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Hey TRUMP Supporters This Is Your Dear Leader (Original Post) ItsjustMe Mar 2021 OP
That was their Arian President. Omnipresent Mar 2021 #1
They know, deep down, that Trump is their best chance LiberalLovinLug Mar 2021 #7
There is my hero, plaid shirt guy showing real reaction to stupid. GemDigger Mar 2021 #2
I've wondered about him, too - but we know how he voted :) Rhiannon12866 Mar 2021 #10
Qpublicans criticize Biden for his occasional stutter, KS Toronado Mar 2021 #3
The ovation DeNiro received was wonderful RVN VET71 Mar 2021 #4
George Carlin Was An Atheist ItsjustMe Mar 2021 #5
Which, of course, is why a said "if such a thing existed." RVN VET71 Mar 2021 #9
and this POS llashram Mar 2021 #6
He belongs in a stanktuary. n/t Harker Mar 2021 #8


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1. That was their Arian President.
Mon Mar 22, 2021, 09:42 AM
Mar 2021

For some reason, white conservative America feels threatened without that gasbag.

They really don’t have to feel or expect to be threatened. Live and let live.

So, They certainly don’t need the likes of Trump for a leader, either.

Free yourselves from unneeded afflictions!


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7. They know, deep down, that Trump is their best chance
Mon Mar 22, 2021, 01:23 PM
Mar 2021

Someone who lies so effortlessly. Who can really act like he knows what he's doing. And who spends 24/7 attacking Democrats.
Republicans have always been good at these things, but Donald is an exeception, and they realize it. They realize that another Donald may not come around for awhile. Someone with an TV entertainment history, not just The Apprentice. He's been hovering around the cameras for a long time. Someone who loves attention. Someone with no morals left. So not to interfere with doing all the nasty stuff that the bleeding hearts won't. A psychopath is perfect for the job.

The main job is for that leader to "own the libs". Not to govern, or work for all Americans. Just call them names, and laugh at them. So they all can laugh along. The only "work" he does is making sure his family is taken care of using whatever power advantage he has, and signs any bill that gives him a benefit, like the big tax break giveaway. Its the perfect leader for not only the Republican voters but for Republican Senate leader reps like McConnell. He can quietly go about his business, appointing inept conservative judges, making it harder to vote, and passing the next tax breaks for the wealthy. Because the MSM is talking about some awful Tweet the President did at 4am that morning.

KS Toronado

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3. Qpublicans criticize Biden for his occasional stutter,
Mon Mar 22, 2021, 10:36 AM
Mar 2021

claiming it proves he's senile, but their guy who can not pronounce everyday words they dismiss as nothing.


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4. The ovation DeNiro received was wonderful
Mon Mar 22, 2021, 11:03 AM
Mar 2021

but I remember Michael Moore catching catcalls and boos when he spoke against the torturing duo of Bush and Cheney at the Academy Awards. Times change, I guess.

Oh, and George Carlin’s stand-up and TV interviews ought to be mandatory viewing for middle and high-school students. He’s the most insightful and hilarious cynic in our nation’s history. If such a thing existed, he’d be drinking bourbon, smoking cigars, and swapping stories with Mark Twain in heaven. (OK, OK, he’d be doing weed and maybe introducing Mr. Clemons to the herb of happiness -- but he’d also be drinking bourbon.)


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9. Which, of course, is why a said "if such a thing existed."
Tue Mar 23, 2021, 05:06 AM
Mar 2021

Carlin was a Catholic by childhood family preference. He struggled with the notion of God and heaven into adulthood before accepting logic and reason which seemed to trump the belief in a supreme being of goodness and love. (Yes, pun intended.)

I believe his cynicism opened his eyes but at a cost. That cost wasn’t the loss of the fantasy love-god. Carlin tried to believe in that creature for a while, tried to accept that god as good and loving but powerless, subject, he once said to “natural laws.” No, the cost to Carlin was his own vision of humanity and his realization that human nature was, at its core, possessed of such a potential for hatred and cruelty that it emitted it in steady waves and, occasionally, tsunamis. That, I believe, was what enlightened him. Not a happy vision.

But, regardless, Carlin didn’t grow to hate humanity. Far from it. He loved people, loved his audiences -- I truly believe this. But he was pained by the fact that the good is usually overpowered by the evil. He once said, notably, “They own you.” And he meant that in its most desperate, sad, cynical and defeated way.

"Il fait cultiver notre jardin” said Voltaire’s Candide, because you cannot change the world. I don’t doubt George Carlin would have subscribed; but nevertheless, in a curmudgeonly and angry way he “raged against the dying of the light.”

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