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Generic Brad

(14,284 posts)
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 08:35 PM Apr 2019

Pineapple on pizza?

Surely, the denizens of The Lounge have an opinion on this.

35 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
OK, I guess.
20 (57%)
Why in God's name would you destroy a perfectly good pizza by putting fruit on it?
15 (43%)
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Pineapple on pizza? (Original Post) Generic Brad Apr 2019 OP
Better than ok! FirstLight Apr 2019 #1
I love pineapple and sauerkraut on pizza riversedge Apr 2019 #2
Sauerkraut? Pineapple was demonized here as another nutso import from California, but sauerkraut? TreasonousBastard Apr 2019 #4
you betchya! Sauerkraut & Canadian bacon heavenly rurallib Apr 2019 #12
I use the crushed pineapple drained. The sweet and sour is yummy. Think about it--you use riversedge Apr 2019 #13
My husband dips his in French dressing happybird Apr 2019 #9
They still make that swill? That's all I had as a kid. Lochloosa Apr 2019 #10
UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! elleng Apr 2019 #3
In all other things I have an opened mind, but please, leave the pineapple off the pizza. YOHABLO Apr 2019 #5
I'll eat it when offered it. Liberal Jesus Freak Apr 2019 #6
Yeah, I wouldn't order one happybird Apr 2019 #7
Kinda' with 'ya......... MyOwnPeace Apr 2019 #25
It would have to be grilled pineapple wrapped in bacon. no_hypocrisy Apr 2019 #8
Pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza. ZZenith Apr 2019 #11
Nice change of pace... KY_EnviroGuy Apr 2019 #14
Not for me. GP6971 Apr 2019 #15
You people make me SICK! ProudLib72 Apr 2019 #16
I prefer loading up my pizza with homemade sauerkraut. Kaleva Apr 2019 #17
Why? smirkymonkey Apr 2019 #18
It's the devil. MarvinGardens Apr 2019 #19
My favorite Olafjoy Apr 2019 #20
Gaagchk!! 2naSalit Apr 2019 #21
Pineapple with jalapenos. Doodley Apr 2019 #22
That might work. CentralMass Apr 2019 #24
Trust me. It is a perfect flavor combination. Doodley Apr 2019 #44
My fave! backtoblue Apr 2019 #26
Yes, it is the best. More people need to discover it. Doodley Apr 2019 #45
No No No No No IcyPeas Apr 2019 #23
This is America customerserviceguy Apr 2019 #37
Ham, green bell pepper and pineapple! TruckFump Apr 2019 #27
What does this have to do with Bernie's tax returns?! Where are they?! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #28
Ha ha! True Dough Apr 2019 #31
Now that you mention it...what is he hiding? lunamagica Apr 2019 #34
Where's the "yes, it's the best" choice? radical noodle Apr 2019 #29
Pineapple...YES! MontanaMama Apr 2019 #30
A Chicago chain, Rosati's, does their Hawaiian a unique way LuvLoogie Apr 2019 #32
As far as I recall, it's been done since the 80s. It's okay. rusty quoin Apr 2019 #33
I grew up on the west coast customerserviceguy Apr 2019 #35
Of course!!! Doreen Apr 2019 #36
Hawaiian pizza was just the start Zambero Apr 2019 #38
I love it! MFM008 Apr 2019 #39
Well, besides the fact that I'm supposed to stay away from pizza DFW Apr 2019 #40
i like it, but i take it off and eat seperate. does that count. i am eating pizza pineapple. pansypoo53219 Apr 2019 #41
For the love of God, NO! Is nothing sacred? nt zanana1 Apr 2019 #42
Apparently nothing is Generic Brad Apr 2019 #43


(70,977 posts)
13. I use the crushed pineapple drained. The sweet and sour is yummy. Think about it--you use
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 09:08 PM
Apr 2019

pineapples to top the ham when baking or roasting.


(4,803 posts)
9. My husband dips his in French dressing
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 08:47 PM
Apr 2019

Ew. He grew up in Mississippi and apparently it's a deep south thing? Or maybe a MS thing?


(16,988 posts)
25. Kinda' with 'ya.........
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 11:08 PM
Apr 2019

If there's a table full of options and I have a classic "fall-back" pepperoni/sausage slice available as a "rinse" - I'll do a pineapple one (hey, it's my daily intake of fruit!).


(14,521 posts)
14. Nice change of pace...
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 09:09 PM
Apr 2019

Pizza Hut here offers their Hawaiian pizza which is very good. This is their description:

"What's better than your standard Hawaiian pizza? How about a Hawaiian pizza with tasty chicken, ham, pineapple and flavorful green bell peppers on it as well."

Also, a locally-owned pizzaria here has a chicken BBQ pizza that's delicious and a sprinkle of pineapple would be a nice addition.



(31,401 posts)
15. Not for me.
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 09:14 PM
Apr 2019

I've tried it and didn't care for it along with other variants. I love plain cheese with pepperoni from our local restaurant...a family owned business with 4 restaurants. Went to college in the New Haven area and Sally's and Pepe's is still the best.


(937 posts)
20. My favorite
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 10:28 PM
Apr 2019

Got that sweet salty thing going and I love it AND I never have to share my pizza cuz no one else likes it


(87,769 posts)
21. Gaagchk!!
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 10:31 PM
Apr 2019

One of the worst food combos on the planet, pineapple and marinara sauce... sacrilege!!



(24,144 posts)
28. What does this have to do with Bernie's tax returns?! Where are they?!
Sun Apr 7, 2019, 11:12 PM
Apr 2019

Bernie & Elizabeth 2020!!!
Welcome to the revolution!!!


(7,157 posts)
32. A Chicago chain, Rosati's, does their Hawaiian a unique way
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 12:00 AM
Apr 2019

It's still Canadian bacon and pineapple, but the Canadian bacon is sliced thin like pepperoni, maybe a smidge thicker. They use a combo of regular pizza sauce and barbecue sauce. The Canadian bacon gets nice and toasty, not chewy like most places that use the thicker slices. The sauce combo is brilliant, too.


rusty quoin

(6,133 posts)
33. As far as I recall, it's been done since the 80s. It's okay.
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 12:18 AM
Apr 2019

I was talking to someone about something on pizza I grew up with, linguica.

I grew up in SE Mass, and with the high population of Portuguese Americans you could get that type of pizza almost anywhere.

I recall it being better than pepperoni. It is expensive to get it here.


(25,183 posts)
35. I grew up on the west coast
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 01:16 AM
Apr 2019

A pork product (ham, Canadian bacon, or just bacon) and pineapple made for a tasty combination on pizza.

When I lived in NY, if you asked for pineapple on a pizza, the Italian cook would look at you like you just defiled his family! Thank goodness they're not so uptight about it in SC, but then, the pizza down here is often sadly lacking.

Uncle Mikey's in Murrells Inlet does have a good pie, and they will do ham and pineapple.


(54,907 posts)
40. Well, besides the fact that I'm supposed to stay away from pizza
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 03:34 AM
Apr 2019

(Cheese is bad for me--heart issues)

I was told by a nutritional expert that heated pineapple and melted cheese together release some evil enzymes that humans don't break down well.

Not only hat, why mess up some perfectly good pineapple?

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