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3. To be fair, they did kinda skip over the part where he embezzled funds to fund terrorists
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 02:07 PM
Mar 2023

Technically, it was Col. North embezzling the funds, but he did it for the Gipper


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6. And the drug-running
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 02:24 PM
Mar 2023

Iran-Contra should've been called Iran-Cocaine-Contra - since 98% of the funds in said scandal came from trafficking yayo.

Contra bag-man Adolfo Calero even snorted during his very testimony in Congress - having previously been granted blanket immunity to testify.

Still, it's all small potatoes compared to what Dubya later did - and to what deSaster would no doubt do, if he had the chance.


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11. You know, I don't think many people see how much bigger a disaster "W" brought than about any other.
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 03:52 PM
Mar 2023

Vietnam: terrible decision from sometime in the 50's or 60's (depends on your politics), it required a Jimmy Carter, Baptist super-prayer, to suture the wound in our national body. Service for which he was soundly punished.

Watergate: see Vietnam except without Kissinger's accent on the TeeVee so much.

Iran contra: Horrible misuse of public trust and devastating to our media. So much so that many intelligent people still can't tell you what really happened.

Kuwait war: Practice war done with computers and stuff, to see just how much bullshit could be crammed into the minds of the American people so Exxon could secure profits for another quarter. BTW: breathing smoke from open burning of deadly waste is a health haxard, who knew?

9/11: Hyper-hype from midday 9/11/2001 to forever. Criminal negligence on the part of our executive? Hell yeah it was! At least that.

Iraq invasion: A big map of all the starving and misruled countries hastily and stupidly pasted together by the French and British after WW1 set on fire to "clear the air" for the interests of the G8 because they could not care less if it worked well for anybody or anything because the top 0.001% are tired of all the human clutter all over the place anyway.

Trump era: 4 years of unsightly inhumanity with enough insult to one's intelligence going around to make everybody a little queasy, even today. Some say hydroxychloroquine helps settle the stomach but don't agree on the dosage or how much bleach to cut it with.

DeSantis?: if the spirit lady in the clouds doesn't really after all just hate us or if there's a good reason for anyone to live into retirement age, this malady will be confined to Florida or maybe a gulag in beautiful Kamchatka, Russia. You can see Alaska from there.... sometimes....they say.


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10. Republicans have always sentimentalized him
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 03:17 PM
Mar 2023

and people who were kids during the 80s and afterward simply don't know what that man was.

Nixon and Reagan paved the way for TFG and MTG and the rest of the RWNJs once Limbag had propagandized the heartland by telling them it was patriotic to hate other people.

That's how we got here, but don't tell anyone who remembers Reagan made them feel warm and fuzzy while he napped and his cronies robbed us blind. It's not going to work.


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12. I knew as a high school kid in the 80s
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 04:12 PM
Mar 2023

what a shitty human being Ronny Raygun was. My parents were Republicans, and refused to vote for him.


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13. I was a new nurse in Boston when first GRID and then AIDS started to hit hard
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 04:36 PM
Mar 2023

and that sanctimonious old bastard blocked funding and refused even to mention it. Nurses and most doctors despised him.

All my parents ever heard was "tax cuts."


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7. It could be an effective ad to make the 10 moderate republicans who exist vote Democratic.
Fri Mar 3, 2023, 02:27 PM
Mar 2023

But let them watch Ronny pontificate. I'd rather not.

The Lincoln Project is one of our strangest bedfellows, but I'm not in favor of kicking them out from under the sheets.

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