven't we learned our lesson and just have some patience to wait before we push the normal button.

I know that I'm impatient too. I would love to get back to normal as soon as possible. But I'm willing to give it time to really get to a point where we feel real confident that we can get back to normal - even if I have to isolate; wear a mask; wash my hands; keep my distance; etc.

Quit trying to end this thing sooner than it can be ended. Quit giving the virus the food it needs to persist and spawn additional variants.

Fauci says this is like a war. Well let's orchestrate a D-Day Invasion. Let's drop the proverbial atom bomb on Covid. Whatever it takes. Mandates. Complete shutdown like some countries are now restarting.


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2. I think one of the things
Sun Dec 19, 2021, 12:28 PM
Dec 2021

that Omicron is going to make perfectly clear - is that there is no 'normal' per se out there. With vaccination rates flattening out (and perhaps going backwards in regard to boosters) - there really isn't an achievable level or milestone of protection that can be reached. And so - talk about 'pushing the button' or 'waiting a little bit longer' - have really ceased to have any relevance. We're going to have to learn to deal with a certain level of infection, for a long, long time - if not forever.

second point:

"- even if vaccinated one has the potential for getting Covid."

Has always been the case. Even back with the original variant(s) and fullest protection - there has been some possibility of breakthrough infection. What has stayed the same is that vaccinated breakthroughs are consistently less serious, and for the most part non-life threatening. That remains true with Omicrom - with the difference being that 'breakthroughs' become much more prevalent with all vaccine types - and with the non-mRNA vaxs, almost routine or inevitable.


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3. It's looking more and more like a booster (third) shot will be required to be "fully vaccinated"
Sun Dec 19, 2021, 03:05 PM
Dec 2021

I've been procrastinating about getting my Pfizer booster, but this is it! I'm not gonna put it off any longer.

Stay healthy everyone. Mask up and keep your distance. Get that BOOSTER SHOT!

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